#AceWorldNews – CHINA:Jan.04: A would-be bank robber has been trapped at the scene of his crime after members of the public banded together to stop him from escaping.

CCTV video recorded the man walking into Langfang City’s Wen’an  Rural Commercial Bank in northern China and smashing the bank teller’s glass window with a sledgehammer before climbing through.

He is then caught on security cameras pacing through the staff area looking for money.

Then he climbs through

‘ The Bank Robber makes his way through the glass ‘

But while he does, staff and members of the public who have become aware of the commotion start to gather in the bank’s atrium – cutting off the robber’s escape route.

Bank worker Li Dehua said: “We heard somebody smashing the window when we were working, and my first feeling was that it was a robbery.

He paces through the bank

‘He looks for money ‘

“So I called the police as soon as possible and locked more than 500,000 yuan cash into the safety box. 

They gather in the bank's atrium to prevent the robber from escaping

‘ Meanwhile, the Crowd Gathers ‘

The crowd grew and people power kept the robber trapped behind the counter until police arrived.

According to police, the 22-year-old suspect, who has the surname Yu, was taken into custody.



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#AceWorldNews – PARIS – October 31 – A fire broke out at France’s public radio headquarters in Paris on Friday, forcing live programmes off the air as staff evacuated the vast Paris complex where major building work has been under-way.

Public radio complex in Paris on fire, staff evacuated

Public radio complex in Paris on fire, staff evacuated

“The fire is not put out but it is under control,” said Paris fire brigade spokesman Gabriel Plus, adding that there were no victims and that there was no longer any risk of the fire spreading to other parts of the building.

Photographs circulating on Twitter shortly after the fire broke out showed thick black smoke billowing from upper floors of the building on the banks of the Seine river in the western part of the French capital.

“Staff … had to be evacuated because of a fire,” said a Twitter message from France Info, one of several public radio channels housed at the building, the Maison de la Radio.

A fire broke out at France’s public radio headquarters in Paris on Friday, forcing live programs off the air, Reuters said.


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`Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak & Two Sons appear in `Cairo Court’ facing charges they wasted millions of dollars in Public Funds`

#AceWorldNews says that Egypt’s former President Hosni Mubarak and his two sons are facing charges that they wasted millions of dollars in public funds allocated to renovate presidential palaces, AP reported.

They appeared before a Cairo court on Wednesday, the first session in the case after a months-long hiatus.

The trial initially opened in August, but the court sent it back to the prosecutor general who added four new defendants.

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Iraq: ” Former British Intelligence Officer Denied he made `Death Threats` and `Fired Shots` While Questioning Iraq Detainee’s”

#AceWorldNews says a former British military intelligence officer denied at a public inquiry Thursday that he had made death threats and fired shots while questioning Iraqi detainees in 2004, Reuters reported. The man, referred to as “M004,” said the methods were used to disorient detainees, but denied beating or physically threatening the Iraqis. He was giving evidence at the long-running Al-Sweady inquiry into events during and after a battle in southern Iraq on May 14, 2004.

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“World’s Largest Porn Dealer Could Go Free As Director of Public Prosecutions Claire Loftus Has Said She Will Not Bring Proceedings and Give a Reason WHY?

#AceWorldNews says according to the "Daily Mail" an Irishman wanted in the U.S. for allegedly being the world’s biggest child porn dealer could go free, it emerged yesterday.

Irish authorities have revealed Eric Eoin Marques will not be prosecuted under their jurisdiction and may challenge an attempt by the U.S. to get him extradited.

Last month the 28-year-old, who the FBI has accused of being the ‘largest facilitator of child porn on the planet’, indicated he would plead guilty to a series of charges under Irish law.

In court: Ireland's DPP has revealed Eric Eoin Marques, aged 28, will not be prosecuted. He is pictured here being led to the High Court in Dublin, Ireland

In court: Ireland’s DPP has revealed Eric Eoin Marques, aged 28, will not be prosecuted. He is pictured here being led to the High Court in Dublin, Ireland

But Ireland’s director of public prosecutions Claire Loftus has now said she will not bring proceedings against him in Ireland – a decision she has not explained.

It leaves the U.S. facing an uphill battle to extradite Marques because of its stiffer sentencing regime.

In Ireland, Marques, who has no criminal record, faced a maximum 14-year jail term that would have been reduced significantly by an early guilty plea.

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UK Government – Testing out Possibility of using Mobile Alerts for – Public Emergencies

The Civil Contingencies Secretariat are working with the mobile industry and local responders to test public emergency alerts via mobile devices.

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