(ECUADOR) LATEST: At least 68 prisoners have been killed in new fighting at a prison where more than a hundred inmates died in clashes between rival gangs in September, officials say #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Nov.15: The riot at the Litoral Penitentiary in the city of Guayaquil reportedly began on Friday evening: Police tactical units who have entered prison buildings have found guns, explosives and blades, reports say.

#AceDailyNews says according to a BBC World News Latin America Report: New fighting at Guayaquil jail kills at least 68-prisoners: Nearly 300 inmates have died so far this year in the country’s prisons and September’s gang-related violence was the worst in Ecuador’s history.

relatives wait outside prison after latest violence
GETTY IMAGES: Desperate relatives are again waiting outside the prison for news of loved ones

At the time, inmates from one wing of the prison crawled through a hole to gain access to a different wing, where they attacked rival gang members. Hundreds of officers and army soldiers were deployed to regain control of the complex.

The deadly fight, which saw some inmates decapitated, drew attention to the growing influence in Ecuador of transnational crime gangs such as the Mexico-based Sinaloa and Jalisco New Generation cartels: More than batons needed to control Ecuador’s jails’

The latest fighting at the prison in Guayaquil, Guayas province, has also left 25 people injured and follows a smaller armed clash earlier this month in which three inmates were shot dead.

There were reports of further violence at the prison later on Saturday and soldiers were deployed as reinforcements, securing the outside of the facility in armoured vehicles.

Soldiers in armoured vehicles are positioned near the perimeter of the Guayaquil prison

Family and friends of prisoners desperate for information gathered outside the building, where a list of victims’ names was taped to a post. 

Authorities said the violence started as a territorial dispute between rival groups after a gang leader was released early.

“As this section of the prison was without a ringleader, other gangs tried to… enter to carry out a total massacre,” the governor of Guayas province, Pablo Arosemena, told reporters. 

He said there were about 700 prisoners in the area of the facility where the deadly riot was taking place.

In a short statement posted to Twitter, President Guillermo Lasso offered his condolences “to the families who have lost loved ones” and said new measures were needed to “fight the mafias that profit from chaos”.

Earlier this month in a BBC interview, Mr Lasso insisted that his government was regaining control not only of the prisons but also of areas of Ecuador where drug traffickers had gained a foothold.

He accused previous governments of being “passive” about drug trafficking but warned that rising drug use in the country would take “more than a decade” to tackle.

And he said Ecuador would need international support from neighbouring Colombia, the US and the EU to strengthen its armed forces and police to combat the growing influence of crime gangs.

Ecuador’s prisons are currently accommodating about 9,000 more prisoners than they were designed to hold, officials say. The Litoral Penitentiary was designed for 5,300 inmates but currently holds 8,500.

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#AceWorldNews – Update: AUSTRALIA – Dec.11 – The Australian government failed to protect asylum seekers in its custody during a deadly riot at an immigration detention centre earlier this year, according to a Senate inquiry report released on Thursday.

' Nauru Detention Centre '

‘ Nauru Detention Centre ‘

It also found that staff from security company G4S took part in the violence, and accused Australia’s immigration minister of misleading the public to cast blame on the riot’s victims, Reuters said.

Offshore detention centres in Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific island nation of Nauru are used to process would-be refugees trying to reach the country.


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#AceNewsServices  – FERGUSON – Dec.02 – Michael Brown’s stepfather is seen in a video calling for the crowd to “burn this b**** down” after learning a grand jury didn’t indicted Darren Wilson.

' Police may charge step father for incinting a riot Screenshot from 2014-12-02 17:38:01'

‘ Police may charge step father for incinting a riot Screenshot from 2014-12-02 17:38:01’

The Brown family attorney said no one should judge Brown’s parents for their emotional response.


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#Kiev : ” Ukrainian Rioters are once again in `Pitch Battles’ with the Police & Authority”

#AceBreakingNews says `Fresh Riots break out in Kiev, violent clashes, tires burn down-town.

Fresh Riots in #KievReports that Ukrainian rioters are reigniting street clashes with police in the capital Kiev, with opposition MPs attempting to paralyse the work of the parliament. Protesters are stoning police, with law enforcement responding with tear gas and stun grenades.

Hundreds of rioters have started an assault on police in several places in central Kiev. They are breaking up pavement stones to throw at police along with crackers and smoke grenades.

Police are using rubber bullets against the rioters. Insurgents have captured several trucks blocking the way to the capital’s center, and set one of them on fire.

The protesters have again set tires on fire on several streets leading to the Ukrainian parliament, and claim they are ready to storm the parliament building where MPs are debating a constitutional reform.

Radical far-right extremists taking an active part in the clashes are chanting “Fascists!” to police.

Rioters have used one of the captured trucks against law enforcement, driving it straight into police lines.

Reportedly several reporters, who happened to be in the thick of events, have suffered the effects of tear gas.

#Kiev protesters fight the police with fire and stones.http://t.co/tpOwsGT3Wa pic.twitter.com/jIuEbltF35

— Ruptly (@Ruptly) February 18, 2014

A Molotov cocktail was thrown at the central office of the ruling Party of Regions in central Kiev, and a fire started inside the building. Molotov cocktails have also been used against police.


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