` Tourist Sex Crimes Increased since the ` Egyptian Revolution ‘ in 2011 and Ministry is Blacklisting and Revoking Hotel Licenses ‘

#AceWorldNews – CAIRO – March 26 – The Egyptian authorities have resorted to unprecedented measures to counter sexual assault in the country’s resorts. Egypt started revoking licenses from hotels after several cases of assault of tourists had been reported.

Egypt’s Tourism Minister Hisham Zaazou said that such hotels Sharm Holiday and Hilton Sparks Bay2 have already been blacklisted.

The minister said that two incidents with British tourists took place in these hotels, and the administration failed to take appropriate measures.

Numerous cases of sexual assault in Egyptian hotels are registered annually, and sometimes harassment is accompanied by violence and beating.

Zaazou said the Tourism Ministry intends to react to all cases of indecent behaviour toward foreign guests. The measures may range from large fines to revoking hotel’s licenses.

The situation with tourists’ security has deteriorated since 2011 Egyptian revolution. The number of rapes and sexual harassment of tourists and local women has sharply increased.

Though such crimes are punishable by long prison terms and even death in Egypt, many hotel workers and taxi drivers commit assaults.

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