` Eleven Year Old Girl in Besieged Sloviansk is Reunited with Her Kith and Kin in Her Homeland of Russia ‘

#AceWorldNews – BELGOROD – May 19 – Eleven-year-old Russian girl Anna Vasilenko, who had stayed since February in Ukraine, in besieged Sloviansk, has been handed over to the Russian side through a border checkpoint.

The girl has returned to the native land thanks to assistance of Russian presidential commissioner for children’s rights Pavel Astakhov and Russian Foreign Ministry diplomats.

Anna Vasilenko, a daughter of a resident of the Belgorod Region, since early February had stayed at the home of her aunt in Sloviansk. The parents sent her to the relatives to stay with them for some time after the family moved from the far eastern Primorsky Territory to Belgorod, Astakhov said.

Her parents asked the children’s ombudsman to help after their attempts to return the child failed. Ukrainian authorities refused to help.

Details of the operation were kept secret until the girl crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border.
“We passed through four checkpoints when going out of Sloviansk,” the girl told an ITAR-TASS correspondent. “Of course, we were scared there.

We had to escape into the cellar. I missed my parents, but I will return to my relatives with pleasure when the situation becomes normal,” she said.

The girl was handed over to the Russian side at the Nekhoteyevka road checkpoint in the Belgorod region.



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` Moscow and Vladimir Putin’s Report on Mass Violations and Human Rights Issues in the Ukraine ‘


Authorized the Russian Foreign Ministry on issues of human rights, democracy and the rule of law prepared by the “White Book” (in Russian and English), which summarizes the numerous violations of human rights and the rule of law in Ukraine since the end of November 2013 to the end of March 2014 year.

It is based on information materials Russian, Ukrainian and some Western media, saying leaders of the “new government” of Ukraine and their supporters, eyewitness accounts, as well as observations and interviews from the event, collected Russian NGOs.

The report’s factual information, flagrant violations of fundamental international principles and norms of human rights and the rule of law committed to monopolize the protest “evromaydan” radical nationalists condoned and sometimes in direct promotion supported their U.S. and EU suggest that these phenomena widespread.

As a result of the violent seizure of power and unconstitutional coup in Ukraine took the actual collapse of the legitimate government, legal arbitrariness reigned. Commonplace there were the growth of ultra-extremist and neo-Nazi sentiments, religious intolerance and xenophobia, threats and pressure from the leaders of the “evromaydana” on his political opponents, lustration, repression and physical violence, banditry frank.

The main objective of the “White Paper” – sharpen on these facts the attention of the international community and key international bodies in the field of human rights, as well as relevant non-governmental organizations which have not shown proper and impartial attention to the issue of identifying and bringing to justice those responsible for these violations.

Need to know more download the PDF below

Courtesy of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation – Press Release – White Book – Translated to English – http://www.mid.ru/bdomp/ns-dgpch.nsf/03c344d01162d351442579510044415b/38fa8597760acc2144257ccf002beeb8/$FILE/ATTLUY3T.pdf/White_book.pdf


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#AceWorldNews MOSCOW May 05 Russia urged the Kiev…

#AceWorldNews – MOSCOW – May 05 – Russia urged the Kiev authorities to stop the bloodshed, pull back the troops and begin negotiations in order to discuss how to resolve the political crisis in the country.
“Punitive actions by Kiev’s law enforcers are causing new casualties among civilians.

A humanitarian catastrophe is looming in the blocked cities as there is a shortage of medicines and food supply is becoming unsteady,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Monday, May 5.


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AceWorldNews MOSCOW May 02 Russia is indignant with…

AceWorldNews – MOSCOW – May 02 – Russia is indignant with “the start of a punitive army operation in (east Ukraine) the city of Sloviansk involving terrorists from Right Sector and other far-right organisations,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Friday.

“Ukrainian army units use tanks, other heavy military hardware, helicopter gunships which are delivering missile strikes on protesters. Information about casualties and wounded people is coming,” the foreign ministry said, noting that “Use of army against their own people is a crime and leads Ukraine to a catastrophe.


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#AceWorldNews UKRAINE April 18 Russian Foreign Minister Sergey…

#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 18 – Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and US Secretary of State John Kerry have held a phone conversation and agreed to continue talks on the settlement of the Ukraine crisis.

The diplomats discussed possibilities for international assistance in the normalization of the situation in the country following yesterday’s four-party talks in Geneva, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Ukrainian authorities must implement the Geneva deal immediately and in full, including putting an end to violent actions and the launching of a national dialogue on constitutional reform, which is to include key regions and major political forces.


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` Russia has urged the ` Libyan Government ‘ to Facilitate the Release of the Kidnapped Foreign Diplomats’

#AceWorldNews – April 18 – MOSCOW – Moscow has urged the Libyan authorities to facilitate the release of kidnapped foreign diplomats.

The government should do its best to find the diplomats as soon as possible and free them, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

The authorities should also punish those responsible for the kidnapping and take measures to defend diplomatic missions in Libya, the statement said. Laaroussi Kontassi, an adviser at the Tunisia’s embassy in Tripoli, disappeared Thursday morning in “unclear circumstances,” days after gunmen kidnapped the Jordanian ambassador.


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Total bloodshed right now as Russian Foreign Ministry concerned about army build-up in Ukraine’s East

Reports coming in of English speaking soldiers to help the Ukrainians. This is REALLY hitting hard, I think this is it, war, can’t see a way back now.

The Russian Foreign Ministry is concerned that additional Ukrainian army forces are arriving at the east of Ukraine. Among the army forces there are also representatives from the US Greystone organization, reads the official statement on the Ministry’s page in Facebook.

According to the Ministry, additional internal forces and the National Guard of Ukraine with the participation of the illegal armed militants “Praviy Sector” are arriving in the southeastern regions of Ukraine, including Donetsk.
They are designed to suppress protests of the inhabitants of southeast of the country against the policy of the Kiev authorities.
“The fact that there are about 150 American experts from the private military organization Greystone, disguised as soldiers unit Falcon brings additional concern,” the statement reads.
The Foreign Ministry also stressed that members of this provocation should take full responsibility for creating a huge threat to the rights, freedoms and lives of innocent citizens of Ukraine, for the stability of the Ukrainian state.
“We call for immediate cease of any military preparations, that could lead to unleashing the civil war” the statement adds.

EU policy towards Ukraine a failure, but Russia determined to continue dialogue – Foreign Ministry
Moscow says that the EU policy towards Ukraine is “short-sighted and a failure” but Russia does not plan to give the dialogue, the commentary of the Department of Press and Information of the Russian Foreign Ministry says in view of a number of statements that were made by the EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton and the EU Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighborhood Policy Stefan Fule.
“Judging by statements made by Catherine Ashton and Stefan Fule, Brussels is assessing the Russia-EU consultations about the economic consequences of the Association Membership Agreements (AMA), signed by the European Union with Eastern Partnership countries only as a means to explain their “advantages” for Russia, ruling out all possible corrections of these agreements within the Eastern Partnership Program, which has already discredited itself,” the report of the Foreign Ministry says.

Apparently the people in Donetsk were warned of imminent military crackdown, told to abandon the administrative buildings before tanks and APCs arrive. They were told two hours, and this was reported an hour ago.

Fule explains the decision on the signing last month of the political part of the Ukraine –EU Association Membership Agreement by the fact that the current Ukrainian “government” should assess all its economic consequences, especially, for eastern Ukraine, and also by the fact that the European Union “needs more time for the continuation of relevant consultations with Russia,” the commentary of the Russian Foreign Ministry says.
Of interest here is the fact that the EU made Viktor Yanukovych and his government responsible for not informing Russia and ordinary Ukrainians about the consequences of the AMA agreement, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said.
Rallies in eastern Ukraine prove its gov’t needs to consider federalization – Russian FM

The events in eastern Ukraine prove the need to hold a constitutional reform in the country and to federalize it, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement posted on its website, Interfax reports. “Russia is closely watching the events that are unfolding in the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine, in particular in the Donetsk, Luhansk and Kharkiv regions,” the document said.
“As Russia has said repeatedly, it is hard to count on long-term stabilization of the Ukrainian state without a real constitutional reform in Ukraine, in the framework of which the interests of all regions of the country are guaranteed via federalization, its non-aligned status is preserved, and the special role of the Russian language is stipulated,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

This source is saying is claiming eyewitness accounts of English-speaking foreign soldiers arriving in Donetsk airport, about 200 of them.


A column of armored troop carriers was today filmed stationed near Lugansk:

A referendum on the future of Ukraine’s eastern Donetsk Oblast should be held no later than May 11, says a resolution that was issued Monday by legislators of the Donetsk regional council, which declared the formation of a sovereign and independent Donetsk People’s Republic and transformed itself in the Council of the Republic earlier on the same day. “The deadline for holding the referendum was coordinated with the Luhansk Oblast and Kharkiv Oblast,” a legislator participating in the session said.

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`RFM Hopes that `Ukrainian Authorities’ can Refrain from Steps to Undermine ` WMD ‘Non-Proliferation Regime ‘

#AceWorldNews – MOSCOW – April 07 – The Russian Foreign Ministry hopes that the Ukrainian authorities will refrain from steps that can undermine the weapons of mass destruction (WMD) non-proliferation regime.

The ministry has noted media reports about negotiations between Ukraine’s Yuzhmash company with some countries to explore possibilities for selling R-36M2 Voyevoda heavy intercontinental ballistic missiles.

“We hope that despite the complex political situation in Ukraine and the absence of legitimate top leadership, the leaders of the country will show necessary responsibility, will fully comply with the Missile Technology Control Regime and the Hague Code of Conduct and will refrain from steps that can undermine the WMD non-proliferation regime,” the ministry said.

Russian News and Media Sources


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` Russian Embassy Denies it Came under Mortar Attack ‘ in ` Damascus ‘ following earlier Report’s ‘

#AceWorldNews – MOSCOW – April 05 – The Russian Embassy in Damascus denied reports claiming that it had come under mortar fire.

“We did not experience anything like that. There was no such attack an Embassy official told (Tass) on Saturday, April 5.

The Al Arabiya television station said on Twitter earlier in the day that the Russian Embassy in Damascus had been attacked from mortars.

MOSCOW – Nov 28 – (Interfax) – Following a mortar attack by anti-government armed formations in the district where the Russian embassy in Damascus is, one bomb exploded at the premises and another one nearby at 5 p.m. Moscow time on Thursday.

“Russian citizens have not been injured. One Syrian has died and nine people, including Syrian security guards of the embassy, have been injured. The embassy building has sustained insignificant financial damage,” the Russian Foreign Ministry posted a statement.

“We resent and condemn decisively the mortar attacks by militants in central Damascus, including the on premises of the Russian embassy, which have recently become more frequent. We consider them as acts of terrorism and those, who carry them out and those, who encourage and direct them, should get the punishment they deserve,” the document said. ez mk.


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` German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble's ` Remarks have Caused Moscow to Protest over Inaccuracies '

#AceWorldNews – MOSCOW- April 03 – Moscow voiced protest over the German finance minister’s remarks that drew parallels between Crimea’s reunification with Russia and Hitler’s policy(Tass).

“Several days ago, speaking to the pupils of one of the Berlin schools, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble drew unacceptable historical parallels between Crimea’s reunification with Russia and Hitler’s policy to seize the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia in 1938 and subsequent establishment of control over the whole Czechoslovak territory,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Thursday, April 3.

` We consider such pseudo historical excursions by the German minister provocative.

His parallels are a gross manipulation with historical events and facts,” the ministry said.


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` Right Sector Prepares to Engage in Extremist Activity in Ukraine ‘

#AceNewsServicesUKRAINE – April 02


Right Sector prepares to engage in extremist activity in Ukraine

10:36 02/04/2014 Militants of the far-right nationalist movement Right Sector continue to train and prepare to engage in extremist activity on Ukrainian soil, according to the statement released by the Russian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday.


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` Sergei Lavrov and John Kerry will Meet in Paris on Sunday to Discuss Situation in Ukraine – West Media Reports '

#AceWorldNews – MOSCOW – March 29 – Following up on the agreements reached by the presidents of Russia and the United States, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Secretary of State John Kerry will meet in the very near future, a source in the Russian Foreign Ministry told ITAR-TASS on Saturday, March 29.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will meet in Paris on March 30, the Foreign Ministry said on Saturday, March 29.

Western mass media said Kerry was heading to Paris where he was planning to meet with Lavrov within the next few days in order to discuss the situation in Ukraine.


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` Russia regrets `Switzerlands ‘ Unilateral ‘ position on the events in the Ukraine ‘

#AceWorldNews – MOSCOW – March 28 – Russia regrets Switzerland’s unilateral position on the events in Ukraine.

“Switzerland’s restrictions in bilateral cooperation are unjustified and counter-productive,” the Russian Foreign Ministry says.

“The Swiss government ignores realities and Russia’s explanations. Its one-sided policy runs counter Russian-Swiss friendly relations and Switzerland’s neutral approach,” the ministry notes- Tass


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` Revival of Anarchy is Rife for Passengers Travelling from ` Russia to Moldova via Ukraine'

#AceWorldNews – RUSSIA – March 24 – The recent robbing of passengers, travelling from Russia to Moldova via Ukraine’s territory, by a local ultra-nationalist Insurgent Army is a manifestation of “anarchy,” the Russian Foreign Ministry has said.

On March 21, the train, en route from Moscow to the capital of Moldova, Chisinau, made a scheduled stop in the city of Vinnitsa in central Ukraine.

“To the horror of passengers…people dressed in the uniform of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) got into carriages and began a ‘document check’.

People who showed Russian passports were then made to hand over their money and golden jewelery,” the Russian Ministry said on Monday in a statement published on its website.

The robbery was accompanied with “political sensitization,” diplomats said.

Moscow also said it was “bewildered” by the refusal of the Ukrainian police to take any action when the victims attempted to file a report.

“That is the kind of ‘rule of law’ that is currently being formed in Ukraine,” the ministry said. “It seems that the anarchy of the beginning of the 20th century is reviving.”


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` Police detain 4 Activists as `Far-Right Groups ‘ arrive in the City and Attack `Peaceful Protesters ‘

#AceWorldNews – DONETSK – March 23 – Police have detained four activists over dramatic events in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk on March 13, the press service of Donetsk regional police department reported on Sunday.

“Yesterday (on Saturday) four people were brought to Voroshilovsky district police station. They were questioned and were named as suspects in several criminal offences,” the press service said.

“These people were brought to district court that ruled on a measure of restraint other than deprivation of freedom and they were released on their own personal recognisance after that,” the press service said.

On March 13, gunmen supporting new authorities in Kiev delivered several attacks on pro-Russian activists at rallies in the city of Donetsk.

“Starting to arrive in the city from other regions of the country on Saturday far-fight groupings armed with non-lethal guns and clubs attacked peaceful demonstrators who came out in the city streets to voice their attitude to destructive position of people who name themselves as Ukrainian authorities,” the Russian Foreign Ministry stated.

One person was killed and several tens of Pro-Russian activists were wounded in clashes.

Russian Media News


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` Russian Foreign Ministry continues with `Sanctions ‘ on US and EU’s under ` Tit-for Tat ‘ Response ‘

#AceWorldNews – Moscow – March 21. – Russia’s Foreign Ministry will propose to the country’s leadership to take retaliatory measures in response to sanctions of the United Stated and European Union, as measures that are left without response fuel appetites, State Secretary and Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin stated at a meeting at the Federation Council upper house of parliament.

“I doubt that the Western partners will get it retaliatory sanctions right, there is the term a ‘tit-for-tat response’, we are considering this the further response ” Karasin said. “

Sanction regimes are applied to us for the first time, so we will propose to the government to take retaliatory measures, as measures left without response fuel appetites. Sanction regimes are absolutely illegitimate,” he added.


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#AceWorldNews The Russian Foreign Ministry has expressed disappointment…

#AceWorldNews The Russian Foreign Ministry has expressed disappointment and concern over a US decision to cease the operations of the Syrian Embassy in Washington and other US cities nationwide.

“Essentially, it runs counter to the understanding previously reached between Moscow and Washington…to work towards a peaceful settlement of the Syrian crisis on the basis of the June 30, 2012, Geneva communiqué,” said the ministry in a statement released on its website.

Syria is now in its fourth year of civil war.

Related News: March 18 – 20.32 GMT – Extract – #AceWorldNews Washington has closed the Syrian embassy and two of its consulates, and has told all Syrian diplomats that they must leave the country, after Damascus decided to call back its mission last week. http://wp.me/p165ui-4nO


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In a telephone conversation with US Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday, Lavrov said Russia’s position on the referendum in Crimea remained unchanged. Lavrov and Kerry “agreed to continue contacts to search for ways to settle the crisis in Ukraine in order to launch a constitutional reform in the country in respect of all Ukrainian regions”, the Russian Foreign Ministry said. #ANS2014

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The arrest of Neo-Nazi gunmen in Kharkov is expected to mark the beginning of large-scale actions to neutralize and bring extremists to justice, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s envoy for human rights, democracy and the rule of law, Konstantin Dolgov, said in his blog on Twitter on Saturday.

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` Moscow concerned about escalating violence in `Palestinian Territories ‘ according to Russian Foreign Ministry’

#AceWorldNews Moscow is concerned about the aggravation of the situation around Palestinian territories, the Russian Foreign Ministry has said.

In a statement Thursday, it urged both Palestinians and Israel to avoid any steps leading to escalating tensions. Israeli police said earlier militants in the Gaza Strip fired rockets at Israeli cities Thursday.

The previous day, Israeli military carried out 29 air strikes and fired tank shells at militant targets in Gaza.

Related News – Gaza Strip -Palestine
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