‘ Muslim Student Said She Lost Scholarship After Refusing Drinks With Funder ‘

#AceWorldNews – UNITED STATES (Chicago) – July 18 – After she was allegedly stripped of a scholarship, a former University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) student is suing the school and an outside organization claiming she was treated unfairly and wrongfully expelled from the school.

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) alley ...

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) alley facing Student Center East (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Moriah Elusta, who was set to graduate from UIC in May 2014, claims in a lawsuit that she was the recipient of a $2,000 scholarship from the Illinois Legislative Latino Caucus Foundation (ILLCF) in November 2013. However, according to her, when she was unable to attend the awards ceremony, a senior-level ILLCF member called her and said the money came directly from him and in order to receive it, she would need to meet with him over drinks.


According to Elusta—whose mother is Hispanic—ILLCF told her that the scholarship is for Latino students, not Muslims.   

“Mr. Gonzalez added that if plaintiff did not meet with him, he would cause problems for her at UIC,” the suit claims, adding that he told Elusta that he “had connections” at the university.


Elusta is Muslim and refused to meet with Gonzalez, claiming that she cannot “go out drinking and have sexual relations with men,” according to the complaint.


Ultimately, Elusta’s scholarship offer was rescinded. According to Elusta—whose mother is Hispanic—ILLCF told her that the scholarship is for Latino students, not Muslims. The scholarship guidelines on ILLCF’s website specify that recipients must be of “Latino ancestry.”


The lawsuit goes on to allege that after Elusta and her father complained to ILLCF, UIC accused her of submitting a fake letter of recommendation. Elusta’s request to have the university hearing postponed in time to obtain a lawyer was denied, and she subsequently was informed that she was in violation of professional standards and misuse or unauthorized use university documents.


She was then dismissed from the university,  the suit alleges.






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Most Deprived Students in Pakistan get Helping Hand to Attain Higher Education

#AceNewsServices says the UK Government is helping 278 of the brightest but most deprived students in Pakistan to attain quality higher education this year at the Lahore University of Management and Sciences (LUMS).

These students are from some of the poorest areas of Pakistan and would otherwise not be able to afford quality higher education. They are pursuing degrees in subjects such as business, law, engineering and economics.

The initiative aims to enable these young people to get better jobs and so lift themselves and their families out of the cycle of poverty.

The British High Commissioner to Pakistan Adam Thomson said:

Education is the single most important factor that can transform Pakistan’s future. This is a chance to help remove financial barriers and provide these bright young minds with the opportunity to pursue their dreams and build a future free of poverty.

If well educated, Pakistan’s burgeoning youth population offers a vast mine of talent and productivity, which will help bring prosperity and stability, fuelling Pakistan’s economic growth and global competitiveness.

This investment will not only benefit the lives of some of the poorest but brightest students in Pakistan, but will also benefit those around them by enabling them to lift their families out of poverty and help inject some prosperity in to their community.

English: Flag of Punjab, a province of Pakista...

English: Flag of Punjab, a province of Pakistan Deutsch: Flagge von Punjab, ein Provinz in Pakistan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr. Sohail Naqvi, the Vice Chancellor of LUMS, said:

This initiative will change the lives of some of the most intelligent young people from underprivileged families in Pakistan. Our existing financial aid has transformed lives across Pakistan for many years now: this partnership with the UK will allow LUMS to significantly scale up this support, helping more of the youth to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

The scholarships – worth £7.1 million (1.2 billion rupees) – will help an estimated 1,000 of the brightest students from the poorest households over the next five years. The aim is for half of these to be girls. Students are awarded yearly scholarships which are renewed at the end of the academic year if they maintain a minimum level of performance during each semester.

The five-year programme will be managed by LUMS, who will select students on merit and provide financial aid on the basis of need, verified by family income and inspection of applicants’ homes.

As part of the scholarships, students are required to work in their local communities as ambassadors for LUMS, by spreading awareness about the importance of higher education, and supporting other aspiring but impoverished higher education students.

Flag map of Pakistan

Flag map of Pakistan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Across Pakistan, the UK is working closely with provincial governments and partners on ambitious plans which will benefit millions of children and improve the standard of their education. This will not only make a dramatic difference to the lives of some of the most disadvantaged girls and boys, but will also benefit their families and communities as they get better jobs and earn more money.

Pakistan is now one of the UK’s largest recipients of development investment. As well as tackling the education emergency, other priorities for the UK include preventing thousands of women dying in childbirth by funding skilled midwives, nurses, or doctors; providing job skills training to tens of thousands of the poorest people; and giving women in deprived households small monthly cash grants to purchase essentials, such as food and medicine. This investment is dependent on continuing to secure value for money and results.

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