16 year old Scottish kids talk politics live on BBC TV, showing the huge gulf between kids from the USA

Question Time, on every week night with our politicians on all the time

I did a blog about how these poor America kids aged 18 to 21 years old couldn’t hold a debate on politics, how when asked why they were voting for Hillary Clinton had no clue. One said “It would be good to have a woman president after an African American” This is not the fault of American kids, as George Carlin said, the Government threw kids and education overboard 20 years ago.

Video below and here was the blog where I asked if there was a problem in the USA, I think there is, a huge one at that! http://shaunynews.com/2014/05/18/america-this-is-a-huge-problem-young-hillary-clinton-supporters-struggle-to-name-her-accomplishments/

Young American kids, such a shame to watch this!

Exactly why are USA Kids wanting to vote for her? They don’t know!

Now to prove my point about how kids in the USA (This will interest Teachers all over) are being made dumb. When I watched that video above I cringed. I feel sorry for America’s future, and these poor kids who have not a CLUE where Sweden is on a World map. Again, this is a Government issue.

Nicola Sturgeon with kids in a classroom, good to know our kids will do well

Now have a look at younger, Scottish kids, this was filmed in my City, Edinburgh. All the kids were much younger than the kids above from the USA video, they are all 16 and 17, note how these kids can hold debate and know what they are talking about. This is what happens when Education works. When we look to our nations future, me being Scottish, I can be sure the next generation coming through WILL 100% be able to handle and work and run an independent Scotland. This is standard for Scottish Kids and kids from Wales and Scotland also. I think American people need to watch both video’s so they have a rough idea of the difference in education systems. America are 38th Smartest (Or stupidest) The UK average is 3rd or 4th, But Scottish kids excel in many areas, just listen to these 16 and 17 year old kids debate with hardened politicians!!

Kids from Edinburgh, Scotland, my city, debating tough politicians

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