Anonymous Protest Russell Brand Joins UK Austerity cuts…

Anonymous Protest: Russell Brand Joins UK Austerity cuts March

Russell Brand joins Anonymous movement officially
Fireworks are thrown at Buckingham Palace and bottles hurled at police during protests over issues including political corruption.
This is Russell Brand here speaking about Politics and corporate greed, I blogged it, but here is the video

Austerity cuts (Public Spending) in the UK are being implemented, Russell Brand, very famous here, demanded a revolution. He is an ex Heroin Addict who is now a very clever lad, actor and does radio, now he has taken to politics, and many love this lad. What you will see here and read here is what happens in the UK when the Government piss the people off. There is a demonstration in Edinburgh planned for next week, I will be there with my Anonymous mask (Joking, 😉 ) I think the Government have done good things, but they are cutting crucial spending on the UK people. We say FUCK YOU and we will take to the streets till the Government change their minds. This is how we work. American people please take note. This is how VERY EASY it is to protest when your Government does not work for you. The people protesting have lost nothing, they are protesting for the people who have. The police NOT having guns make sure we can demonstrate, just saying!

Viva La Revolution!

Comedian Russell Brand joined hundreds of masked Anonymous protesters in central London as part of a worldwide demonstration against austerity cuts.

Fireworks were reportedly thrown towards Buckingham Palace and a fire was started next to the nearby Victoria Memorial, while some of those present clashed with police.

Glass bottles were flung at officers during the disorder and 11 people were arrested, nine for public order offences and two for criminal damage.

Police in riot gear tried to shepherd the crowd, who also gathered in Parliament Square as part of the pre-arranged Anonymous Million Mask March.

A number of similar demonstrations took place in cities in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand in opposition to austerity cuts, corruption and an increase in state surveillance.

Brand was pictured alongside fellow protesters in London, wearing one of the trademark masks adopted by hacktivist group Anonymous.

He later wrote on his Twitter page: “Whatever party they claim to represent in the day, at night they show their true colours and all go to the same party #MillionMaskMarch.”

Image of Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne burns on a placard during a protest against budget cuts and energy prices on Westminster Bridge, central London
An image of George Osborne burns on Westminster Bridge
Brand’s comments follow an appearance on Newsnight and a guest editorship of the New Statesman in which he called for a “total revolution of consciousness and our entire social, political and economic system”.

Others involved in the London demonstration accused the police of heavy-handed tactics.

Ceylan Hassan, 24, a university graduate, said: “They started shouting move back, move back, but we had nowhere to go. The police started pushing us, screaming ‘move back, move back’.

“There was a fire on the right hand side of the monument and people started throwing things.”

Protesters were moved back away from Buckingham Palace as the atmosphere grew tense.

Some of those involved in the march were seen ripping barriers from the side of the road.

Sean Roesner, 21, a self-employed computer programmer at the protest, said: “We turned up and the protest was at Buckingham Palace. When we arrived people were firing fireworks at the palace.

“It was funny. I didn’t have any but I would have fired some if I had.

“I joined Anonymous because I was arrested under the Computer Misuse Act. I spent eight months on police bail last year and had done nothing wrong.

“We are here to stand up for what we believe in, to make the world a better place.”

Mr Roesner said his friend had been among a group of people encircled by the police on The Mall.


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