SCOTLAND: ‘ Winning the Vote for YES the Independence Debating Way on Social Media’

#AceNewsServices – SCOTLAND – September 16 – In the campaign ahead of the Scottish independence referendum every share, comment and like counts – and according to Facebook, the Yes campaign has the edge.

Vote YES to Scottish Referendum '

Vote YES to Scottish Referendum ‘

The social networking site revealed new figures today detailing more than 10 million interactions surrounding the referendum in a five week period, with the Yes campaign claiming more than 2.05 million interactions to the No campaign’s 1.96 million.

Similarly, while the Yes campaign page on Facebook currently has more than 258,000 likes the No campaign’s has just over 182,000 and in the five week period that Facebook’s study covered (August 1st to September 8th) the former grew by 27 per cent while the latter by only 17 per cent.

Interactions surrounding the two campaigns’ leaders revealed a similar picture, with First Minister Alex Salmond drawing 700,000 likes, shares and mentions in the UK as a whole while Better Together leader Alistair Darling only attracted 250,000

Speaking to Sky News, a senior strategist for the Yes campaign said that Facebook was the most effective campaigning tool available as it offers access to nearly every voter and allows individuals to spread the messages they want to hear.

The independent reported: 

There are no better opinion-formers for someone than the friends and family they like and trust,” the anonymous strategist said, adding “Facebook is more effective than Twitter. You put something on Twitter and you reach people within the political bubble. With Facebook, you tap into a far bigger community.”

Facebook will also be rolling out it’s “I’m a Voter” button ahead of the referendum. This banner – which first made its appearance during the 2010 American midterms – will appear on Scottish news feeds on election day, reminding users to vote, and giving them a chance tell their friends when they have (although users can’t specific which way they voted – leave that to a status update). 


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SCOTLAND: ‘ Value of Pound in UK Falls in Wake of YES Vote Fears ‘

#AceWorldNews – SCOTLAND – The value of the pound has fallen in the wake of an opinion poll which suggested the pro-UK campaign had lost its lead ahead of the Scottish independence referendum.

YES to Scotland 770503884

Sterling fell by about 1.3% against the US dollar to a ten-month low of $1.61.

Shares in some firms with Scottish links have also fallen.

The SNP has dismissed a promise by the Chancellor to unveil a timetable for further devolution if voters reject independence as a last-minute “bribe”.

George Osborne had said on Sunday that a “plan of action” would be set out in the next few days to give “more powers to Scotland; more tax powers, more spending powers, more powers over the welfare state”.

BBC Scotland’s political correspondent Glenn Campbell has reported that a new body will also be set up to hammer out more powers for Holyrood if there is a “No” vote on 18 September.

It came in the wake of a YouGov poll for the Sunday Times over the weekend which was the first mainstream study to put the pro-independence Yes Scotland campaign narrowly ahead


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#AceBreakingNews DONETSK April 16 12:51 GMT The Donetsk…

#AceBreakingNews – DONETSK – April 16 – 12:51 GMT: The Donetsk Region has defined the questions to be put on the May 11 referendum, stated regional Councilor Irina Popova.

There will be just two of them:

1) Do you support the creation of an independent Donetsk Republic?

2) Of which state should a Donetsk Republic be part of: Ukraine or the Russian Federation?

The Central Election Commission of Donetsk Region has already been allocated a headquarters building next to the regional government administration and is currently forming the list of members.


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` Crimea’s ‘ Four largest parties signed a ` Memorandum ‘ agreeing to vote for `Crimea to join Russia ‘

#AceWorldNews SIMFEROPOL, Leaders of Crimea’s four largest parties have signed a memorandum on joint actions to successfully hold the March 16 referendum and agreed to vote for Crimea to join Russia.

Chairman of the Crimean organization of the Party of Regions Volodymyr Konstantinov, Chairman of Russian Unity Sergey Aksyonov, Deputy Chairwoman of the republic’s Union party Svetlana Savchenko and First Secretary of the republic’s committee of the Ukrainian Communist Party Oleg Solomakhin had signed the memorandum, an Itar-Tass correspondent reported.

Representatives of all the political parties will ensure free expression of will by Crimeans in the referendum, the document reads.


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` Crimean Referendum 2014 website is hit by ` Cyber Attacks ‘ from the USA and Ukraine ‘

#AceWorldNews – SIMFEROPOL, – The website of all-Crimean referendum dubbed “Referendum 2014” came under cyber attacks from USA and Ukraine, according to /ITAR-TASS/. .

At present, the site is restored under a new address, Kryminform news agency reported this with reference to information policy directorate of the Council of Ministers of the autonomous republic on Tuesday.


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#UK : “Cameron warns `Scotland Breakaway’ would Imperil UK Stability”

#AceWorldNews says Prime Minister David Cameron said on Friday that Britain’s stability and foreign direct investment would be at risk if Scotland votes to leave the UK in a referendum later this year, Reuters reported.

“We are quite simply stronger as a bigger entity as an open economy of 63 million people with the oldest and most successful single market in the world,” Cameron said. He was speaking in London in a speech urging Scotland to remain part of the UK.
“Last year, we were the top destination for foreign direct investment in Europe,” he said. “That is a stamp of approval on our stability.”

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Egypt; ” Day After Referendum on Constitution Violence Erupts Between Muslim Brotherhood and Security Forces”

#AceWorldNews says that Doctors have confirmed the death of at least two people in clashes between pro- Muslim Brotherhood activists and security forces in Egypt. Witnesses on the ground report at least 6 deaths. Dozens of others have been wounded as violence erupted in Suez, Fayoum and Cairo with protesters throwing gasoline bombs, firing bird-shot and hurling rocks, while police responded with tear gas. Authorities reported the arrest of 125 demonstrators. The unrest took place a day after a referendum on a new constitution.

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Spain: “Lawmakers in Spanish Region of Catalonia Vote to Seek a Referendum on Breaking away from Spain”

#AceWorldNews says Lawmakers in the north-eastern Spanish region of Catalonia on Thursday voted to seek a referendum on breaking away from Spain. The Catalan Parliament in Barcelona voted 87 to 43 in favour of a referendum, with 3 abstentions, Reuters reported. A petition will be sent to the national parliament seeking the power to call a popular vote on the region’s future. Polls show roughly half of Catalans want independence. As many as 80 percent want the right to vote on the matter.

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Egypt: “Voters Back New Constitution”

#AceWorldNews says about 90 percent of Egyptians who voted in a referendum approved a new constitution, the state news agency and a government official said. Early results of a ballot could allow army chief General Abdel Fattah Sisi to declare his candidacy for president. The constitution will replace one signed into law by Mohamed Morsi, the former Islamist president who was overthrown by the military in July. Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood had called for a boycott of the two-day vote and anti-government protests.

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