Syrias Decision To Start Sending Chemical Weapons – Video

Syria’s decision to start sending data to the International watchdog on chemical weapons comes just a few days after it joined the organisation.

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapon’s in the Hague has given Damascus until Saturday to hand over a full list of its chemical stockpile.

Weapons experts say Syria has several thousand tonnes of lethal nerve agents, spread across 50 sites.

It will take several months for inspectors to verify the accuracy of the information that the Syrian government provides.

Syria itself does not have the means of destroying its own chemical weapon’s.

Only Russia and the United States have the capacity

English: States parties to the Chemical Weapon...

English: States parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention. Parties of the Chemical weapons Convention Parties which have declared chemical weapon stockpiles and/or have known chemical weapon facilities (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

to handle the deadly mustard, Sarin and cyanide-armed munitions.

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Turkey Finds Sarin Gas In Homes Of Suspected Syrian Islamists

Stockpile/disposal site locations for the Unit...

Stockpile/disposal site locations for the Unites States’ chemical weapons and the sites operating status as of August 28, 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The article courtesy of RT raises questions about who really is responsible for the Sarin Gas attacks in Syria, the mere fact that the many governments are admitting there was an attack, is not in question! The fact that chemical weapons were used, is also as far as the facts go, also not in question! The other evidence that is doing the rounds, relates to who supplied these weapons in the first place, this is surely and must be in question!

The fact that the United Nations Weapon Inspectorate visited and took samples is not in question, even though the results will only yield the fact, that there was chemical weapons used, not who is responsible! This article leads us to an unconfirmed yet awful conclusion that the use of a deadly nerve gas called Sarin was used, as it has been found in the hands of suspected Syrian Islamist‘s it does not however tells us who planted them, or how they got there in the first place!

Since l started adding daily reports from RT under the post #Syria the accusations come thick and fast, with various leaders stepping up to the plate, claiming  they can find a solution, but always more and more people are dying in ever-increasing numbers, and no leader is solving that with how!

So read this article and as l always say judge for yourself!  Not the guilty or innocent, not even who is right or wrong!

My opinion or 10 cents worth is that war never ever solved anything, it just prolongs suffering of the innocents, and always lets the guilty go free.

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