YEREVAN: ‘ Around 5,000 Protesters take to the Streets Over Public Service Charges ‘

#AceNewsReport – Post Update: YEREVAN: June. 25: Police in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, are not taking any measures to disperse the peaceful demonstrators in the city center, Colonel Valery Osipyan, Yerevan’s police deputy chief, told TASS on Thursday.

About 5,000 protesters are rallying in Yerevan at the moment. This is the biggest number since the demonstrations started several days ago.

“The Armenian police are doing nothing because the protests in Yerevan are peaceful.

The more so, it is absolutely impossible to use any means against the protesters,” Osipyan said. At the same time, he admitted that the protests were illegal because they had not been authorized by the Yerevan mayor’s office.

Mass protest rallies have been underway in Yerevan for several days. The biggest crowds are gathering outside the House of Writers on the Marshal Bagramyan prospect. The protesters have barricaded the street with plastic garbage containers.

The riots erupted after the Commission for regulation of the country’s public services had agreed to increase public electricity tariffs by 16% to meet the request received from CJSC “Electric Networks of Armenia” distribution company, a subsidiary of RAO UES INTERNATIONAL.

The measure which is to take effect on August 1 caused a wave of indignation among ordinary Armenians who assumed that the electricity price hike would automatically increase prices for essentials and many services. Armenia’s opposition forces used that public discontent to stage mass protests in central Yerevan.

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#AceNewsServices – Featured Post:GERMANY:Jan.11: About 35,000 people have marched through the German city of Dresden in protest against recent so-called anti-Islamisation rallies, organisers say. 

Germany protests: Dresden marches against anti-Islamists Pegida

Thousands of people participate in a rally under the motto "For Dresden, for Saxony - for cultural openness, humanity and dialogue in co-operation" in front of the Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady) in Dresden (10 January 2015)The protesters gathered in front of Dresden’s Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady) to call for “cultural openness, humanity and dialogue in co-operation”

The turnout is nearly double that of the largest demonstration by anti-Islamists Pegida, held last Monday. Saturday’s counter-demonstration observed a minute’s silence for the 17 victims of this week’s terrorist attacks in France. 

The next Pegida protest in Dresden will be held on Monday. Some analysts say that numbers may grow as a result of the violence in France. ‘Come to us’ Demonstrators at the counter-rally on Saturday – which was jointly organised by the government of the state of Saxony and the city of Dresden – were joined by Saxony State Premier Stanislaw Tillich.

A banner reading "Wall of friendship without borders" can be seen in the foreground as thousands of people take part in the Dresden rally (10 January 2015) A Banner reading “Wall of friendship without borders” can be seen in the foreground of the protest
Tens of thousands participate in a demonstration against racism and for an open society in Dresden (10 January 2015)The counter-demonstration was jointly organised by the government of the state of Saxony and the city of Dresden

“Thirty-five thousand people [have] attended this event, and they made clear that they love this city and that they’re proud of this city, and that this is a tolerant and cosmopolitan city,” he said.

Likewise Dresden Mayor Helma Orosz urged supporters of Pegida (Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West) to change their minds and join the campaign against racism.

“I believe that this is a clear sign that our society is standing together, and furthermore that we’re not forgetting those who are afraid, those who might march with Pegida on Monday,” she said.

“We’re not abandoning them, we’re inviting them to come to us.”
Saxony's State Premier Stanislaw Tillich speaks to thousands of people taking part in a rally (10 January 2015)Saxony’s State Premier Stanislaw Tillich said that the rally showed that Dresden is a tolerant and cosmopolitan city
Sylvia Seidel from Dresden writes messages on her picture at the Avaaz 'Wall of Love' reading 'with you - wall of boundless friendship' in front of the famous Church of Our Lady (10 January 2015)Protesters at the counter-demonstration were invited to write messages on the “Wall of Love”

One unnamed protester told the BBC that the object of the demonstration was to make clear that Dresden was “a tolerant city open to anyone”.

Pegida has been condemned by many mainstream politicians and large counter-demonstrations have also been held in Berlin, Cologne and Stuttgart.

Historical Facts:

What is Pegida?

  • Founded in Dresden by activist Lutz Bachmann in October 2014
  • Acronym for Patriotische Europaer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West)
  • Umbrella group for German right-wing, attracting support from mainstream conservatives to neo-Nazi factions and football hooligans
  • Holds street protests against what it sees as a dangerous rise in the influence of Islam over European countries
  • Claims not to be racist or xenophobic
  • 19-point manifesto says the movement opposes extremism and calls for protection of Germany’s Judeo-Christian culture.




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#AceNewsServices – BAHRAIN:Jan.02 – Clashes between riot police and demonstrators have erupted in Bahrain for the fifth day in a row as the activists demand the release of Sheikh Ali Salman, the head of the largest Shiite opposition party in the Kingdom.

Police used tear gas to disperse a crowd following a rally that started after prayers at Manama’s Mumen mosque.

“Dozens of people… including women and children, were arrested,” Bahrain Observatory for Human Rights said in a statement. Arabic news sources also reported injuries.

READ MORE: #BahrainSchism: Anti-govt protests break out after arrest of Shia opposition leader

The protest movement demands the release of the opposition leader of the Al-Wefaq party. Before the Thursday’s rally in the capital, protests centered on the villages surrounding Manama.

Salman was arrested on Sunday and charged with seeking to overthrow the ruling Sunni family. A number of countries including the US and Iran have expressed concern over the detention of the opposition leader.

A Bahraini protestor takes cover from tear gas during clashes with riot police following a protest against the arrest of the head of the banned Shiite opposition movement Al-Wefaq, Sheikh Ali Salman (on the poster) on January 1, 2015 in Bilad al-Qadeem, a suburb of Manama. (AFP Photo / Mohammed Al-Shaikh)

A Bahraini protestor takes cover from tear gas during clashes with riot police following a protest against the arrest of the head of the banned Shiite opposition movement Al-Wefaq, Sheikh Ali Salman (on the poster) on January 1, 2015 in Bilad al-Qadeem, a suburb of Manama. (AFP Photo / Mohammed Al-Shaikh)

The country’s Interior Ministry have banned further protests scheduled to take place on Friday, as Bahraini security forces continue suppressing the Shiite-majority population. Bahrain’s leadership has relied heavily on other Sunni monarchies in the Persian Gulf, including Saudi Arabia.

OP-EGDE: ‘Arrest of Shia opposition leader endangers Bahrain’s stability’

Bahrain has been accused by human rights groups for brutally clamping down on protesters, with the government in Manama using harsh counter-terrorism laws to prosecute human rights activists.

A Bahraini protestor runs for cover from tear gas during clashes with riot police following a protest against the arrest of the head of the banned Shiite opposition movement Al-Wefaq, Sheikh Ali Salman (on the poster) on January 1, 2015 in Bilad al-Qadeem, a suburb of Manama. (AFP Photo / Mohammed Al-Shaikh)


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#AceNewsServices – Featured Post – CINCINNATI:Dec.12 – I am relieved and heartened to share that the activists who protested against rainforest destruction at Procter & Gamble headquarters this past March just accepted a plea deal for the misdemeanor of Trespass, after initially being overcharged with two felonies and up to 9.5 years in prison.



They will complete 80 hours of community service, but are not going to prison.

How did we get here?

Earlier this year, Greenpeace exposed Procter & Gamble — the multinational corporation behind products like Head & Shoulders shampoo and Gillette shaving cream — for using palm oil linked to rainforest destruction in Indonesia.

In response, over 400,000 Greenpeace supporters sent messages to P&G and thousands more made calls. Activists also held protests all over the world — including a protest at P&G’s global headquarters in Cincinnati.

The activists in Cincinnati unfurled two 60 ft banners outside of P&G’s headquarters sending a message to P&G about how the company could protect forests and endangered animals like the Sumatran tiger. Employees watched and snapped photos, and the activists came down peacefully.

A month later, P&G announced a new palm oil policy that includes sustainability and human rights goals! Procter & Gamble heard the activists’ message. In fact, the protest has opened up doors for us to work together to address other sustainability issues.

The peaceful protest was a success. But shortly after the protest ended, the activists were overcharged with the felonies of burglary and vandalism, threatening 9.5 years in prison.

While the activists in Cincinnati were prepared to accept the consequences of their actions for a cause they believe in, the charges they faced were not based in fact.

That’s why yesterday’s plea — which dropped the two felony charges — is so important.

Thank You:

It has been an incredibly challenging ten months for the activists, who put their futures on the line to take a stand for an end to senseless forest destruction. I am so profoundly thankful for what they’ve accomplished and what they have endured.

I’m also so thankful for the over 40,000 people like you who signed in support for the activists in the face of ridiculous and incredibly intimidating charges. For your belief that when we act together, change is possible. For your unwavering support in the power of non-violent direct action.

This protest has reminded me just how difficult it is to make change in a system that works the way ours does: one that puts the whims of those in power over the needs of the people. In a time where we are surrounded by abuses of power, from police brutality to environmental destruction, thank you for having the courage to stand up and demand change.

Now more than ever, I am convinced that each of our little acts of courage — when added together — can repair and rebuild our world.

The post Update from Cincinnati: Felony charges dropped for Greenpeace activists appeared first on Greenpeace Blogs.



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#AceNewsServices – HONG KONG:Dec.11 – This is a story l have followed since it all began last September and today finally the police arrested dozens of pro-democracy protesters Thursday as teams with sledgehammers and chainsaws demolished camps and tore down tents erected by activists as part of a mass civil disobedience movement.

The police clearance marked the end of the pro-democracy occupation that has paralyzed parts of the south China city for more than 10 weeks.

“I think the spirit of the movement still lives, but the idea of occupying streets is over,” said student Andrew Chan, 20, as he left the site. “We can’t even get a big crowd to come out today to fight the police clearing the site.”

Among those arrested was popular singer Denise Ho, who led the crowd in chanting “civil disobedience, we are fearless!” reported the South China Morning Post. Four members of the Hong Kong Federation of Students, one of the key campaign organizers, also were arrested, the group tweeted.

Earlier Thursday, bailiffs backed by police to enforce a court injunction met no resistance as they removed barricades in one part of the protest area. The injunction was brought by a bus company that complained of disruption to its business operations.

After telling protesters to leave or face arrest, police moved against the main encampment in Hong Kong’s Admiralty section and set up a cordon around the area, a key financial district close to government headquarters. Several roads there have been closed to traffic for two and a half months, with cars replaced by thousands of protesters, hundreds of tents and dozens of barricades.

“It’s been a failed action, we didn’t achieve any of our objectives of a real election, not the fake one provided by the central government,” said Kit Leung, 29, a marketing professional who said he camped out for several nights at the Admiralty protest site in support of the democracy drive.

“We are planning follow up actions,” he said, without elaborating.

The protests were sparked by China’s refusal to allow a free choice of candidates in leadership elections slated for 2017 in the former British colony. Beijing, which took over control of Hong Kong from the United Kingdom in 1997, insists on screening all candidates through a pro-Beijing panel likely to reject anyone critical of Chinese policy.


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#AceNewsServices – HONG KONG – Dec.01 -The police action began at about 8am local time (midnight GMT) when officers took a flyover above the protest encampment, removed a line of hanging pro-democracy banners, and cheered loudly to celebrate their advance The Guardian reported. 

' Occupy Protesters Fired upon with Pepper Spray '

‘ Occupy Protesters Fired upon with Pepper Spray ‘

Protesters below hurled insults and held up their middle fingers.

Police destroyed 7 sets of banners this

— GlobalForHK (@GlobalForHK) December 1, 2014

An hour and a half later, the scene had calmed somewhat, although about 500 protesters remained at the site, some hurling insults at lines of police in full riot gear.

Hong Kong police have used pepper spray to prevent hundreds of protesters from encircling the government headquarters, as China’s special administrative region continues to be gripped by demonstrations which began two months ago.

Demonstrators chanting Surround government headquarters” and “Open the road, as well as “I want true democracy,” made their way into the city’s government neighboUrhood of Admiralty, where scuffles with police occurred. 

Protesters with wooden shields and metal barricades charged police as officers warned them to retreat.

Many in the crowd carried umbrellas, which have become a symbol of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy push, due to providing protection from pepper spray. Others had surgical masks, hard hats, goggles, and construction-style eye protectors.

READ MORE: Umbrella Men: Hong Kong’s #OccupyCentral goes viral (PHOTOS)

When protesters failed to obey the order to leave, police used pepper spray to disperse the crowd. At least five protesters were detained by security forces in the clashes, AP reports.

The demonstrators blocked traffic on a main road, but failed to surround the office of chief executive Leung Chun-Ying, as they were eventually stopped by police barricades. However, the protesters said they will continue to occupy the road leading to the government headquarters until Monday, to prevent Leung and other Hong Kong officials from getting to work.

Demonstrators hold umbrellas, a symbol of the pro-democracy protests, amid a clash with police during the protest near the government headquarters in Hong Kong on November 30, 2014. (AFP Photo/Philippe Lopez)

Demonstrators hold umbrellas, a symbol of the pro-democracy protests, amid a clash with police during the protest near the government headquarters in Hong Kong on November 30, 2014. (AFP Photo/Philippe Lopez)

“I urge everyone to stay here until the morning to keep surrounding the government headquarters. Let’s stop the government from functioning tomorrow,” a protester shouted into a megaphone, according to Reuters.

The demonstrators began storming the government district after student groups – which have been the driving force of the disobedience – urged their supporters to intensify their actions.

“Surround the government headquarters,” Nathan Law, one of the leaders of the Hong Kong Federation of Students, told the crowd. “Participate if you have the equipment, if you can take the risk. We do not encourage you to attack police officers.”

The protesters are demanding a free election of Hong Kong’s leadership in 2017 instead of a vote between pre-screened candidates, which Beijing has said it will allow.

A man poses for a photograph under a yellow umbrella, a symbol of the pro-democracy protests, in the Admiralty district of Hong Kong on November 30, 2014. (AFP Photo/Philippe Lopez)

A man poses for a photograph under a yellow umbrella, a symbol of the pro-democracy protests, in the Admiralty district of Hong Kong on November 30, 2014. (AFP Photo/Philippe Lopez)

The events in Admiralty follow four nights of clashes in the city’s working class district of Mong Kok, after police cleared a protest site in the area on Wednesday.

Law enforcement officers arrested 28 people during the unrest in Mong Kok on Friday and Saturday night.

The Hong Kong rallies, which began in late September, drew more than 100,000 people to the streets at their peak.

However, Beijing’s unwillingness to meet the demands of the demonstrators saw support for the movement dwindle.

At present, only several hundred are continuing to protest in the former British colony.


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#AceWorldNews – HONG KONG – Nov.29 – Hong Kong police have reportedly detained around 30 anti-government protesters after they clashed in the Mong Kok district.



Ten people, 8 of them officers, have been injured.

Security forces cracked down on demonstrators with pepper spray and batons, saying the assembly was unlawful.

The pro-democracy movement kicked off in September, after the government appointed candidates to run for election in 2017.


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#AceWorldNews – DETROIT – Nov.26 – Detroit Police arrested five people protesting the Ferguson, Mo., decision late Tuesday for trying to walk into the I-94 freeway Freep reported. 

Detroit Police Sgt. Michael Woody said the arrests came around 9:30 p.m. Names were not available.

In a confrontation on Detroit’s east side, protesters were shouting “Let them go” at police.

In a city with its own history of racial tensions, the Tuesday night marches were among several in Detroit as angry and anxious voices called for justice in the shooting death of a teenager in Ferguson, Mo.

Outraged over the grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, protesters gathered in half a dozen spots in Detroit throughout the day, with one group shutting down the northbound I-75 highway for a few minutes during rush-hour traffic.


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#AceNewsServices – FERGUSON – Nov.20 – With all the news related to the long awaited verdict on the death of Michael Brown, right or wrong, a young man died.    

Protesters are gathering in support of Michael Brown in and around St. Louis as they nervously await what many believe will be an inevitable no-indictment vote in the coming days by a grand jury for the officer who shot him Daily Mail reported. 

Demonstrators held a ‘die-in’ Sunday to mark 100 days since the unarmed Ferguson, Missouri teen was killed. They also convened to, among other things, prepare for the imminent court decision by issuing ‘rules of engagement‘ for police there for crowd control, the New York Times reports.

Many of the the high-profile protesters met with President Obama and discussed the matter November 5, including Reverend Al Sharpton. It was a meeting the Gateway Pundit notes was not included on the president’s daily schedule.

Sharpton told the Times that Obama urged the group to ‘stay on course.’

A demonstrator marches through the streets during a protest marking the 100th day since the shooting death of Michael Brown in St. Louis, Missouri yesterday
Making a statement: A demonstrator holds a sign that reads, End White Supremacy, as he lays on the ground during a protest over the death of Michael Brown on November 16, 2014 in St. Louis, Missouri

Making a statement: A demonstrator holds a sign that reads, End White Supremacy, as he lays on the ground during a protest over the death of Michael Brown on November 16, 2014 in St. Louis, Missouri

Chilling: Snow falls on a memorial on the 100th day since the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson. A crowd of a couple hundred demonstrators took to the streets of St. Louis on Sunday

Chilling: Snow falls on a memorial on the 100th day since the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson. A crowd of a couple hundred demonstrators took to the streets of St. Louis on Sunday

‘[Mr. Obama] was concerned about Ferguson staying on course in terms of pursuing what it was that he knew we were advocating.

He said he hopes that we’re doing all we can to keep peace.’


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#AceWorldNews – HONG KONG – Nov.19 – A small group of protesters in Hong Kong clashed with police early Wednesday, while trying to break into the city’s legislature.

Occupy condemns attack on Legco as pan-democrats claim protesters were 'misled'Screenshot from 2014-11-19 12:22:11

Police arrested six people in the clashes that came hours after authorities enforced a court order to clear some barricades, AP reported.

The activists used metal barricades and concrete slabs to smash glass doors at the legislature before police used pepper spray and batons.

Another group involved in organizing the protests, Occupy Central, said that those responsible for the violence misled the crowd into attacking the legislature by spreading “false information.”

Occupy condemns attack on Legco as pan-democrats claim protesters were 'misled'

Occupy condemns attack on Legco as pan-democrats claim protesters were ‘misled’

Lawmakers are also worried the incident would provide an excuse for pro-establishment lawmakers to push through a proposal to build a three-metre high metal fence outside the Legco complex SCMP reported. 

“The violent acts have violated the principle of peace and non-violence underlying the umbrella movement,” Civic Party leader Alan Leong Kah-kit said.

“We feel the [break-in] will have a negative impact on the movement. We’re heartbroken.”


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#AceWorldNews – HONG KONG – November 06 – Hong Kong protesters clashed with police early on Thursday in the district of Mong Kok that has become a flashpoint for street brawls, Reuters reported.

' Hong Kong Protesters Clash with Police in Mong Kok District '

‘ Hong Kong Protesters Clash with Police in Mong Kok District ‘

Scuffles between hundreds of protesters and dozens of police armed with batons and shields broke out after 2 am local time at one of three remaining demonstration sites, for the first time in more than two weeks.

On Wednesday, Regina Ip, a former Hong Kong security chief and a top adviser to the city’s embattled leader, proposed members of the Federation of Students be given seats on the committee, according to a report by broadcaster RTHK.



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MEXICO: ‘ Mass Grave Contained 28 Bodies but Immediate Identification not Possible due to State of Remains ‘

#AceNewsServices – MEXICO (Iguala) – October 06 – A clandestine grave on the outskirts of a Mexican city where police clashed with student protesters a week ago contained 28 bodies but the remains are too damaged for immediate identification, state officials said AP reported.

Guerrero State Prosecutor Inaky Blanco said he could not say whether any of the dead could be some of the 43 college students reported missing after the violent confrontation in Iguala, located about 120 miles (200 kilometres) south of Mexico City.


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HONG KONG: ‘ Student-Led Protests for Democratic Reform Subsides with Just a Few Hard-Liners Camped Out on Streets ‘

#AceWorldNews – HONG KONG – October 06  – Student-led protests for democratic reforms in Hong Kong subsided Monday but a few hundred demonstrators remained camped out in the streets, vowing to keep up the pressure until the government responds to their demands.

Schools reopened and civil servants returned to work Monday morning after protesters cleared the area outside the city’s government headquarters, a focal point of the demonstrations that started the previous weekend.

Crowds also thinned markedly at the two other protest sites, and traffic flowed again through many road that had been blocked.



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HONG KONG: ‘ Police Armed with Pepper Sprays and Batons Clash with Pro-Democracy Protesters ‘

#AceWorldNews – HONG KONG – October 05 – Police armed with pepper spray and batons clashed with pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, as fears grew Sunday that officials would use force to clear key streets by the beginning of the work week.

Large crowds of protesters scuffled with police overnight in the blue-collar Mong Kok district in Kowloon, a flashpoint that has seen violent clashes between pro-democracy student protesters and their antagonists over the weekend.

' People injured by Pepper Spray '

‘ People injured by Pepper Spray ‘

Tens of thousands of people, many of them students, have poured into the city’s streets in the past week to peacefully protest China’s restrictions on the election for the city’s top leader. But as the stand-off between the protesters and the government entered its eighth day, tempers flared and patience was waning among residents who oppose the occupation of the streets and the disruption it brings.

Police said they had to disperse the crowds with force early Sunday because they provoked officers with verbal abuse, while the students accuse police of failing to protect them from attacks by mobs intent on driving them away.

The students claim that police had allied with criminal gangs to clear them, but the government has vehemently denied it.

The city’s top leader, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying, appeared on television Saturday evening to once again urge everyone to go home, saying key roads paralyzed by protesters need to return to normal by Monday.

HONG KONG (AP) – The story of Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying, Hong Kong’s top leader, is the type of rags-to-riches tale that is generally admired in this commercially-minded city. But Leung is deeply unpopular, thanks mainly to his long-standing ties with mainland China.

Beijing’s burgeoning influence in this former British colony is a key factor driving protests that have paralyzed parts of this dynamic city and brought on some of the worst confrontations in decades.

Anger toward Beijing is not shared by all in Hong Kong, and the scuffles that began Friday between protesters and people trying to force them off the streets reflect widening rifts within this city of 7 million.



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HONG KONG: ‘ Midnight Deadline Reached as Mass Demonstrations Break-Out and Police and Protesters Clash ‘

#AceNewsServices – HONG KONG – October 03 – Scuffles between protesters and groups supporting Beijing broke out in a key Hong Kong shopping district on Friday, Reuters said. More than 50 police were sent to Mong Kok, just north of the Tsim Sha Tsui shopping district on the Kowloon side of the harbour, to form a human chain between the groups.


‘ More than 50 Police were sent to Mong Kok, just north of the Tsim Sha Tsui Shopping District ‘

Several people were reportedly injured. Mong Kok is popular with tourists from mainland China. Meanwhile, the People’s Daily, the newspaper of China’s Communist party, said Friday that authorities will not make concessions to protesters in Hong Kong and that their cause is “doomed to fail.”


‘Protesters in Hong Kong scuffled with Police outside Government Headquarters on Friday ‘

Protesters in Hong Kong scuffled with police outside government headquarters on Friday, despite an 11th-hour agreement for talks, AFP reported.

Most overnight demonstrators had gone home by Friday morning, but around 100 remained outside the government complex, while parts of the city have remained at a standstill for five days.

Demonstrators had set a midnight Thursday ultimatum for Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying to resign and for Beijing to stop vetting candidates who want to stand for the chief executive’s job in 2017 elections.

Sources: AFP – RT – People’s Daily – Reuters   


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CHINA: ‘ Anonymous Declares CYBER-WAR on Government of Hong Kong ‘

#AceNewsServices – HONG KONG – October 02 – The Anonymous international hacktivist network has declared cyber war against the government of Hong Kong accusing it of ill-treatment of protesters in a video sent to and released by News2Share.

“To the Hong Kong police and any others that are called to the protests, we are watching you very closely and have already begun to wage war on you for your inhumane actions against your own citizens,” the transcript of the video, released on Wednesday shows.

' Anonymous Hacktivists Support Hong Kong Protesters - Sit-IN

‘ Anonymous Hacktivists Support Hong Kong Protesters – Sit-IN

“To the protesters in Hong Kong, we have heard your plea for help… Anonymous members all over the world stand with you, and will help in your fight for democracy,” the message says.

The Anonymous group has warned that “attacking protesters will result in releasing personal information” of Hong Kong government officials and seizure of “databases and e-mail pools”.


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‘ HK Riot Police Arrest Scores of Students Protesting ‘

#AceWorldNews HONG KONG – September 27 – Riot police in Hong Kong on Saturday arrested scores of students who stormed the government headquarters compound during a night of scuffles to protest China’s refusal to allow genuine democratic reforms in the semi-autonomous city.



More than 100 other protesters, however, showed no sign of leaving the area surrounding the square where the government complex is located, and chanted at police to stop arresting their colleagues.



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Turkey Mine Disaster: Clashes After 274 Killed

Police take protester away

Protesters are facing off with riot police in western Turkey after 274 miners died and more than 100 others were trapped by an underground explosion. Men in their teens and 20s have gathered in the town of Soma, some 155 miles (250km) south of Istanbul, as rescuers work to free the trapped miners. Police wearing gas masks and armed with water canons are urging the protesters to disperse. Many in the crowd expressed anger at Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government. Rocks have been thrown at police, who chased down some of the protesters. Other protesters shouted that Mr Erdogan was a “murderer” and a “thief”.

Riot police clash with protesters in Ankara in the wake of the disaster

Violent clashes have also occurred in the capital Ankara, and on the streets of Istanbul, with police firing tear gas at the protesters. Hundreds of frantic relatives have crowded around the surface of the mine in Soma, anxiously waiting for news. Relatives wailed as victims were pulled one by one from the mine on stretchers. Blankets were pulled away from the faces of the dead to give the jostling crowd a chance to identify their loved ones.

Miners have been searching for their co-workers for over 24 hours

Several people had to be restrained as they desperately tried to climb into ambulances with the bodies. There are reports that one of the victims was just 15 years old. Mr Erdogan, who has visited the scene, said the latest figures suggest 120 miners are still trapped. Those still underground are thought to be some 1.2 miles (2km) below the surface and 2.5 miles (4km) from the mine entrance. Despite efforts to help any survivors who may be struggling to breathe, the country’s energy minister Taner Yildiz said “hopes are diminishing” among rescuers

Prime Minister Erdogan has announced three days of mourning

The last miner to be rescued alive emerged from the mine in the early hours of the morning. A fire was said to have been burning inside the mine long into the day and high levels of carbon monoxide have forced rescue teams to halt the operation on a number of occasions. The poisonous gas is considered responsible for the majority of fatalities. Rescuers are pumping oxygen into the mine. TV pictures earlier showed survivors coughing and spluttering as they were pulled out alive, their faces coated with black dust. The disaster struck around 3pm local time on Tuesday during a change of shifts, meaning more than the usual number of workers were underground.

Turkey’s energy minister previously said 787 workers were in the mine at the time of the blast, although there is now a degree of uncertainty about that figure. According to Turkey’s Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency just 93 people were pulled out alive, a significantly smaller number than previously reported. Authorities say the disaster was caused by an electrical fault which triggered an explosion and a fire. For many who have lost loved ones fear has now turned into anger as reports suggest poor safety standards could have contributed to the disaster.

Prime Minister Erdogan has announced three days of mourning

According to Turkey’s main opposition party Mr Erdogan’s government voted down a proposal to launch an inquiry into a number of previous accidents at mines around Soma just two weeks ago. Foreign Secretary William Hague is due to meet his Turkish counterpart in London tomorrow, and says he will discuss whether to send British aid to Turkey. “I was deeply saddened to hear the news of the mining disaster in Soma, Turkey,” he said.

Soma, in Turkey’s western Manisa province, is known for its mining industry

“My thoughts and sympathies are with all those who are missing, their families, and also the rescue workers working tirelessly to search for survivors of this tragedy.” White House spokesman Jay Carney said the US is also ready to offer assistance to Turkey. “On behalf of the American people, we extend our heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims and our best wishes for the safe exit of the remaining miners,” he said. “Turkey is a close and long-standing friend and ally of the United States. We are ready to assist the Turkish government if necessary. And we will continue to stand together in this time of tragedy.” Turkey’s mines have one of the worst safety records in the developed world. The country’s worst mining disaster was in 1992, when a gas explosion killed 263 workers near the Black Sea port of Zonguldak. Turkey has declared three days of national mourning.

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` Parliament Approve `Draft Law ‘ Aimed at ` Protecting Women ‘ from ` Domestic Violence ‘ Activists Disapprove Text ‘

#AceWorldNews – BEIRUT- April 01 – Parliament approved Tuesday a draft law aimed at protecting women from domestic violence, but the move is unlikely to please activists who disapprove of several amendments made to the text (DailyStar)

Dozens of protesters from the rights organization KAFA rallied under the banner “Vote for us so we vote for you” in the Gibran Khalil Gibran Garden near Parliament to call for the adoption of the law in its original form.

The draft law to protect women from domestic violence was first submitted to the Parliament in 2010, and a parliamentary subcommittee began studying it in May 2011 and finalized its amendments in August 2012.


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#Bahrain :`Court sentences a `Shiite Protester to Death’ & Jails Six Others for Life’ for killing a Policeman’

#AceWorldNews says that a court in Bahrain on Wednesday sentenced a Shiite protester to death and jailed six others for life after they were convicted of killing a policeman a year ago, AFP reported.

Two others were sentenced to five and six years in prison respectively on similar charges.

Police officer, Mohammad Atef, died on February 14, 2013, after he was hit by a petrol bomb during clashes with protesters in a village near the capital.

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