` Interpol will allow `Two Airlines access of its ` Mass Database of ` Lost and Stolen Travel Documents ' in a Pilot Scheme '

#AceWorldNews Interpol will allow two airlines to access its mass database of lost and stolen travel documents in a pilot project to snag criminals or potential terrorists attempting to travel with fake, illicitly-obtained documents.

“I have announced today that Qatar Airways and Air Arabia are two airlines that have committed themselves to making sure that all passengers boarding their planes will have their passport data screened against Interpol’s database,” Interpol Secretary-General Ronald Noble told reporters at the organization’s headquarters, AP reports.

Under the pilot program, the two airlines will not have direct access to the database, but will rather be able to enter searches via program called I-Checkit for private sector companies.

Apart from eventually expanding to include other airlines, financial institutions and hotels could one day be given access to I-Checkit as well.

Air Arabia and Qatar were chosen to take part in the project because they themselves approached Interpol and expressed an interest in participating, said Michael O’Connell, director of Interpol’s operational police support directorate.

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Interesting information on Interpol Screening at http://on.rt.com/nk84ya


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