‘ Shocking Indictment of Today’s Society ‘

#AceNewsServices – CALIFORNIA – (City of Oakland) – June 05 – Oakland School District released new surveillance video showing a school security guard beating a special-needs Sophomore on May 19.

17-year old Francisco Martinez was allegedly attacked by 23-year-old school resource Officer Marchell Mitchell along with being attacked in the hallway, Martinez says he was beaten and thrown to the ground in an elevator.

The new video shows four school security guards surrounding Martinez.

The student struggles as two men hold him down.

Then, one can be seen pushing him over and kicking him in the head.

The beating persists when they drag him onto the elevator, continuing to attacking him.

The video released last week shows a guard in a white shirt pushing the wheelchair with Francisco Martinez down the hallway, but along the way you see the guard’s right hand smack the student.

Seconds later he hits him again and Martinez is thrown out of his wheelchair onto the floor.

The district immediately fired  Marchell Mitchel who they say had been hired as a substitute security officer in November and passed a background check.



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#AceWorldNews YEMEN May 09 Yemeni Presidential Guard in…

#AceWorldNews – YEMEN – May 09 – Yemeni Presidential Guard in gunfight with militants and a gunfight has broken out between security guards at the Yemeni presidential palace and militants in the capital Sanaa, according to Reuters.

Witnesses said the clashes were ongoing and heavy gunfire could be heard in the area surrounding the presidential place. An explosion was also heard near a government building housing political security staff, although the cause of the explosion was not clear. Yemen has been plagued by secessionist and religious insurgency for the last decade.

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