`USDA : `New report demonstrating that a vast majority of `Corn and Soya-Bean Crops are `Genetically Engineered' Variant's' grown in America'

#AceWorldNews says a new report published by the United States Department of Agriculture demonstrates that the vast majority of corn and soy-bean crops grown in America are genetically-engineered variants made to withstand certain conditions and chemicals.

But while GMO seeds have been sowed on US soil for 15 years now, the latest USDA report reveals that Americans still have concerns about consuming custom-made, laboratory-created products, albeit nowhere near as much as in Europe.

The report was released by the USDA’s Economic Research Service and published on their website Feb. 20.
And though the paper takes into consideration the trends that have shaped how scientists and agriculturists have approached genetically-modified organisms since they were first introduced in the US a decade-and-a-half ago, the consensus seems to be that no one is certain just yet about what toll the surge in GMOs will truly have.

Between 1984 and 2002, the study’s authors wrote, the number of GMO varieties approved by the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, or APHIS, grew exponentially.

Today GMO crops are found in most of America’s biggest farms, they continued, and scientists have in the last several years discovered ground-breaking new ways to make situation-specific seeds that have traits more desirable than traditional crops.

#ANS2014 says #SAYNo2GMOs

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Big Ag Mega Farm Threatens Pristine South Carolina River

#AceEnvironmentNews says when you introduce harmful toxins into to rivers by the fact you are trying to make profit first, these large corporations do not consider the health of the people in the area. For many years now and since the world became hell-bent on obtaining a greater and greater crop yield ,the want to own more land, and more acreage has become paramount in the mind of so-called farmers, who have become #greedy businesses. The fact agencies like the FDA, EPA and the USDA can be lobbied to sell their souls ,is testament to their growth.
We are not fighting a corporation we are fighting a disease in man that cannot be abated until one day, all has been destroyed. As we try to stop one area of devastation as another rears it ugly head! To stop any idea, it has to be stemmed at the root! The root cause in this case is not simply #greed, but the want to believe what they do is to “Feed People” and that their way is right!
It is not, as nobody is truly right, but our creator!! #SayNO2GMOs


Big Ag Mega Farm Threatens Pristine South Carolina River

The Edisto River, South Carolina image source

Joe Wright Activist PostEven though climate change has taken center stage in the nation’s environmental debate, the well-documented and persistent threats of factory farming continue to accumulate across the country.

Whether it’s the health effects of production and run-off from Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (as well as associated conditions of animal cruelty), the deadly introduction of GMOs and associated toxins, harassment of family farms, or Big Ag’s undeniable control over regulatory agencies like the EPA, FDA and USDA, there might be no greater threat than that of poisoning our dwindling fresh water supply.

The sickness of factory farming literally knows no bounds, and the corporate interests that are at the helm are practicing what former economic hitman John Perkins calls a “death economy.” A current battle taking place…

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