#GREECE Germany Agrees Bailout Banks Reopen Monday for Business ‘ @AceNewsServices

Britain Pulls Spies Out of Russia, China — “Our agents and assets being targeted” as a Result of Snowden, Cyber Hacking, Leaks

ISRAEL: ‘ Government to issue report on Protective Edge in Gaza ‘

SYRIA: ‘ Denies rebels took over Army Airport on border with Jordan ‘

MERS virus spreading across Asia, South Korea fails to contain outbreak

LIBYA: ‘ Islamic State Seize Power-Plant in City of Sirte – Officials ‘

INDIA: ‘ Maoist Rebels Killed in Gun-Battle with Security Forces ‘

‘ Somalia’s al-Shabaab Claim Responsibility for Attack on Bus Killing Seven ‘

‘ Man Stops Tram Causing Security Alert to Retrieve Bags Containing Extremist Islamic Material ‘

‘ GM to Account to US Lawmakers Over Delay of 10 Years For Vehicle Recall With Deadly Ignition Switch Flaw’

‘ Samsung Suspends Business With Supplier Over Child Labour Issues ‘

‘ US House Panel Over Mishandling, Possible Cover-Up By CDC Over Dangerous Pathogens’

‘ Kabul’s Airport Under Rocket and Gunfire Attack by Taliban ‘

‘Abudullah, Abdullah Escapes Assassination From Two Bombs’

'Pakistani Woman Survives Attack By Relatives Who Tried To Kill Her For Marrying For Love'

‘German Government Express Concern Over Israeli Settlements Plan’

‘ Fuelling The Fire in West Bank Israel Plan a Thousand New Homes’

` Japanese Researcher Accused of Fabricating Scientific Results `

‘ Gunmen Shoot Red Cross Official ‘

‘ Gang Members of Three Feuding Harlem Gangs Arrested ‘