` South Korean Authorities have Arrested 15 Crew-Members and Recovered 183 Bodies in Ferry Disaster '

#AceNewsServices – SEOUL – April 26 – South Korean authorities have arrested four crew-members of the ferry that sank off the country’s southern coast.

(PressTV) April 26 – All 15 crew members involved in the navigation of a ferry that sank off South Korea’s south-western coast are now in custody.

Divers have recovered 183 bodies from the submerged vessel, which capsized on its way from Incheon to the island of Jeju on April 16.

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` Barack Obama Stated that `North Korea ‘ Posed a Direct Threat to United States America ‘

#AceWorldNews – SEOUL – April 25 – President Barack Obama stated that North Korea posed “direct threat” to USA.

The American leader made this statement after talks with South Korean President Park Geun-hye in Seoul, Yonhap news agency reported on Friday.

Obama stressed that provocative steps of Pyongyang would lead it to a greater isolation.


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#AceNewsServices SEOUL April 25 North Korea on Friday…

#AceNewsServices – SEOUL – April 25 – North Korea on Friday denied accusations from Seoul that it sent small, unarmed drone aircraft over the border recently, AP reported.

The military in South said three of the drones that crashed recently near the border with the North were flown on possible surveillance missions. Rodong Sinmun, the official newspaper of the North Korean ruling party, described the claim as farce, adding that Seoul is trying to provoke a war.

SEOUL/DAEJEON, April 11 (Yonhap) — South Korea said Friday that three small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) discovered near the tensely guarded border were built and sent by North Korea for spying purposes, though a smoking gun has yet to be found.

The military has retrieved the three drones from separate areas near the inter-Korean border since late March, prompting serious concerns about holes in South Korea’s air defence as one of them had taken photos of Seoul’s presidential compound and important military installations.

While the three blue sky drones built with rudimentary UAV technology have widely been believed to be sent from the communist state, Seoul’s defence ministry officially announced an interim investigation result pointing to Pyongyang over the drone incursion 18 days after the first one was discovered.

One was found on March 24 in Paju, just south of the demilitarized zone separating the two Koreas, and the other was retrieved from the front-line island of Baengnyeong during the North’s live-fire drills near the western maritime border on March 31.

Most recently on Sunday, the military revealed a third drone similar to the other two drones, which a person searching for wild herbs found in the east coastal city of Sokcho in early October.


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` Two More Crew of the Sunken South Korean Ferry are Arrested as 121 Bodies are Found '

#AceWorldNews – SEOUL – April 22 – Two more crew-members from the sunken South Korean ferry Sewol were arrested Tuesday, bringing to nine the total number facing charges, CNN reported.

Four crew-members were arrested the previous day. Some of them said Tuesday they were unable to reach the lifeboats as the ship was tilting over.

The confirmed death toll from South Korea’s ferry disaster rose sharply to more than 120 on Tuesday.
The official toll stood at 121, with 181 still missing, AFP reported.

Nearly one week after the ferry sank, close to 200 of the 476 people who were aboard the 6,825-tonne Sewol are still unaccounted for.

The exact cause of the disaster is unknown.

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` US Pushing North Korea towards the Nuclear Arms Race and Greater Potential ‘

#AceNewsServices – MOSCOW – April 22 (Interfax) – The upcoming trip by the United States President Barack Obama to the Pacific region will only intensify the confrontation and instigate a nuclear arms race, said a spokesman for the North Korean Foreign Ministry ahead of the U.S. leader’s visit to Japan and South Korea.

This trip, along with the growing intensity and scale of the joint U.S.-South Korean drills in the region, aims “to artificially keep the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) in tension and push it towards having to strengthen its nuclear deterrence forces and respond with military steps,” the North Korean Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson said.

“Washington needs that in order to stick a belligerent-nation label onto the DPRK and find a justification for its own military policy,” Pyongyang said.

“The DPRK does not intend to make a slightest concession on the fundamental issues of its national security or leave anything to a chance in the fear of baseless U.S. accusations of belligerence,” the spokesperson said.

“As long as the U.S. continues to remain on hostile terms with us, the DPRK will double its efforts to strengthen its deterrence forces for self-defense purposes so as to give a resolute response to this policy,” the spokesperson said.

During his Asian tour Obama will visit Japan and South Korea on April 23 – 26.

Meanwhile, Seoul notes signs of Pyongyang’s preparations for another nuclear test.

North Korean specialists may indeed be holding preparations for another test of a nuclear weapon, the South Korean Defense Ministry spokesperson Kim Min-seok said at a briefing in Seoul.

“Our military have noted increased activities in the Phunggyere site and in the immediate vicinity from it,” he said.

Earlier North Korea’s possible preparations for a nuclear test were reported by South Korean media outlets which cited unnamed military sources.

Nor has Seoul ruled out the possibility that Pyongyang could stage a provocation timed to coincide with Obama’s two-day visit to South Korea which begins on Friday.

North Korea held nuclear tests in 2006, 2009 and 2013.

Interfax – DPRK –
Contributions on Editorial – kk cm


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` South Korean Ferry Disaster Death Toll Mounts with 240 Unaccounted for and Crew Members Detained '

#AceNewsServices – SEOUL/SOUTH KOREA – April 21 – The death toll in the South Korean ferry disaster has risen to 64, after divers entered the vessel and discovered more than a dozen bodies. Almost 240 people, mostly high school students, remain unaccounted for.

Rescue divers were finally able to get inside the ferry after numerous failed attempts, media quoted officials as saying. Strong currents and poor visibility made it difficult for the search and rescue operation to take place.

The ferry capsized on Wednesday while on its way from Incheon, in the north-west, to the southern resort island of Jeju. It was carrying over 400 people. Rescuers managed to save 179 passengers.

Four more crew-members from a sunken ferry have been detained on allegations of failing to protect passengers, South Korean Senior Prosecutor Ahn Sang-don told reporters Monday. Among arrested are two first mates, one second mate and a chief engineer.

They have been accused of abandoning the ship. As under the law South Koreans can only be detained for 48 hours without a court-issued formal arrest warrant. The prosecution is now considering whether to ask a court for a formal arrest warrant that would extend their detention.

The recent arrests come after the ferry’s captain along with and two other crew-members were formally arrested on suspicion of negligence and abandoning people in need.


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` South Korea Ferry Disaster Carrying 476 People Capsized and Sank off ` South Korea ‘ 290 People Missing ‘

#AceWorldNews – SEOUL – April 16 – (BBC) has reported that several hundred people remain unaccounted for after a ferry carrying 476 people capsized and sank off South Korea.

The ferry, carrying mainly school students, was travelling from the port of Incheon, in the north-west, to the southern resort island of Jeju.

A major rescue effort is under way, using dozens of ships and helicopters.

Several hours after the disaster, at least 290 people remained missing, local media said.

South Korean officials had earlier said that 368 people had been plucked to safety, but later said there had been a counting error.

They have now revised down the number rescued to about 180, Yonhap news agency reported.

Two people are known to have died and at least 13 others have been injured, reports say.

Images showed the ferry listing at a severe angle and then later almost completely submerged, with only a small part of its hull visible.


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` South Korean soldiers have found another ` Crashed Drone ‘ in ` Samcheok ‘ heightening Security Concerns ‘

#AceWorldNews – SEOUL – April 06 – South Korean soldiers found a small crashed drone in the middle of a mountain in Samcheok, 290 kilometres east of Seoul, officials said on Sunday.

They were searching the area on a tip from local residents, who reported seeing an aircraft crash in the vicinity in October.

The new drone is identical to two others found in South Korea, which it believes were operated by the North Korean military, Yonhap news agency reported.

Two other drone crash sites have been discovered in recent weeks in the city of Paju in the west of the country, and in Baengnyeong Island near the maritime border between the two Koreas.



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` South Korea summons Japan over ` Disputed Islet Claim ‘ and Plan to Promote its Stance on School Text-Books’

#AceWorldNews – SEOUL – April 04 – The South Korean Foreign Ministry summoned the Japanese ambassador Friday over an alleged claim by Tokyo to a disputed set of tiny islets and a plan to promote its stance in school text books, AFP said.

Seoul formally conveyed its protest to Japanese Ambassador Koro Bessho over a section in Japan’s newly released foreign policy report ‘Diplomatic Bluebook 2014’.

The report identified the disputed islets – known as Dokdo in Korean and Takeshima in Japanese – as Japanese territory.

“Our government expresses strong regret at Japan’s outrageous claim on our indigenous territory, Dokdo,” the South Korean ministry said.


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` Around 15, 000 South Korean and 10,000 US Troops start a 12-Day Exercise ` Code-Named ` Twin Dragon’s ‘

#AceWorldNews – SEOUL – March 27 – Nearly 15,000 South Korean and around 10,000 US troops kicked off a 12-day amphibious landing drill code-named Ssang Yong (Twin Dragons), on Thursday, AFP reported.

The exercises, which are the largest for two decades, come a day after North Korea launched two mid-range ballistic missiles.

The exercise will be conducted on the South’s south-eastern coast and will last until April 7.

“The scale of this year’s Ssang Yong is greater than any others in the past,” a US military spokesman said.


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` Japan hails the Summit Meeting between Shinzo Abe and Park Geun-hye and Brokered by Obama as chance to build a Rapport ‘

#AceWorldNews – HAGUE – March 25 – Japan on Wednesday hailed the first summit between Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and South Korean President Park Geun-hye as a chance to build a rapport after more than a year of back-biting, AFP said.

The talks in The Hague were hosted by US President Barack Obama, as Washington is increasingly frustrated by tensions between its two major Asian allies.

South Korean media said Park appeared unimpressed by Abe’s attempts to speak Korean during a photo opportunity, and Seoul has yet to make an official statement about the meeting itself.


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` North Korea Test-Fired 30 Short-Range `Rockets ‘ into the Sea of Japan ‘

#AceWorldNews – SEOUL, March 22 – North Korea test-fired 30 short-range rockets into the Sea of Japan, a spokesman for South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff reported Saturday.

The rockets were launched starting at 4 a.m. local time (19:00 GMT) and are estimated to have flown 60 kilometers (37 miles), South Korea’s Yonhap news agency quoted the country’s military as saying.

North Korea fired dozens of rockets in March in what Seoul believes was a protest against ongoing joint military exercises of South Korea and the United States, entitled Foal Eagle, that Pyongyang traditionally calls a preparation for invasion of the North by the allies.


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` North Korea has test launched `Ten Shorter Range Missiles ‘ in direction of the East Sea ‘

#AceWorldNews SEOUL, March 16, 15:28 North Korea has test-launched ten shorter-range missiles. Missile test-launches were made in the direction of the East Sea (the Sea of Japan), Yonhap News Agency reported on Sunday.


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` South Korea’s ` spy agency chief comes under pressure to step down over alleged fabrication of evidence’

#AceWorldNews South Korea’s spy agency chief came under growing pressure to step down Wednesday over a scandal involving the fabrication of evidence in an espionage case, AFP said.

Lawmakers from President Park Geun-hye’s ruling Saenuri Party called for NIS Director Nam Jae-joon to resign.

The National Intelligence Service (NIS) has been accused of forging documents to build a spying case against a former Seoul City official who escaped to South Korea from North Korea in 2004.

The documents included Chinese border control records. Last week, an NIS informant linked to the forgeries attempted to commit suicide.


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` North Korea has said the military exercises are a rehearsal for an invasion ‘ US and Seoul Hotly Deny this and insist they are Defensive’

#AceWorldNews says that South Korea said Pyongyang fired seven suspected artillery shells into the ocean on Tuesday.

Seoul has described the move as a provocation apparently directed against its ongoing military drills with the US, AP reported.

North Korea earlier launched six Scud-Missiles into the sea after the annual exercises began about a week ago.

Artillery shells were also fired days before the drills started.

North Korea has said the exercises are a rehearsal for invasion, but Washington and Seoul insist they are defensive.


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` North Korea fires ` Four Scud Missiles into `Seoul ‘ for second time in less than a Week’

#AceWorldNews says that North Korea fired two short-range missiles into the sea Monday in the second such launch in less than a week, AP said, citing South Korean officials.

The launches came amid ongoing annual military exercises between Seoul and Washington. Seoul said that North Korea last Thursday fired four short-range Scud missiles with a range of more than 200km into the North’s eastern waters.


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` North Korea `Fires Four Short-Range-Missiles’ toward the sea off the countries `East Coast’ – Seoul-Reports ‘

#AceBreakingNews says North Korea fired four short-range missiles toward the sea off the country’s east coast on Thursday, Reuters reported, citing a media official at South Korea’s Defence Ministry.

North Korea fired the missiles at 5:42pm (03:42 ET) from a mountain site just north of the border with the South, according to the official.

No information was provided on the purpose of the firing.


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” South & North Korea Start Reunions of people separated for Six Decades after the `Korean War’ Ended”

#AceWorldNews says that South and North Korea on Thursday started reunions of people separated for six decades after the Korean War.

The new round of reunions is the first since 2010 and is planned through Tuesday.

About 80 elderly South Koreans travelled with their families to North Korea’s Diamond Mountain to reunite with relatives they hadn’t seen since between 1950-53, AP reported. Seoul says about 180 North Koreans were expected at the meetings.

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#AceWorldNews – Good Morning – Latest – Headlines

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Head of the South Korean working-level delegation Kim speaks with his North Korean counterpart Park during their talks at the Kaesong Industrial District Management CommitteeNorth & South Korea to hold new round of talks Friday

Seoul has said senior officials from the rival Koreas will meet for a second time this week on Friday, AP reported. Their first round of talks Wednesday ended with little progress. A key sticking point in talks was North Korea‘s demand that Seoul delay the start of annual military drills with the US until the reunions end between families divided by the Korean War.

Police officer Chaudhry AslamAt least 11 police killed in Karachi car bomb attack

Eleven Pakistani policemen were killed Thursday when a suicide car bomber struck their bus in the commercial hub of Karachi, AFP reported. An explosive-laden car reportedly hit the police bus transporting officials, also wounding 47 people. The attack came as Pakistan has negotiated with the Taliban to end a seven-year insurgency.

Old coin of Arakan, today Rakhine, Myanmar. Mi...

Old coin of Arakan, today Rakhine, Myanmar. Minted by Shams al-din Muhammad Ghazi, sultan of Bengal. Dated AH962 (= 1554/5 AD). Obverse: kalima within square. Reverse: (above and right:) Shams al-Dunya wa al-Din abu al-Muzaffar (within square:) Muhammad Shah Ghazi khalled Allah mulkahu wa sultanat (below:) sanah 962 (left:) zarb Arakan (with low “a”). More or less similar to this coin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thailand deports 1,300 Rohingya people to Myanmar

Thai authorities said Thursday they deported about 1,300 of Rohingya boat people back to Myanmar late last year, despite protests from human rights groups. The deportations took place in waves from September through November. The asylum seekers were held in detention centers and shelters across the country, police said, adding that deportations were “voluntary.” Muslim Rohingyas face widespread discrimination in Myanmar, the AP said, where sectarian violence over the last two years has left hundreds dead and more than 140,000 displaced from their homes.

English: Image is similar, if not identical, t...

English: Image is similar, if not identical, to the Missouri Department of Corrections patch. Made with Photoshop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oklahoma pharmacy blocked from selling drug to Missouri for execution

A US federal judge has temporarily blocked an Oklahoma compounding pharmacy providing a drug to the Missouri Department of Corrections, AP reported. The judge issued a temporary restraining order Wednesday night in a federal lawsuit filed by Missouri death row inmate Michael Taylor. The Department of Corrections contracts with The Apothecary Shoppe, to provide the drug set to be used in his lethal injection on February 26, according to Taylor’s attorneys. Their lawsuit says recent executions involving the drug, compounded pentobarbital, indicate it will likely cause severe and “ultimately inhumane pain.” The state has not confirmed the pharmacy is the source for the drug, and it was not clear whether the ruling could delay the execution.

Great Seal Bug from NSA archives

Great Seal Bug from NSA archives (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Employee who allowed Snowden to use his NSA log-in resigns

A civilian National Security Agency employee recently resigned for allowing former contractor Edward Snowden to use his personal log-in credentials to access classified information, NBC News reports, citing an agency memo. Also, an active duty member of the US military and a contractor have been barred from accessing NSA facilities after they were “implicated” in actions that may have aided Snowden, according to the memo. Their status is now being reviewed.

Afghanistan Priosoners Released65 accused Afghan militants freed from former US prison – official

The Afghan government has freed 65 accused militants from a former US prison, officials in Kabul say. Prison spokesman Maj. Nimatullah Khaki said all 65 were freed from the Parwan Detention Facility on Thursday morning, AP reported. Washington earlier called the men “dangerous” fighters who will likely return to the battlefield. President Hamid Karzai ordered their release several weeks ago, drawing angry denunciations from the US.

Sochi BannerRussian ambassador to Denmark outraged by media coverage of Sochi Olympics

The Russian ambassador to Denmark has sent letters to a number of Danish publications accusing them of insulting coverage of the Sochi Olympic Games. Mikhail Vanin was indignant at the coverage by the Danish press, assuming that Danish reporters didn’t have enough spectacles of “bears in caps with the red stars, drinking vodka from a samovar,” at the opening ceremony. “The freedom of speech assumes a measure of professionalism and responsibility for unbiased coverage of what the journalists write about,” the letter states. Vanin also recalled that the Olympics give the host country the opportunity to show the world their culture and to demonstrate their hospitality.


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Korea: ” Calls from North to South to Stop Drills and Jointly Work to Ease Tensions”

#AceWorldNews says Seoul will host its annual joint US military drills despite Pyongyang’s calls to stop the “provocative” war games, the Defense Ministry announced. South Korea also urged its neighbour to back up its words with action, after North Korea called on the South to stop the drills and jointly work to ease tensions including a moratorium on verbal attacks against each other. The joint military manoeuvres are scheduled for February and March.

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