DONETSK: ‘ Strong Proof National Guard and Right Sector Fighters Mass Burial Sites ‘

#AceNewsServices – UKRAINE (Donetsk) – October 01 – There is irrefutable evidence that the National Guard and ultra-nationalist Right Sector fighters are responsible for the murder of people recently discovered in mass burial sites near Donetsk, eastern Ukraine said Russia’s Investigative Committee.

“For those who have doubts regarding who’s responsible for these murders, the Investigative Committee has irrefutable evidence – witness accounts and appropriate examinations – that directly indicates that this crime was committed by fighters from the National Guard and Right Sector,” the committee’s head Vladimir Markin in a statement on Wednesday.

The mass graves discovered in September near the city of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine “are further eloquent testimony to the atrocities of the Ukrainian nationalists,” Markin said, adding that all of the victims were tortured before their murder.”

The murders were described in detail in the testimony of a soldier from the ‘Dnepr’ battalion, Sergey Litvinov, detained in a Russian hospital as a civilian after he fled Ukraine, Markin said. Currently Litvinov is under arrest and is to be transferred to Moscow for further questioning, he added.

Litvinov “personally killed civilians not involved in the military conflict, including women and children residents of the villages Melovoye, Shiroky, Makarovo and Kamushnoye, guided by anonymous denunciations,” Markin said, quoting the soldier’s testimony.

“What is more interesting that this fighter received a money reward for the killings from his leadership sponsored by Igor Kolomoysky,” Markin said, referring the Kiev-appointed Dnepropetrovsk governor and prominent oligarch.

“We know the names of many of the commanders of military units, the militants of the Right Sector and the National Guard, who carry out criminal orders of the military and political leadership of Ukraine,” Markin said, adding that all of them will sooner or later have to answer “not only before the law, but also to their own conscience.


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`Ammunition Was Seen Still Lying on the Ground After Fighting in Aleksandrovka, Lugansk Region '

#AceNewsServices – UKRAINE – FRIDAY – May 30 – SNAPSHOT NEWS – Kiev’s Bloody Campaign Continues.
18:17 GMT:
Ammunition was seen still lying on the ground after fighting in Aleksandrovka, Lugansk region, on Thursday.

18:09 GMT:
The UN will publish its next human rights report on June 17. The paper will highlight the Odessa Trade Unions House fire, in which 48 anti-Kiev protestors died on May 2, UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said during a briefing. The deadly fire in Odessa will also be the subject of another report that will be presented by Ivan Shimonovich, assistant to the UN’s secretary general, at the end of June. Dujarric stressed that the UN is staying in contact with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) because “if a chemical weapon was used, this is the main business for OPCW.”

15:10 GMT:
A criminal case, on the use of prohibited means and methods of warfare in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions by the Ukrainian military, has been opened by Russia’s Investigative Committee.

The proceedings have been launched against as “yet unidentified servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, as well as members of the National Guard and Right Sector movement with regard to the shelling of Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Donetsk, Mariupol and other settlements in the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics,” Vladimir Markin, spokesman for the Committee, told ITAR-TASS news agency.

Markin says the investigation believes Kiev violated the convention on the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War, signed in Geneva in 1949, by intentionally using weapons, artillery and aviation to kill civilians.

13:49 GMT:
Russia has withdrawn the bulk of its troops from the Ukrainian border, though seven battalions, numbering in the thousands, remain in position, US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said on Friday.

“The majority have gone,” Reuters cites him as telling reporters on the eve of a security conference in Singapore. “But seven battalions remain.” The official said he had no figure for the number of troops that had withdrawn. “But … thousands still remain,” he said.

Hagel called the withdrawal a promising sign, but said all troops positioned near the Ukrainian border earlier this year need to be pulled back.

13:48 GMT:
The Interior Ministry of Ukraine has asked the self-declared People’s Republic of Lugansk to enter into negotiations, “the people’s governor” Valery Bolotov said on Friday, Ria Novosti reports. Bolotov replied he was only prepared to enter talks on condition that all Ukrainian military forces leave the Luhansk region. He added that in the event of talks, a third party should be invited to the negotiating table.

“Most likely, it will be Russia,” he said.

13:17 GMT:
— Bystrova Natali (@BystrovaNatali) May 30, 2014
13:10 GMT:
Seven children were hurt as the Ukrainian military shelled the city of Slavyansk, a stronghold of the protesters, in the country’s South East on Friday night, Pavel Astakhov, Russia’s ombudsman for children’s rights, said.

A local children’s hospital came under fire as Kiev’s troops renewed the shelling of Slavyansk on Friday morning

Ukraine claimed it had regained control of swathes of the separatist east on Friday even as Washington expressed concern over the appearance of fighters from Russia’s war-ravaged region of Chechnya among the insurgents.

The rebels for their part dismissed speculation of a rift in their ranks after a dozen local militants were evicted from their seat of power in Donetsk by a military brigade comprised largely of Chechens and other Russians from the volatile North Caucasus.

Both Kiev and its Western allies have long accused the Kremlin of choreographing a seven-week insurgency that has shaken Ukraine’s foundations — a charge that Russian President Vladimir Putin denies.

But the recent appearance among the separatists of trained gunmen from Chechnya — a mostly Muslim region that fell under Kremlin control following two post-Soviet wars for independence — has fuelled fears of the conflict being transformed into a proxy war involving elements from other unstable regions of the former Soviet Union.

Ukraine’s acting defence minister said his forces were in high spirits despite the downing of a military helicopter on Thursday by the rebels that killed 11 soldiers and a general.

Ukraine’s President-elect Petro Poroshenko has vowed to punish the “bandits” who shot down a military helicopter as the government’s efforts to rein in pro-Russia separatists continue.
“The deaths of the military troops in Slovyansk are pain our whole nation is feeling,” Poroshenko posted on his Facebook page late Thursday.While mourning with rest of the Ukraine, I give my condolences to the families and loved ones of the fallen heroes. Crimes of the bandits will not be left unpunished.”
Militants in the rebel stronghold of Slovyansk, in the Donetsk region, claimed responsibility for downing the helicopter, a spokesman for the separatists said. A dozen servicemen died, authorities said, including a general.

10:42 GMT:
One more group of members of the OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) has been detained in the city of Severodonetsk, 100km from Lugansk in eastern Ukraine, the OSCE mission reports on its Facebook page. The group, which included 4 international members plus an interpreter, was stopped by armed personnel, says OSCE. Contact was lost with the group on Thursday.

The OSCE said that it still has no contact with the previous team in Donetsk, another eastern city in the Donetsk region. The last news from the group, which also included four international observers, was on Monday.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, Donetsk’s self-appointed mayor, Vyacheslav Ponomarev, said that anti-government militias in Slavyansk are holding the four observers in Donetsk.

He added that the observers are fine and will be released soon after the protesters sort out who they are and why they arrived in Donetsk. He implied that the OSCE people could have been gathering intelligence on the militia.

07:58 GMT:
The military operation in eastern Ukraine will continue until the region “can live and function normally and the people are calm,” acting Defence Minister Mikhail Koval stated on Friday.

06:40 GMT:
The Federal Security Service (FSB) has arrested a four-member cell of the Right Sector nationalist movement, which was preparing terrorist acts in Crimea, the FSB said in a statement.

The members of the cell planned to set fire to offices of local pro-Russian organizations in Crimea’s capital, Simferopol, in mid-April and then to use IEDs to damage a World War II memorial and a Vladimir Lenin monument on the eve of Victory Day on May 9, the FSB stated.

The four activists will be charged with terrorism and illegal possession of firearms and explosives, the statement said.

03:36 GMT:
The Ukrainian military is taking over train stations around Dnepropetrovsk region, quoted officials as saying. The decision was made in light of self-defence forces taking over the rail-roads. The military will have the authority to stop and search passenger trains.

Thursday May 29:
Russia on Thursday called on the West to prevent ‘a national disaster’ in Ukraine and urged Kiev to order a ceasefire as further deadly violence erupted in the country’s east, killing 12 soldiers.

“We once again call on our Western partners to use all their influence on Kiev to stop Ukraine from descending into a national disaster,” the ministry said in a statement.

“The international community awaits from Kiev an immediate ceasing of military activities in the east of the country and the withdrawal of troops. Without that, achieving peace in Ukraine is impossible.”

Russia expressed its “deep concern over the further escalation of the situation in eastern Ukraine”.

It accused the Kiev authorities of bombarding cities and civilian targets using aircraft and artillery in a military operation that “brings pain and suffering to peaceful citizens”.

“Among those injured are elderly people and young children,” it said.

RT News – RIA Novosti – Moscow Times – UNIAN


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` Twitter Limits Access in Russia to the Page of Ukraine's Right Sector Group '

#AceWorldNews – MOSCOW – May 19 – Social networking and micro-blogging service Twitter has limited access in Russia to the page of Ukraine’s ultranationalist Right Sector group.

The page is still available to users with IP addresses registered outside the country.

Russian federal telecommunications supervisor Roskomnadzor had demanded repeatedly that Twitter’s administration deletes information, including extremist materials, banned from distribution in Russia.

The service has failed to satisfy these demands immediately.

Roskomnadzor has already blocked Right Sector’s page on leading Russian social network site VKontakte.


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#AceWorldNews UKRAINE May 17 Ukrainian police stopped a…

#AceWorldNews- UKRAINE – May 17 – Ukrainian police stopped a group of armed men from entering Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, located in southeastern Ukraine. In video footage allegedly showing the attempted break-in, the men say they are members of the Right Sector group.

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#AceWorldNews KIEV May 08 Unknown persons overnight destroyed…

#AceWorldNews – KIEV – May 08 – Unknown persons overnight destroyed about a million ballots printed for a referendum on independence in the Donetsk Region, local police said on Thursday.

Witnesses said unknown persons broke into a printing house and destroyed 800,000 ballots prepared for a referendum planned for May 11.

The attackers also destroyed printing equipment.

A similar incident occurred in another printing house in Donetsk, where unknown people stole about 300,000 ballots and damaged printing equipment.

The attacks were committed by radicals from the Right Sector extremist organization, witnesses said. The attackers were in modern army uniform with yellow and red-and-black bands with Right Sector marks.

There were several groups of attackers, whose aim was to prevent printing of ballots for the referendum, police noted.

The attackers escaped away in a white Volkswagen minibus and a silver-colour Mazda minibus, both with Dnipropetrovsk region registration numbers.

Ukraine and Russian Media News Sources


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` Odessa Residents Surround and Blocked Regional Police Building to Protest Inaction over Deaths of Citizens ‘

#AceWorldNews – ODESSA – May 03 – Some 150 residents in Odessa, a southern Ukrainian city blocked the regional police building to protest against police inaction during the clashes provoked by ultra-nationalist Right Sector militants and so-called “Maidan self-defence” force, which resulted in the death of 46 people.

The protesters were chanting “Nemirovsky the murderer”, referring to the Odessa governor, and demanding his resignation, while threatening to storm the building if their demands were not met.


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` Three Day’s of Mourning Declared in Odessa After Devastation Caused by Tragic Events Claims Many Lives ‘

AceNewsServices – ODESSA – May 03 – Three-day mourning is declared in Odessa over Friday’s tragic events, which took 41 lives, according to the information of the city council.

“May 3, 4 and 5 are declared mourning days,” the council said in a statement on its website.

Ukrainian and Odessa flags with black ribbons will be lowered to half-mast on administrative buildings.

According to the updated information, hospitals received 123 people injured in clashes.

Forty of them were hospitalized, including 17 in critical condition. Forty one people died.

On Friday evening, medical personnel in Odessa asked city residents to help save scores of injured people.

First of all dressings and antibiotics were needed. Hospitals were short of them, said doctors at the city’s first clinic, where injured people were taken.

Former governor of the Odessa region and deputy Nikolai Skorik demands to urgently convene a session of the regional council in connection with Friday’s disorders provoked by Right Sector and Self Defence radicals who arrived from Kiev.

“In our city, blood is shed, and scores of our fellow countrymen are dead or crippled. The situation is out of control of authorities. An end must be put to it. Odessa citizens must know the names of those guilty of mass disorders and deaths,” Skorik said in a letter sent to the regional council chairman, Nikolai Tindyuk.

The press service of the Ukrainian government said the cabinet had sent a commission headed by Ukrainian parliament-appointed First Vice Premier Vitaly Yaryoma to Odessa to inquire into circumstances of the deaths of people in clashes and the fire in the House of Trade Unions.

The disturbance began in Odessa in the daytime on Friday with a mass brawl at Grecheskaya Street. It was instigated by football fans from Kharkov and Right Sector and Self-Defence radicals from Kiev, who decided to organize a march on Odessa streets.

They provoked clashes with federalization supporters.

Forcing them out, radicals set fire to a camp at Kulikovo Field where activists collected signatures to hold a referendum on federalization of Ukraine and the official status of the Russian language.

Activists from the camp escaped to the nearby building of the regional House of Trade Unions, and radicals set fire to the building. When the fire reached the upper floors, many of the people there died from smoke. Others jumped from upper floors and died after falling.

Those who survived were cruelly beaten by Kiev radicals with batons.

Regional council member and Odessa mayoral candidate Alexei Albu was also attacked.

“When we came out of the burning building, a crowd of nationalists attacked us. I can say that about a hundred people were hurt. People jumped out of windows.

Everything was in smoke. People lying on the ground were kicked. I and one of our activists, Vlad, have serious head injuries.

We are heading for a hospital. Earlier in the day, our activist Ivan received a bullet wound. Right Sector members who attacked the House of Trade Unions were fully equipped, armed and prepared beforehand,” Albu said.

He was taken to a hospital where he received first aid.

Tass – Russian News and Media Sources – Ria Novorsti –


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` Odessa Riots Provoked by Right Sector and Self Defence Groups that Claimed 37 Lives and Injuring 200 '

#AceWorldNews – ODESSA – May 03 – The riots in Odessa, provoked by the radicals of the Right Sector and Self-Defence groups that arrived from Kiev, on Friday claimed the lives of 37 people, about 200 were injured, according to specified data of the main police department of the Odessa region, made public on Saturday.

Much of the casualties were a result of a fire in the House of Trade Unions. Regional council member and Odessa mayoral candidate Alexey Albu, who was in the building but managed to escape, told RT that anti-government protesters barricaded themselves inside the House of Trade Unions, which was set ablaze by pro-Kiev radicals.

“Thirty-seven people were killed and some 200 injured, including 22 policemen” as a result of clashes, the department said. In addition, law enforcement agencies detained more than 130 people who participated in mass riots and 10 criminal cases were opened, the report says.

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#AceWorldNews ODESSA May 02 As many as 38…

#AceWorldNews – ODESSA – May 02 – As many as 38 people died in a fire lit by Ukraine’s Right Sector and Self-defence radicals at the building of trade union council in the Black Sea city of Odessa on Friday, a spokesman for the Ukrainian interior ministry said.

According to the ministry, thirty people died of carbon oxide intoxication, eight died having jumped out of windows.

As many as 50 people sought medical assistance, including ten policemen.

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1. May 02 – 16.53 GMT – #AceWorldNews – ODESSA – May 02 – Mass riots are reported from the central square in Ukraine’s Black Sea city of Odessa on Friday. About 1,500 young men wearing masks and Right Sector armlets armed with chains, clubs and shields tried to stage a march along Odessa’s central streets


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AceWorldNews MOSCOW May 02 Russia is indignant with…

AceWorldNews – MOSCOW – May 02 – Russia is indignant with “the start of a punitive army operation in (east Ukraine) the city of Sloviansk involving terrorists from Right Sector and other far-right organisations,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Friday.

“Ukrainian army units use tanks, other heavy military hardware, helicopter gunships which are delivering missile strikes on protesters. Information about casualties and wounded people is coming,” the foreign ministry said, noting that “Use of army against their own people is a crime and leads Ukraine to a catastrophe.


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` Kiev Authorities Launch a Punitive Operation on City of Sloviansk as Fighting Resumes in Eastern Ukraine ‘

#AceNewsServices – UKRAINE – SLOVIANSK – May 02- Shooting has resumed in the centre of the eastern Ukrainian city of Sloviansk not far from the Ukrainian Security Service’s regional branch occupied by protesters, a policeman told ITAR-TASS by phone on Friday.

“Clashes started again near the headquarters (the Security Council building).

Shooting is heard 300 metres behind residential houses,” he said.

According to the correspondent channel LifeNews , entered the city several armoured vehicles, and militants staged gunfight “right sector.”

“Fight goes around the firehouse. Arrived here a few APCs and bus carrying the” right sector. “Because against BTR militias have no weapons, they fired at them and retreated,” – said the reporter. Also received information that the shots were heard near the railway station Sloviansk.

It is reported that local residents blocked the Ukrainian Army paratroopers on the outskirts of the city – from the village Andreevka. This was the local media.

“Ukrainian paratroopers blocked locals from both sides in the area Andreevka” – according to reports. In addition, local residents blocked the railway crossing, to prevent the military drive.

Earlier in the air ” Russia 24 “fighters defence argued that many of the attackers militants” right sector. ” According to the militia they dress in civilian clothes and disguised as ordinary citizens trying to break into Slavic.

Parliament-appointed Interior Minister Arsen Avakov has earlier put forth demands to federalisation supporters to lay down arms and start talks.

Current Kiev authorities have launched a punitive operation in the city of Sloviansk on Friday morning.

Ukrainian armed forces have lost three helicopter gunships, including two choppers Mil Mi-24 and a military transport helicopter Mi-8 in clashes.

Two Ukrainian servicemen and a militiaman of the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s republic were killed in the Sloviansk storming operation.



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` Local Residents Build Check-Point and Mount Barricades to Protect City from Actions of Right Sector ‘

AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 27- Local residents have built a checkpoint near the city administrative building and are mounting barricades in the city of Stakhanov in east Ukraine’s Lugansk region, local media reported on Sunday.

A rally for which local residents had assembled in the evening on April 26 preceded mounting of reinforcement.

It was decided at the rally to build a checkpoint on the central square and barricades to protect the city from actions of new Kiev authorities and Right Sector radical activists.

Supporters of Donetsk people’s republic have earlier rebuffed an attack of Ukrainian law enforcers on a checkpoint at the city of Soledar in the immediate proximity from an arms and ammunition depot.

Several casualties were reported in the attack on the checkpoint.


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#AceWorldNews UKRAINE April 25 Gunmen from the Ukrainian…

#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 25 – Gunmen from the Ukrainian Right Sector nationalist movement have put up a checkpoint on the road connecting Transdniestria with Odessa, checking vehicles, the vice speaker of Moldova’s breakaway republic, Sergei Cheban, said in an interview published by local media on Friday.


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` Right Sector Leader `Dmitry Yarosh ‘ Writes Letter to Aleksandr Turchinov Demanding Ukrainian Citizens are Armed ‘

#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 25 – The leader of the ultra-nationalist Right Sector group, Dmitry Yarosh, whom Russia placed on an international most-wanted terrorist list, has written a letter to acting President Aleksandr Turchinov demanding Ukrainian that citizens be armed.

“Ukrainian authorities must immediately start massive arming of our citizens, in particular volunteer patriotic squads, which in the Dnepropetrovsk Region alone have seen 10,000 Ukrainians enlisted,” Yarosh wrote according to the Right Sector press service, cited by UNIAN.


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#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 24 – Timeline…

#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 24 – Timeline of Events and Latest from News Sources.

Thursday 24

14.10 GMT:
#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 24 (INTERFAX.RU) – Ukrainian military carried out a military operation under the Slavonic in the Donetsk region. Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine reported on the destruction of five fighters self-defence. Authorities called dead “terrorists.”

11.35 GMT:
#AceWorldNews – KIEV – April 24 – The people’s self-defence fighters in Ukraine’s Sloviansk city together with a reinforcement that arrived from Krasny Liman, have rebuffed an attack of the Ukrainian military who are engaged in a special operation at the entrance to Sloviansk, local media reported on Thursday.

“The convoy of armoured vehicles has yielded ground.

11.09 GMT:
#AceNewsServices – US/UKRAINE – April 24 – Following is an interview by English Radio correspondent Morteza Jabbari with Tighe Barry—co-director of Code Pink in the US about the latest developments regarding Ukraine and that the interim government in Kiev continues to blame Russia for the situation in the eastern and southern parts of Ukraine.

09.33 GMT:
Unknown gunmen have attacked a checkpoint near Slavyansk in eastern Ukraine. Two people were killed, local self-defence forces spokesperson Stella Horosheva told RT.

“Unfortunately, the reports of a shooting have been confirmed,” Horosheva said. “Every night some sort of an incident takes place at one of our checkpoints. This time suspicious armed people were passing by and the self-defense members approached them to check their IDs. But the gunmen opened fire.”

09.58 GMT:
#AceBreakingNews – SLAVYANSK – April 24 – “Around 40 minutes ago fighting started on the outskirts of Slavyansk,” one of the leaders of self-defense forces, Miroslav Rudenko , told Interfax. We are checking reports of one dead and one injured.

There are shootings at a number of checkpoints at some of Slavyansk exit-roads.”

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With thanks for the help and news from journalists, media, press reports, bloggers and websites including: BBC – Ria Novosti – Tass – RT – NATO – Twitter – AP – Al-Jazeera – OSCE – RADA – Reuters – Ukrainian and Russian News and Media


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` Presidential Candidate Leader ` Dmitry Jarosh of the Right Sector ‘ Announces Formation of Special Battalion ‘

#AceBreakingNews – DONBASS – April 23 – (Interfax) – Ukrainian presidential candidate, leader of the “right sector” Dmitry Jaros announced the beginning of the formation of the representatives of the Donetsk region spetsbatalona “Donbass”.

“All the actions we agree with the leadership of the NSDC, the Interior Ministry and SBU” – said D.Yarosh Wednesday at a press conference in Dnipropetrovsk.

According to him, activists and organizations trained fighters are ready to help intelligence agencies.

D.Yarosh also noted that he has no fear that the participation of members of the “right sector” in the Interior Ministry and SBU raid in eastern provoke a wave of clashes with the population of Donbass.

He also announced the postponement of its stakes in Dnepropetrovsk.

D.Yarosh reported that shoot his candidacy from the presidential election does not intend to, despite the fact that he refused to conduct the election campaign.


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#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 23 – Timeline…

#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 23 – Timeline of Events and Latest from News Sources.

Wednesday 23

18.35 GMT:
DONBASS – April 23 – (Interfax) – Ukrainian presidential candidate, leader of the “right sector” Dmitry Jaros announced the beginning of the formation of the representatives of the Donetsk region spetsbatalona “Donbass”.

15.08 GMT:
KIEV – Sergei Taruta, Chief of the Donetsk regional administration appointed by the Kiev authorities, has called to conduct a referendum on the status of the Russian language and decentralization of bodies of power in Ukraine, the press service of the Donetsk regional administration said on Wednesday.
“Once people want a referendum they should have an opportunity to hold the referendum,” Taruta said. He said that May 25 — the date of presidential election scheduled in Ukraine, is the right time for the referendum.
Questions for the referendum should be formulated as soon as possible to ensure that all the interested parties reach accord, Taruta said.
The heads of town administrations, regional councils and state administrations of the Donetsk region have backed Taruta’s initiative.

14.10 GMT:
DONETSK, Ukraine (AP) — Pro-Russian gunmen in eastern Ukraine admitted on Wednesday that they are holding an American journalist, saying he was suspected of unspecified “bad activities.”Simon Ostrovsky, a journalist for Vice News, has not been seen since early Tuesday. He has been covering the crisis in Ukraine for weeks and was reporting about groups of masked gunmen seizing government buildings in one eastern Ukrainian city after another.

12.35 GMT:
Anti- and pro-government demonstrations have been held next to the City Council in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkov.
Those who protest against the Kiev coup-appointed government were holding a large banner saying “No elections without a referendum.” The activists also demand the official status of the Russian language in the region.
Meanwhile, the pro-government supporters have gathered next to the WWII Eternal Flame memorial in the city, shouting slogans in favour of “united Ukraine.”
Kharkov City Council MPs have addressed the Ukrainian Parliament on Wednesday with a demand to pass a law on regional referendums in the country.

12:35 GMT:
Several hundred anti-government activists continue to protest in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk next to the regional government building, which is still controlled by anti-Kiev protesters, RIA Novosti reports. Protesters say they rally in support of the federalization of the country.
The demonstration is being held peacefully, with the protesters playing football and handing out leaflets.

12.30 GMT:
Protesters demanded that the Ukrainian authorities grant Russian the status of an official language. Meanwhile, supporters of Kiev authorities gathered near the Eternal Flame, they chanted slogans in support of the “united and indivisible Ukraine”.

Protesters carried a large banner “No elections without a referendum”

11.43 GMT:
Chiefs of UK’s intelligence agencies have warned British Prime Minister David Cameron against providing military assistance to Kiev by western states, Daily Mail on-line version reported on Tuesday.

11.08 GMT:

NATO’s navy presence in the Black Sea has increased to three units as the US has sent warship USS Taylor to the Black Sea, a source from the Russian Navy told ITAR-TASS. “The frigate USS Taylor has passed through the straits and entered the Black Sea yesterday evening,” the source said.

10.26 GMT:
Aleksandr Sapunov, who was proclaimed ‘People’s mayor’ of the eastern Ukrainian city of Gorlovka by anti-government protesters there, has announced his resignation.
“Following an attack, of which my close circle and I became targets, taking into account a threat to my life, I am no longer going to fulfil duties of the ‘People’s mayor’ and also of the MP of the ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’,” he told RIA Novosti.
He said he will still be the leader of the local ‘City order’ movement and an active participant of the city’s self-defence.
Sapunov said unknown people blocked a car driven by his friend on April 16. When the assailants found out there was no ‘People’s mayor’ in the car, they drove away.

10.10 GMT:
Security Service of Ukraine ( SBU) has put the former Chief of Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kiev Valeriy Koryak and Deputy of Public Safety Petro Fedchuk on wanted list, Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) reports.
It is alleged that the former policemen charged with unlawful resistance of the organization or holding meetings, rallies, marches and demonstrations.

08.58 GMT:
Resumption of the military operation in eastern Ukraine is contrary to the Geneva agreement, a representative of the self-defence forces of the Donetsk Region, Sergey Tsyplakov, told RIA Novosti.
“The Kiev junta gets it the way they want. When it comes to vacating [government] buildings, only the east should do this… This is all cynicism and double standards,” Tsyplakov said.

08:46 GMT:
The military operation against protesters in eastern Ukraine, which the authorities in Kiev describe as an “anti-terrorist” one, has been resumed following its suspension during the Easter holidays , first vice-president Vitaly Yarema told journalists.
“Law enforcement agencies are working on the eradication of all groups currently active in Kramatorsk, Slavyansk and other cities of the Donetsk and the Lugansk regions,” Interfax reported him as saying.

Yarema said no military operations were carried out overnight.

08.39 GMT:

Turchynov demands to resume special raid in eastern Ukraine
Active phase of military operation has been resumed in the eastern regions of Ukraine, parliament-appointed First Deputy Prime Minister Vitaliy Yarema told reporters. According to him, it was done “in accordance with the order” by the Verkhovna Rada appointed Acting President and Speaker of Parliament Oleksandr Turchynov. Yarema added that law enforcement bodies are “working towards the elimination of all armed groups” in Kramatorsk, Sloviansk and other cities in Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

06.30 GMT:
(Reuters) – Ukraine’s government said on Wednesday the United States had promised to stand by it in the face of aggression, and announced that it would press ahead with a security operation to crack down on pro-Russian armed groups.
After a lull for the Easter religious holiday, officials in Kiev decided to renew what they call an “anti-terrorist operation” against separatist militias who have seized control of about a dozen public buildings in eastern Ukraine.

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#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 22 – Timeline…

#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 22 – Timeline of Events and Latest from News Sources.

Tuesday 22

23:30 GMT:
OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Dunja Mijatović expressed concern about the work of journalists in eastern Ukraine.
“I remain deeply concerned about the ongoing negative pattern in relation to journalists’ safety in Ukraine,” Mijatović said. “I call on all those responsible to stop harassing and attacking journalists and let them do their job. Simon Ostrovsky should be released immediately.”
Simon Ostrovsky, a reporter for Vice News was sent to the Ukrainian city of Slovyansk to cover the pro-federalization protest when he was taken under the protection of the pro-federalization forces.
“Nobody abducted [him], nobody holds [him] hostage, he is now with us,” the “People’s mayor” of Slavyansk, Vyacheslav Ponomarev said at a news conference after the mass media was quick to claim that Ostrovsky had been kidnapped. Ponomarev added that Ostrovsky was now “working, preparing materials,” adding that Ostrovsky holds Israeli and American passports.
A spokesperson for VICE said in a statement the publication is “aware” of the situation and currently in contact with the State Department.
“VICE News is aware of the situation and is in contact with the United States State Department and other appropriate government authorities to secure the safety and security of our friend and colleague, Simon Ostrovsky.”
RT stringer Graham Phillips says via twitter that Ostrovsky will most likely be released in the morning because the “mayor tells me they are expecting an attack on the building, no one leaves.”
Mayor has just told me Simon is ok, sleeping, told me to get some sleep. Hopefully release in morning.
— GrahamWPhillips (@GrahamWP_UK) April 22, 2014

22:35 GMT:
Pro-federalization activists say that they are ready to vacate two floors and one of the halls of the Donetsk Regional State Administration so that its staff can resume work.
“Vital state functions, such as justice, perhaps, utilities and social services, the budget department – they will resume work,” the head of the committee on media relations of the People’s Republic of Donetsk Alexander Khryakov told Ria.

20.09 GMT:
Lugansk airport has suspended all regular flights due to a “tense socio-political situation” that has led to “planes flying below capacity”, according to an interview director Vasily Tatarinov gave to Ukraine’s
The airport – which has been a site for demonstrations by pro-Russian activists – continues to service charter flights.

19.00 GMT:
In a telephone conversation with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday, April 22, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stressed the need for the Kiev authorities to comply conscientiously with the Geneva agreement of April 17.

18:46 GMT:
The ‘People’s Mayor’ of Slavyansk, Vyacheslav Ponomarev has confirmed to RIA news agency that bodies of two men with signs of torture have been recovered, but said that their murder could be a “provocation”.
Ponomarev said that the two victims – who were found naked floating in the local river on Sunday – have not been identified. On Tuesday, acting President Aleksandr Turchinov said that one of the men was pro-Kiev local deputy Vladimir Rybak, who had been responsible for organizing public demonstrations, and disappeared last Thursday. Ponomarev did confirm that Rybak’s relatives are on their way to identify the body.
“We need to look into this. Let’s wait for the results of the identification and the forensic analysis,” said Ponomaryev.

18:19 GMT:
#Slavyansk funeral – emotions running high – a friend of one of the deceased says he wants a weapon to take revenge
— PaulaSlier_RT (@PaulaSlier_RT) April 22, 2014

18:08 GMT:
RT stringer Graham Phillips says he has personally found VICE journalist Simon Ostrovsky in Slavyansk.
Ive just spoken with peoples mayor of Sloviansk, he says Simon is ok, news soon.
— GrahamWPhillips (@GrahamWP_UK) April 22, 2014
Im at city hall, Simon is being held here, will be free within minutes they say
— GrahamWPhillips (@GrahamWP_UK) April 22, 2014
Earlier, multiple Russian media reported that Ostrovsky had been arrested by pro-Russian militia, after traveling to film impromptu barricades on Monday night.
Just in case you were wondering, the official self-defence position is indeed that Simon / Freddie are ‘guests’, here in #Sloviansk
— GrahamWPhillips (@GrahamWP_UK) April 22, 2014

17:43 GMT:
The OSCE mission has met with parties on both sides of the stand-off when visiting Donetsk.
“We have had a useful and constructive meeting with representatives of the group occupying the Donetsk regional administration building; the Mayor of Donetsk; and Donetsk chief of police. They explained their positions,” said Mark Etherington, Deputy Chief Monitor.
“We also discussed the need for dialogue and the de-escalation of tensions, and the need to refrain from violence.”
Mission representatives have already visited Slovyansk and other eastern hotspots.

17:42 GMT:
In Kiev OSCE Chief Monitor in Ukraine Ertugrul Apakan has asked for the release of the reportedly abducted head of the Kramatorsk police department, who went missing on Monday night
“Coercion against representatives of the state is unacceptable, and I urge for the immediate release of Colonel Kolupai. These provocative actions run counter to the spirit of the recent Geneva Joint Statement to restore security on the ground, and can only worsen the existing tensions and contribute to further violence.”
Earlier the Ukrainian interior ministry reported that the policeman was taken hostage by self-proclaimed Donetsk Republic activists, who burst into the Kramatorsk station on Monday night, and demanded that Kolupai hand them over all police weapons.

17.36 GMT:
Today, in Slaviansk unknown people fired from automatic gun at aircraft An-30, which carried out surveillance flight and belongs to the Defence Ministry of Ukraine.

17.21 GMT:
Interim President of Ukraine, appointed by the Verkhovna Rada and parliament Speaker Oleksandr Turchynov demanded from special task forces to resume the raid in the country’s east. Vekhovna Rada’s press service reported this on Tuesday.
“I demand that security services carry out effective counter-terrorist activities aimed at defending Ukrainian citizens living in the country’s east from terrorists,” Turchynov stated.

17:04 GMT:
Acting Ukrainian President Aleksandr Turchinov has demanded that special services “resume productive anti-terrorist operations that will protect Ukrainians living in the east of the country,” his press service reported.
According to the statement, the renewed focus was provoked by the discovery of two “mutilated bodies,” including one belonging to nationalist local deputy Vladimir Rybak. The dead politician was found near Slavyansk, which has been in the grip of pro-Russian activists.
He accused the purported murderers of “crossing the line by torturing and killing Ukrainian patriots,” and said the illegal activities were carried out with “full support” from Russia.

16:32 GMT:
BBC Russian’s Oksana Vozhdaeva documented the funeral of three men killed on duty at checkpoint in Slavyansk on Sunday.
Похороны убитых на блок-посту в Славянске. Убиты трое: молодой парень и двое мужчин в годах, дежурили на посту ночью.
— Oksana Vozhdaeva (@oksonata) April 22, 2014

16:21 GMT:
With @RT_com at Izyum, and a heavy presence of Ukrainian military out here, some 50km from #Sloviansk #Ukraine
— GrahamWPhillips (@GrahamWP_UK) April 22, 2014

16:19 GMT:
It’s a shaky video, and ‘people’s mayor’ of Sloviansk saying there are no Russian forces in city (Eng and Russian) –
— GrahamWPhillips (@GrahamWP_UK) April 22, 2014

14.23 GMT:
Ukrainian border guards continue to strengthen the Ukrainian-Russian border engineering structures, including anti-tank ditches. On Tuesday at a briefing in the anti-terrorist centre of the SBU chief of department on cooperation with the press of the Border Troops Oleg Slobodyan, – the correspondent of “islands”.

12.52 GMT:
US Vice President Joseph Biden believes that Russia should also take part in the activities of the mission of Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) in eastern Ukraine. He made this statement on Tuesday at the meeting with parliament appointed Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

11.57 GMT:
April 22 – Law enforcement officers in Donetsk, a city in eastern Ukraine, are refusing to take part in a security operation against local protesters seeking the country’s federalization, the head of the main command centre of Ukraine’s armed forces,
Major General Alexander Rozmaznin, told a news briefing on Tuesday.

11.40 GMT:
The USA will provide aid to Ukraine worth $50 million for carrying out political and economic reforms. This assistance is aimed at strengthening partnership between the US and Ukraine, says the White House’s statement published on Tuesday.

Of the mentioned sum, $11.4 million are designated for holding presidential elections in Ukraine that are scheduled for May 25. These funds are intended to support democratic processes, and not to aid any specific candidate, the White House stated.
In addition, the USA will provide $8 million to aid Ukraine’s armed forces, but this assistance does not envisage arms shipments. These funds are meant to be used for buying communication systems, engineering equipment and transport facilities.
The White House published this statement along with the visit of US Vice President Joseph Biden to Ukraine. Biden is holding negotiations with the Ukrainian leadership in Kiev.

10.17 GMT:
One of the leaders of the far-right extremist organization Right Sector, Oleksandr Muzychko (also known as Sashko Bily) accidentally shot himself when offering resistance to police officers that were detaining him.
Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Alexei Baganets made this statement at a session of interim investigative commission of the Verkhovna Rada that was engaged in investigating the circumstances of Muzychko’s death.

09.27 GMT:
Ukrainian parliament-appointed Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has said a draft law on amnesty for protesters in eastern Ukraine is ready.
And as such a draft law on amnesty of the protesters in south-eastern Ukraine has been registered in the country’s parliament, the Verkhovna Rada.
“The cabinet has prepared a draft law on amnesty,” he told the Verkhovna Rada on Friday. “If the whole parliament expresses its will, the law will be registered, and let us vote for it,” Yatsenyuk said.
Batkivshchyna’s leader in the parliament Sergei Sobolev said on Thursday the party’s members in the parliament were ready to vote for amnesty for all participants in protests in the east of the country who opposed the Kiev authorities.
According to ITAR-TASS, the bill will see those, who “did not commit grievous crimes” since February 22 striped from criminal and administrative liability.
The authors of the bill believe that its adoption will “create a legal framework for the voluntary and peaceful solution to the existing domestic conflicts.” Ukrainian parliament-appointed Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has said a draft law on amnesty for protesters in eastern Ukraine is ready.

08.46 GMT:
The US welcomes the changes happening in Ukraine and is ready to help the Kiev’s authorities on this way, US Vice President Joseph Biden said at a meeting with parliament-appointed Acting President Oleksandr Turchynov.
The press service of the Verkhovna Rada (Ukraine’s parliament) reported that Biden and Turchynov discussed the current situation in Ukraine. According to Turchynov, a process of “recovery and reform of the executive branch of power” is taking shape in the country.
During his visit to Kiev, Biden said that Ukraine will be able to achieve energy security, but it will take time
Biden met with MPs from the Verkhovna Rada and Ukraine’s presidential candidates. The Vice President said the US was ready to provide economic support to Ukraine. He also called for fighting endemic “cancer of corruption”.

08:13 GMT:
The US is ready to help Ukraine to improve its economy, US Vice-President Joe Biden told the Ukrainian parliament, the Verkhovna Rada. He added that Washington will provide assistance in the country’s presidential elections on May 25.
According to Biden, the upcoming elections will be the most important in the history of the country.
Ukraine may not energy security, but it would take time, he added.
Meanwhile, Bided stated that Ukrainian authorities should fight “the cancer of corruption.”
According to Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary of State for Europe, the US authorities have invested at least $5 billion in Ukraine since 1991 “on supporting the aspirations of the Ukrainian people.”RT

01:21 GMT:
Victoria Nuland, the assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian Affairs, has acknowledged that Washington has “invested” $5 billion in Ukraine since 1991.
“That money has been spent on supporting the aspirations of the Ukrainian people to have a strong, democratic government that represents their interests,” she told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour in an exclusive interview.
“But we certainly did not spend any money supporting the Maidan. That was a spontaneous movement, which is a far cry from what we are concerned Russia is up to now in eastern Ukraine.”
In an interview with Amanpour last week, Vyacheslav Nikonov, a Russian Duma MP, accused Nuland of orchestrating the regime change in Kiev in February.
“Victoria Nuland said about five billion US dollars [was] spent to promote democracy in Ukraine, which is oftentimes a code word for regime change,” Nikonov said. RT

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With thanks for the help and news from journalists, media, press reports, bloggers and websites including: BBC – Ria Novosti – Tass – RT – NATO – Twitter – Al-Jazeera – OSCE – Ukrainian and Russian News and Media


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` Activist ` Irma Krat ' of ` Right Sector ' Maybe Released Following a Meeting with Representative Self Defence Forces ‘

#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 21 – Irma Krat, an activist of the Right Sector, and representative of the self-defence forces of Ukraine’s Donetsk region have held a joint briefing in Donetsk.

Both parties stated that they agreed to release Irma Krat soon. The self-defence forces believe that she is one of the Maidan ‘centurions’, and have detained her on suspicion of subversion.

“The conditions are normal, nobody bullies me, I am being fed properly,” Krat said at the briefing.


#donetsk, #maidan, #right-sector, #ukraine

#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 21 – Timeline…

#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 21 – Timeline of Events and Latest from news sources.

Monday 21

18:11 GMT:
1/2 Am now in #Kramatorsk at occupied City building where they tell me senior members of ‘Donbass People’s Republic’ are now in building..
— GrahamWPhillips (@GrahamWP_UK) April 21, 2014
2/2 They say outside that meeting is being held between groups, aimed at forming ‘Donbass Republic’. No media access.
— GrahamWPhillips (@GrahamWP_UK) April 21, 2014

17:09 GMT:
Anti-government activists have entered the local headquarters of the Ukraine Security Service in the town of Kramatorsk in the Donetsk region, RT’s RUPTLY stringer reports from the scene.

The activists are currently installed in the building, over which the flag of the People’s Republic of Donetsk has been raised.

15:44 GMT:
Names given of 3 activists killed in #Sloviansk shooting yesterday.#Ukraine #Russia
— GrahamWPhillips (@GrahamWP_UK) April 21, 2014

15.43 GMT:
Three foreign journalists were temporarily detained by pro-Russia insurgents in city in eastern Ukraine.
One Belarusian and two Italian journalists were stopped Monday by gunmen as they reported in the city of Slovyansk, which has been occupied by pro-Russia forces for more than a week.
Slovyansk is one of many cities in Ukraine’s Russian-speaking eastern region where insurgents are demanding greater ties with Russia.
By Philippa Stewart (ALJ)

14.17 GMT:
A monitoring mission of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) has arrived in the town of Sloviansk in Ukraine’s eastern Donetsk region to investigate a shooting incident that took place there on the Easter night last weekend, the Deutsche Welle media corporation said on Monday.

14.09 GMT:
In keeping with the Geneva agreement, Ukraine is working out measures to de-escalate tensions in the east of the country, acting Foreign Minister Andrii Deshchytsia said o Monday, April 21.
“We meet in the four-party format every day, with the participation of the leadership of the mission of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), to work out measures towards de-escalation of the situation in the eastern part of Ukraine,” he said.
However, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said earlier in the day that the Ukrainian authorities were not complying with the Geneva agreement.

14:01 GMT:
Ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich demanded that the Kiev coup-appointed government withdraw National Guard troops from eastern Ukraine and start peaceful dialogue with the citizens of the eastern regions.
“You called millions of people terrorists. They have no other choice but to fight for their rights, their own life and lives of their children,” he said.
Yanukovich also spoke in favor of a referendum on Ukraine’s federalization, which should be followed by constitutional reform.

13:55 GMT:
People and protester enjoy the music at #Donetsk barricades Ruptly
— denise reese (@denice_ruptly) April 21, 2014

13.05 GMT:
Viktor Yanukovych has demanded to return Ukraine’s military forces to their permanent bases, to withdraw the National Guard units from the country’s east, and to start a dialogue with the people in the eastern regions of Ukraine. Yanukovych proposed to hold a referendum on the country’s federalization and the powers of the regions (Itar-tass)

12.59 GMT:
Irma Krat, an activist of the Right Sector, and representative of the self-defence forces of Ukraine’s Donetsk region have held a joint briefing in Donetsk. Both parties stated that they agreed to release Irma Krat soon. The self-defense forces believe that she is one of the Maidan ‘centurions’, and have detained her on suspicion of subversion.

“The conditions are normal, nobody bullies me, I’m fed properly,” Krat said at the briefing.

12:40 GMT:
Irma Krat, a prominent Maidan activist and journalist, who was detained on Sunday in protester-held Slavyansk, gave a media conference on Monday.
The protesters suspect the 29-year-old of having close links to the ultranationalist Right Sector movement, which they blamed for the deadly attack on one of the protesters checkpoints early on Sunday morning.
Krat is accused by Self-defence of, effectively, working as spy for the Maidan side. She disagrees to Self-defence.
— GrahamWPhillips (@GrahamWP_UK) April 21, 2014
Krat denied having links with the radicals, and insisted that she had arrived in Slavyansk in her capacity as a journalist and said that the protest in Maidan, which she supported, and the protest movement in eastern Ukraine mirror each other.
At presser, Krat’s press pass is brought out, ‘self-defence’ draw attention to its being out of date. #Sloviansk
— GrahamWPhillips (@GrahamWP_UK) April 21, 2014
She added that she was treated well by her detainers and that she feels fine.
Both Krat and the protest activists said she will soon be released.

11.28 GMT:
Protesters in Luhansk have announced the establishment of a joint headquarters of South-Western Ukraine which will coordinate efforts of protesters in all other regions, the local media reported Monday. The joint coordination centre will be based in Donetsk, the source said.

On Monday, people’s gatherings have been held in Luhansk and other settlements of the region to formulate questions which should be put to a referendum the protesters are planning to hold on May 11.
The establishment of a federal state, the status of a subject of a federal state and the status of the Russian language are among issues on the agenda of the planned referendum.
A large-scale meeting of supporters of a federal state was scheduled in Luhansk for 3.00 pm Moscow time Monday.

10:31 GMT:
Protesters in Lugansk have announced the creation headquarters for the coordination their activities in the south-eastern region, Itar-Tass found out. The base will be set up in Donetsk. This is taking place in an atmosphere of public gatherings aimed at tackling the kind of issues that will make their way into the upcoming May 11 referendum, including the question of federalization.

08.51 GMT:
“Everything points to the fact that the Kiev authorities are not able to control extremists, or do not want to control them,” the foreign minister said. The main thing now is to prevent any kind of violence in Ukraine, Lavrov added. “It is the first clause of the Geneva agreements, the first requirement,” the minister stressed. “This part of the Geneva agreement is not fulfilled, but on the contrary, steps are taken by those who seized power (in Kiev) in violation of the Geneva agreements,” Lavrov said.
“We are concerned that instead of confirming the responsibility for the situation, Kiev and the West-European countries are trying to make Russia responsible,” he said. “There main proof is the Russian weapons in the conflict zones. It is ridiculous – no other weapons have ever been there,” Lavrov added.
“Those who intentionally aim at instigating a civil war obviously hope to spark off an enormous, serious and bloody conflict, are conducting a criminal policy,” Lavrov said. “We (Russia) will not be only condemning this policy, but thwarting any manifestations of such policy as well,” the diplomat said, adding that “shooting at unarmed people on the Easter night is beyond any reason.”
“Instead of giving ultimatums and threatening us with sanctions, Washington should realize in full measure its responsibility for those people they brought to power in Kiev,” Lavrov noted. “Attempts to isolate Russia are absolutely prospectless, as it is impossible,” the minister emphasized.

01:19 GMT:
The “people’s mayor” of Slavyansk, Vyacheslav Ponomarev, has imposed a curfew from 12:00 a.m. to 6:00 am, Ukraine’s Unian news agency reported.

00.35 GMT:
US Vice President Joe Biden is scheduled to meet with Ukraine’s coup-installed President Aleksandr Turchinov and Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk during his visit to Ukraine’s capital, the White House announced. Biden’s visit to Kiev will begin on Monday afternoon and will last two days. He will also meet with members of Ukraine’s parliament from various regions and representatives of non-government organizations.
During the meetings, the two sides will “discuss the international community’s efforts to help stabilize and strengthen Ukraine’s economy and to assist Ukraine in moving forward on constitutional reform, decentralization, anti-corruption efforts, and free and fair presidential elections on May 25,” the White House statement said. “The vice president will also consult on the latest developments in eastern Ukraine and on steps to enhance Ukraine’s short- and long-term energy security.”

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With thanks for the help and news from journalists, media, press reports, bloggers and websites including: BBC – Ria Novosti – Tass – RT – NATO – Twitter – Al-Jazeera – OSCE – Ukrainian and Russian News and Media


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