NATO: ‘ Warships Enter Black Sea ‘

#AceWorldNewsSeptember 07 – Two NATO warships, Canadian frigate Toronto and Spain’s Almirante Juan de Borbon have entered Black Sea waters over the weekend, Itar Tass news agency reported referring to its military diplomatic source.


The ships will take part in the international Sea Breeze drill, conducting exercises from September 8 to 10.

Commandant Birot

On Friday, another two NATO warships, the French Navy ship Commandant Birot and the US destroyer Ross, entered the area.

It is expected that the drill will also involve Turkish and Romanian frigates, as well as a Georgian patrol boat.






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` French Navy Destroyer `Dupleix ‘ is Unlikely to enter Black Sea in next two Days ‘

#AceWorldNews – MOSCOW – April 15 – The French Navy destroyer, Dupleix, is unlikely to enter the Black Sea during the next two days, the Russian Defence Ministry said on Tuesday.

The French anti-submarine frigate was expected to join the country’s vessels in the Black Sea on Monday. However, the French military’s plans changed for some reason, and the ship is still in Limassol, Cyprus, a source in the Russian ministry told ITAR-TASS.

Meanwhile, US destroyer USS Donald Cook and French surveillance ship, Dupuy de Lome, which entered the Black Sea on April 10, are now docked at the Romanian port of Constantsa.

The French rescue ship, FS Alize, which has been in the Black Sea since March 26, has now left, the source said.


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` When Begging Becomes a `Business ‘ in the ` Story of How to Become a Good Beggar ‘ in Germany ‘

#AceGuestNews – HAMBURG – March 30 – The new recruit learned how to be a good beggar on his first day in Germany, on an abandoned lot on the far side of the tracks at Hamburg’s central train station.

At the beginning of his lesson, he was told to put on two old sweaters and was given a blue crutch so that he could practice walking with it.

He would through his left leg further forward than his right, causing his hips to buckle as he stumbled across the grass.

After about 10 meters (40 feet), he came to a stop, bent his upper body forward and said three German words, drawing out the first vowel sound: bitte (please), danke (thank you) and Entschuldigung (excuse me).

Then he haltingly told a story in which he described himself as the father of a son who is waiting for an operation in a Romanian Orphanage.

The child in this story has brittle bone disease, and his limbs are twisted and fragile. The man practised for half an hour while his boss, as he says, stood next to him and watched.

The man, Vasile Rotaru, a 31-year-old whose name has been changed by the editors, has a slight build, a solid belly and thick arms.

He comes from a village in Transylvania, in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains, in central Romania. When he arrived in Germany at the beginning of the year, he had a modest dream:

He wanted to find work, perhaps build a small house and achieve happiness. He had no idea of the high standards that exist in the German labour market.

The sky is dark blue on this late January afternoon, three days after his arrival in Hamburg, and Rotaru is standing in a corner at the train station, wrapped in an old jacket. He holds out a paper cup containing a few coins, and appears to be perspiring.

Pedestrians walk past him, buses depart behind him and cooing pigeons land in front of his feet. If someone were to take a long-exposure photograph of Rotaru from above, he would appear as an unmoving dot in the midst of a blurred tide of movement.

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Courtesy of Der Spiegel Article by By Katrin Kuntz


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` US, Bulgarian and Romanian start `Joint Naval Exercise’s ‘ in the Black Sea ’

#AceWorldNews A joint naval exercise of US, Bulgarian and Romanian naval forces has started in the Black Sea, after they were delayed by one day on Tuesday due to bad weather.

“This time the exercise has begun as planned,” Lieutenant-Colonel of the Bulgarian Navy Dimitar Titev told Reuters.

The USS Truxtun, a US guided-missile destroyer with about 300 crew and part of the US Sixth Fleet head-quartered in Italy, Bulgarian naval frigate Drazki and three Romanian vessels will take part in the drills.

They started across the water from the Crimean Peninsula, where a referendum on the territorial status will be held on Sunday.

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` UK to send `Surveillance Drone ‘ of the `Royal Air Force ‘ to ‘ Perform Flights’ air-space of Poland and Romania ‘

#AceWorldNews UK will send a surveillance drone of the Royal Air Force to Ukrainian borders, the Defence Ministry of the UK reported on Tuesday.

The drone would perform flights in the air space of Poland and Romania, the representative of the ministry specified. He added that Great Britain detached its surveillance drone to take part in the NATO mission aimed at raising the patrolling level over the Baltic States.

As reported earlier, the NATO Council took the decision on starting regular flights of AWACS radar surveillance planes to monitor the situation in the Crimea and in Ukraine at large.

The planes will be departing from two air bases: from Waddington, Lincolnshire, and Geilenkirchen in western Germany near the German-Belgian border.

Earlier, Washington announced that in order to raise the defence capacity of Poland and the Baltic States the US would sent to these states up to 18 F-16 fighters and several aerial tankers.



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` Bad Weather has delayed start of what is being termed `Joint Naval Exercise’s ‘ taking place in the Black Sea’

#AceWorldNews Bad weather has delayed by one day a joint naval exercise by US, Bulgarian and Romanian naval forces in the Black Sea, Reuters said, citing a statement by the Bulgarian Defence Ministry.

A US navy destroyer was due to take part in maneuvers with Romanian and Bulgarian warships near the Crimean Peninsula.

To the north in Poland, US fighter jets are also to take part in joint exercises.


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` Navy destroyer USS Truxtun crosses Dardanelles en route to Black Sea ‘

#AceWorldNews says that the US Navy destroyer USS Truxtun has reportedly crossed the Dardanelles on Friday, as it heads into the Black Sea.

The US Navy earlier announced the guided missile destroyer’s “routine” deployment to conduct training with the Romanian and Bulgarian navy, saying it had been decided long before the crisis in Ukraine.

The ship left Greece on Thursday and is expected to cross the Bosphorus later Friday.


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