UNITED STATES: ' Ron Paul Says US Government Likely Hiding Truth About Crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 17 in Ukraine '

#AceWorldNews – UNITED STATES (Washington) – August 11 – Former US congressman Ron Paul says the US government is likely hiding the truth about the crash of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in Ukraine.

​"The US government has grown strangely quiet on the accusation that it was Russia or her allies that brought down the Malaysian airliner with a buck anti-aircraft missile, he wrote on his news website Voices of Liberty on August 7.

The former Republican presidential candidate made the comments after Washington accused Moscow of shooting down the aircraft, killing all 298 people on board.

Ron Paul’s Voice of Liberty – http://tinyurl.com/msrn52v


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‘ Republican Kevin McCarthy Named Next House Majority Leader ‘

#AceBreakingNews – UNITED STATES – June 19 – Republican Kevin McCarthy was named as the next House majority leader by his GOP colleagues this afternoon.

His elevation to the second-ranking Republican leadership spot comes after Republican Eric Cantor’s stunning June 10 primary defeat and subsequent announcement that he would step down from his leadership post at the end of July.

McCarthy’s only opponent was Republican Raul Labrador, a Tea Party-aligned lawmaker.


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` Missouri House of Representatives Pass Measure Mandating 72-Hour Waiting Time for an Abortion’

#AceWorldNews – UNITED STATES – MISSOURI – May 15 – The Missouri House of Representatives passed Wednesday evening a measure mandating a 72-hour waiting period before having an abortion in the state.

With the 111-39 vote, the legislation, passed by the state Senate earlier this week, now goes to Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon.

Should Nixon veto the legislation, there is likely enough support for the measure in the Republican-dominated Legislature to override it.

The state, which has only one clinic that provides abortion procedures, previously mandated a 24-hour waiting period before an abortion. Missouri joins South Dakota and Utah as the only states that require a three-day waiting period.


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` Senate Republicans Block Democrats Bill to Raise Minimum Federal Wage to $10.10 Per Hour ‘

#AceWorldNews – WASHINGTON – April 30 – Senate Republicans blocked a Democratic bill to raise the minimum Federal wage on Wednesday.

The measure’s rejection, while anticipated, was a blow to US President Barack Obama in an election-year bill.

The legislation would have raised the standard $7.25 an hour to $10.10 an hour – a move which Democratic legislators argue would have pushed a one-child family above the poverty line.

Republicans argued that it would have cost jobs in the long-term as it would have been too expensive for employers to maintain.


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` New Zealand will hold a referendum on whether country gets a ` New Flag ‘ as present design features `Union Jack’

#AceWorldNews New Zealand will hold a referendum on whether the country gets a new flag during the next parliamentary term, Prime Minister John Key has said.

The design of the current flag symbolized a colonial and post-colonial era, local media quoted Key as saying.

The existing design features the Union Jack and four stars representing the Southern Cross. Key has previously stated his preference for a silver fern as the national flag, but does not see the change as part of a trend towards severing ties with the UK, as some Republican groups do.


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` Rand Paul aspirations exceed no bounds at just being `US President he wants to ‘ Change Legislation ‘ to remain as a `Senator’

#AceWorldNews says hoping to fall back on Plan B should his presidential aspirations fizzle, US Senator Rand Paul is seeking legislation that would allow him to run for re-election and for president simultaneously.

According to the Washington Times, Paul (R-Ky.) has asked Kentucky Senate Majority Leader Damon Thayer to look into proposals that would ensure he can run for both offices at the same time.

“Yes, I am working on clarifying an ambiguous state law that Rand Paul believes is unconstitutional if it is interpreted to bar running for re-election to the Senate and for president at the same time,” Thayer said to the Times on Monday.

“The purpose of the bill will be to make clear that Rand Paul or anyone in a similar situation in Kentucky can run for both offices in the same year.”

Paul has been floated as a possible Republican presidential candidate since the end of the 2012 election, and this news suggests the senator continues to explore the possibility of running.

He has yet to commit himself to the idea, though just a few months ago he acknowledged he was “seriously thinking about it.”


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A Republican vision for America – ‘Florida House candidate Joshua Black calls for hanging of President Obama’

#ANS2014 ” Never Surprised by this World “

The Last Of The Millenniums



joshua black

This is today’s Republican Party.

Oh no it isn’t you say. You’re really just the normal, everyday people like those that voted for Ronald Reagan. Even Democrats voted for Ronald Reagan.


A Republican candidate for a Florida House seat, Joshua Black IS the face of today’s Republican Party.

You ‘normal. everyday’ people have sat on the sidelines for 3 years. Too cowardly to stand up to the fringe, the tea party, because they will say your not a ‘real’ American.

A ‘real’ American doesn’t call those that disagree with him ccommies (even though Newt Gingrich in 1995 suggested that).

A ‘real’ American doesn’t want the destruction of our political process regardless of how bad it seems at times.

A ‘real’ American doesn’t want the destruction of our government agencies, department by department, defunding, nullifing until agencies are crippled, hurting and unable to provide even basic services to Americans…

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” In the US Political System Being Right All The Time is Becoming The Key Issue”

#AceNewsServices says l pick this article up whilst browsing through a number of posts, and thought this sums up “US Political System” it is by a man called F Eric Saunders and was first published on  January 16, 2012. What l found so interesting was how right he was ,without knowing how close he was to the #truth.

Obama's Right About What? He writes as follows: 

Someone close to me recently remarked that, in his opinion, it is a serious problem that the Republicans in congress are refusing to cooperate and compromise with the President to “get anything done”.  He was, of course, just mimicking the latest load of manure being spread by the progressive/liberal media machine.  Apparently, the “plan” this time is to propose a bunch of radical legislation that will get us further into debt while doing nothing to alleviate our current problems, quietly refuse to even consider any of the proposed alternatives, and then to cry “foul” and “obstructionism” as often and as loudly as they can.  (“If you tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth.”)  Propaganda works!  But if you really understand what Progressives want to “get done”, then you probably think it would be tantamount to treason TO cooperate with them.  Indeed, I am frequently quite annoyed at our Republican representatives for going TOO FAR to compromise with the evil agenda.

A LOT of people, including most of our more recent gaggle of Republican presidential candidates, just don’t get it.  They seem to think that one candidate is pretty much the same as another – with just minor difference about how they would “tweek” the system.  People think that it is OK to vote for the man (or woman) they like best, while ignoring their underlying agenda.  But, in fact the Fabian/Alinsky bunch is trying their very best to take our country in exactly the wrong direction.  The “sameness” between the Republicans and Democrats is merely a result of the fact that “progressives” have to move very slowly, else people will rebel at having their freedoms taken away too suddenly – while the “conservatives” have to kowtow to the progressives by compromising with them regarding big government largess, else people will rebel at having their “entitlements” reduced, and then the conservatives would NEVER get elected.  After all, candidates get elected by what they promise, don’ they?  

Courtesy of: F Eric Saunders 


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