`Government and Opposition in Syria Has Failed to Agree List’s for Exchange of Prisoner’s’

#AceNewsServices says `Lists for Exchange of Syria prisoners not agreed upon yet’

Unrest in DamascusThe government and the opposition in Syria had failed to agree on the lists for the exchange of prisoners, Gatilov said.

“The opposition has handed the list of persons detained by the government. But the government has also requested the opposition to produce a list of persons who are detained by them. So far, the opposition has not presented such a list. But we believe that this issue could be resolved with the good will of both parties,” the senior diplomat said.

Exchange of prisoners between the government and opposition forces is considered as one of the stages at the negotiations of the parties. This issue was discussed at the first round of the inter-Syrian discussions in the framework of the Geneva-2 conference. Russia, the USA and the UN took part in this work, too.

Voice of Russia, RIA


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