`Yuriy Semyonov ‘ Accused ‘ of ` Drug-Related Crimes ‘ is ` Deported ‘ from ` Thailand ‘ by Russian Interpol Bureau ‘

#AceWorldNews – BANGKOK – April 09 – Russian citizen Yuriy Semyonov, who was accused of drug-related crimes in Russia, has been deported from Thailand convoyed by officers of the Russian Interpol Bureau on Wednesday, the consular department of Russian Embassy in Thailand told ITAR-TASS.

Semyonov was detained on the second largest Thai island of Samui back in last March. “Local law enforcement agencies detained him at Russian request in co-operation with Russian Embassy,” the consular department said.

The detainee is accused in Russia of involvement in an organised criminal group that sold synthetic marijuana, the Interpol Bureau in Thailand said. After the accusation was brought against him he was escaping justice in Thailand.

Synthetic marijuana is known for its destructive impact on human organism and the fact that sniffer dogs cannot detect it.


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