‘ Ukrainian Presidential Administration Discuss Severing All Ties With Russia ‘

#AceWorldNewsUKRAINE (Kiev) – July 16  – The Ukrainian presidential administration studies the possibility of severing diplomatic relations with neighbouring Russia and the subsequent outcome of such move, Valeriy Chalyi, a deputy chief of the Ukrainian presidential staff, told journalists on Wednesday reported by Tass.

“The Ukrainian authorities are studying such possibility and the (subsequent) results of such step,” Chalyi said.

Relations between neighbouring Russia and Ukraine have been recently strained by a host of issues including Crimea’s merger with Russia.

Also disagreements on the price for the Russian natural gas supplies and the ongoing combat conflict in the south-eastern parts of Ukraine between pro-Kiev military forces and pro-federalization supporters, whom Kiev believes to be allegedly backed by Moscow.


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` Russian Drug Squad Prevent Activity of a Major Criminal Group in Crimea ‘

#AceNewsServices – MOSCOW – May 13  – Officers of the Russian drug watchdog have curbed the activity of a major criminal group in Crimea, which had supplied drugs to the region for 10 years.

Drug Squad in Crimea

The Federal Drug Control Service reported this on Tuesday.

“In the recent years, organized criminal groups became active in Crimea. Their activity is understood: Ukrainian law enforcement agencies were loyal to drug business. At present, Russian drug control agencies got into gear and are actively eliminating criminal structures involved in drug trafficking. The drug enforcers have already seized major consignments of drugs and eliminated stable distribution channels,” a Federal Drug Control Service representative said.

 He added that May 5, officers of the Regional Directorate of the Federal Drug Control Service curbed the activity of an organized criminal group, which had supplied drugs all over the peninsula for 10 years.

The raid was divided into several stages.

It is noteworthy that the investigation into the activity of the group was carried out with no access to the data base of Ukraine’s Interior Ministry, the agency’s representative said.

“As a result, two organizers and 12 members of an international drug trafficking group have been detained. Five of them repeatedly came to the attention of the law enforcement agencies. The drug enforcers have seized over 1,800 doses of drugs packed for sale, as well as a big amount of precursors,” the Federal Drug Control Service reported.

The cars of the drug dealers were arrested; about 600,000 rubles ($17,189) and golden jewellery allegedly bought for money gained from drug dealing have been seized.

“The elimination of this criminal group caused wide response among the residents, given the fact that earlier, despite multiple claims about the obvious criminal activity of the drug dealers, no measures were taken,” the agency’s representative said. 

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` Central Ukraine `Kharkiv ‘a `Crowd of 3,000 ‘ gather together `Chanting we are with you Crimea ‘

#AceWorldNews KHARKIV, March 16. A crowd of 3,000 gathered for a rally in the centre of Ukraine’s eastern industrial centre of Kharkiv on Sunday afternoon to press for converting Ukraine into a federation. As an Itar-Tass correspondent reports from the scene, the demonstrators are chanting “Referendum!”, “Russia!” and “We are with you, Crimea!”

Demonstrator's in KharkivThe rally backed a resolution containing a demand for calling a local referendum in favour of federalization. The resolution urges “the territorial communities of the Southeast, from Odessa to Kharkiv, to pool efforts for the sake of simultaneous plebiscites and the federalization of Ukraine.”

“Our city has been Russian and will remain Russian, albeit within Ukraine. We are prepared to live in one country, but on our terms,” one of the leaders of the association Civic Platform, Yuri Apukhtin, told the crowd.

‘If we answer in the affirmative to the question about federalization, this will settle inter-ethnic rifts that exist in Ukraine,” said the leader of the Kharkov branch of the Communist Party of Ukraine, Alla Aleksandrovskaya. She added that the referendum should also decide such questions as the status of the Russian language as a second official one and Ukraine’s refusal to join NATO.


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`Press harassed in Crimea ‘

#AceGuestPost says ‘Free press’ in Russian eyes. Russia does not want free press and all they want is to spread only their point of you.

Press harassed in Crimea

It was a difficult night for journalists. AP had equipment stolen by armed men in Simferopol as they tried to set up a live satellite and there is footage of other cameramen being beaten by supporters of Russia.

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` Cost of unrest in `Ukraine’ leaves thousands `Homeless ‘ and `Seeking Refuge ‘in another Country’

#AceNewsServices says that an increase in `Ukrainians requesting Asylum in Russia in two weeks, increases to 143,000 – Reports

“Tragic events in Ukraine have caused a sharp spike in requests coming from this country seeking asylum in Russia,” said chief of citizenship desk Valentina Kazakova. “We monitor figures daily and they are far from comforting. Over the last two weeks of February, some 143,000 people applied.”

Ukrainian People seek Asylum in RussiaKazakova said most requests come from the bordering areas and especially from Ukraine’s south.

“People are lost, scared and depressed,” she said. There are many requests from law enforcement services, state officials as they are wary of possible lynching on behalf of radicalized armed groups.”

Relatives residing within Russia have urged officials to process the requests in the shortest possible time. Officials say that though each request will be treated individually, all such addresses will be handled as soon as possible.

The situation in Ukraine, simmering since ousted President Viktor Yanukovich wrapped up the EU integration course in November, escalated dramatically two weeks ago when violent clashes between rioters and police forces in the capital saw opposition leaders proclaim themselves rulers of the country.

Yanukovich, though not properly impeached, fled the capital, while thousands in Ukraine’s south-east came out to protests the new authorities.

The protests were aggravated by the fact that the revamped parliament did away with Yanukovich’s law on minority languages virtually forbidding use of Russian as the second official language.

Out of 45 million people living in Ukraine, according to 2013 census, some 7.6 million are ethnic Russians.


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