' Russia Time To Re-Arm With NATO Changing Stance '

#AceNewsServices – MOSCOW – September 28  – Russia’s investment in its military is not a sign of a looming new arms race but rather a long-overdue modernization, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with RT and the VGTRK media corporation.

“I don’t think we are on the verge of a new arms race. At least, Russia definitely won’t be part of it,” the minister said. “In our case, it’s just that the time has come for us to modernize our nuclear and conventional arsenals.”

Lavrov was commenting on the US plan to overhaul its nuclear arsenals, which was announced by President Barack Obama this week.

' The News Start Treaty 2014 '

‘ The News Start Treaty 2014 ‘

“The US nuclear arsenal is somewhat younger than ours, but perhaps it is also time for them to upgrade it. I just hope that the US will abide by the provisions of the New START treaty, which are legally binding,” Lavrov said. “It is fine to upgrade your stockpile, replacing old weapons with new ones, but there are certain restrictions on how many weapons you can have, and all these restrictions are still in place.”

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Moscow needs a strong defensive force because it sees hostile actions by NATO, an organization rooted in the past that never ceased to see Russia as an enemy, Lavrov said.

“Look how quickly NATO switched to confrontation over the Ukraine crisis and started hurling serious, yet completely unfounded, and biased accusations at us. They immediately terminated all of our cooperation programs, including the ones that served their interests. They did this so quickly and so brusquely that it becomes clear that NATO still has a Cold War mentality,” he said.

The current situation is reminiscent of what happened in 2008, when Georgia attacked its breakaway region of South Ossetia, killing Russian peacekeepers in the process and provoking a military response from Russia. In the first days of the conflict West blamed Russia and suspended many cooperation programs, but later acknowledged its mistake. Now it is making the same mistake all over again, Lavrov said.


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‘ Russia Proposes Working with US on Equal Terms ‘

#AceNewsServices – UNITED NATIONS – September 26 . /ITAR-TASS/. Russia is prepared to work with the United States on equal terms when Washington is ready, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Friday.

As for a new cold war, I have met with many colleagues and regional groups, and they told me that the Cold War had never ended and its winners had never given up attempts to use the situation in their own geopolitical interests,” the minister said.

What can be done in order to improve relations with the United States? We did not aggravate them either during the Magnitsky situation or when Snowden came out of the blue.

The Americans got very much offended and decided to postpone Barack Obama’s visit. So we did not aggravate relations and are doing everything we can to preserve channels of communication,” Lavrov said.

It was not us who abolished the presidential commission co-coordinated by the heads of the Russian and American foreign ministries. And the U.S. froze the work of the commission’s working groups,” he added.

These are practical things the U.S. rejected to punish us. We are prepared for fair and equal work. They sent us signals: we will work out the criteria which you will meet [for the sanctions to be lifted],” Lavrov said.

But this is not serious, he said. “As soon as our partner get ready [for the dialogue], they will be most welcome,” he added.



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` Anti-Terrorist Operation Regime Imposed ‘

#AceWorldNews – MAKHACHKALA – June 04 – An anti-terrorist operation regime was imposed early on Wednesday in three settlements of the Russian republic of Dagestan, North Caucasus, a source from the operation headquarters in Dagestan told ITAR-TASS.

The regime was imposed at 7.00 am Moscow time, in three settlements of Dagestan’s Kizlyar region, the source said, adding that an operation was under-way to neutralize gunmen.

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` Tajik Foreign Ministry has asked for an objective assessment of the situation in the Ukraine ‘

#AceWorldNews : MOSCOW – That an objective assessment should be given to the situation in Ukraine, Tajik Foreign Minister Sirodzhiddin Aslov said after talks with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov on Saturday.

“Tajikistan is deeply alarmed by the development of the situation in Ukraine,” Aslov said. “In our view, the events in Ukraine should be thought over and an objective assessment should be given to processes under-way there to prevent confrontation.”

Aslov recalled that in the early 1990’s, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Tajikistan “lived through political differences and confrontation that led the country to very serious social and economic consequences.”

“The undeniable facts of our nation’s bitter history remind us of the fragility of peace and of the necessity to have a strong political will and make great efforts to unite the nation, reach comprehensive accord and calm in the country,” he said.

Ukraine’s legitimate president, Viktor Yanukovich, was ousted in a violent uprising in February.

The parliament then took over and appointed an interim head of state and government, which Russia does not recognize.

March 08, /ITAR-TASS/


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