`Militants of Syrian Armed Opposition have Attacked with ` Mortars Border ‘ areas in Eastern Lebanon ‘

AceWorldNews – BEIRUT – Militants of Syrian armed opposition have attacked with mortars the border areas in eastern Lebanon on Monday.

Lebanon-based TV channel Al Mayadeen reported that four rocket projectiles launched from the Syrian territory fell in Shiite settlements of Nabi Osman and al-Labweh.

There were no reports about victims or the extent of destruction.

Sunday night, two people were killed and 6 were wounded as a result of a terrorist attack in Nabi Osman. Al- Manar Television channel reported that a suicide bomber set off a car bomb. Ahrar al-Sunnah militant group claimed responsibility for the attack.

Nabi Osman and al-Labweh are situated in a mostly Shiite region in Beqaa valley.

Local experts link the terrorist act with developments in Yabroud, where the Syrian army eliminated units of armed opposition on past weekend.

The militants stepped back to the area of Lebanese border town of Ersal, where their rear bases are located.


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` Shiite Village in `Bahrain ‘ suffers home-made bomb wounding two policemen ‘

#AceWorldNews A home-made bomb exploded in a Shiite Muslim village in Bahrain on Tuesday, wounding two policemen, according to the Interior Ministry.

It provided no further details about the explosion in al-Eker, south of the capital, Manama.

It came nine days after another blast in the Gulf Arab Kingdom killed three security men, Reuters reported.


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` Shiite Muslims and Sunni Tribesmen in `Yemen’s’ al-Jawf province kill 30 people in two days’

#AceWorldNews says reports of clashes between Shiite Muslim insurgents and Sunni tribesman in Yemen’s al-Jawf province have killed at least 30 people over the last two days, the local governor told Reuters.

The Shiite fighters are reportedly trying to cement their position in the North through the attacks. Governor Mohammed bin Aboud told local television that the Presidential Commission had to intervene to stop the bloodshed.


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` Iraq has one of the worst bouts of violence from insurgents detonating roadside bombs and cars’

#AceWorldNews says that at least 26 people were killed in Iraq on Thursday as insurgents detonated roadside bombs and cars across the capital of Baghdad and elsewhere in the country.

The killings bring the number of fatalities to 48 in the last two days.

All five attacks hit neighbourhoods and districts that have been battered by relentless violence in recent months as Sunni militants provoke Iraq’s Shi’ite majority and discredit the Shi’ite led government.

Violence in Iraq rose to its highest level in years in 2013, with nearly 8,000 civilians killed.


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” Police and Rioters clash head on and two home-made bombs explode in Shiite Village”

#AceWorldNews says overnight clashes between Bahraini police and rioter’s lead to two home-made bombs exploding, in a Shiite village west of Manama.

According to BNA news agency they reported, citing police ,as the agitator’s.

The bombs exploded as “security forces were confronting acts of sabotage, blocking of roads and attacks with Molotov cocktails,” it said.

However, the main Shiite opposition bloc Al-Wefaq said security forces attacked mourners in Saar, AFP reported.

There were no reports of casualties.

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#Bahrain :`Court sentences a `Shiite Protester to Death’ & Jails Six Others for Life’ for killing a Policeman’

#AceWorldNews says that a court in Bahrain on Wednesday sentenced a Shiite protester to death and jailed six others for life after they were convicted of killing a policeman a year ago, AFP reported.

Two others were sentenced to five and six years in prison respectively on similar charges.

Police officer, Mohammad Atef, died on February 14, 2013, after he was hit by a petrol bomb during clashes with protesters in a village near the capital.

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#Beirut ; ” Two people are killed and six wounded by a car-bomb that hits `Bir Hasan’ during Rush Hour”

#AceWorldNews says at least two people were killed by a car bomb that hit the Beirut neighbourhood of Bir Hasan during the morning rush hour on Wednesday, local media say.

The explosion occurred in a predominantly Shiite area near the Iranian cultural centre and the Kuwaiti Embassy, according to the Lebanon-based Al-Mayadeen TV.

Six people were reportedly wounded.

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#Bahrain : ” Court Shutters `Shiite Muslim Cleric’s Council’ and `Functioning Outside’ the Law”

#AceWorldNews `Bahrain Closes Shiite Clerics’ Council’

Ace News Desk A Bahraini court on Wednesday shuttered a Shiite Muslim clerics’ council. Authorities in the Sunni-ruled kingdom earlier accused it of politicization and illegal operations. The court ordered the closure of the Olamaa Islamic Council and the liquidation of its assets following a lawsuit by the ministry of justice, Islamic affairs and endowment, AFP reported, citing a judicial source.

In September, the ministry said that the office had been “functioning outside the law.” The verdict came as authorities crack down on opposition action by Shiites. They make up the majority of the population.


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Yemen: ” Iranian Diplomat Has Been Seriously Injured as Gunmen Fired Shot’s at his Car”

#AceWorldNews says an Iranian diplomat has been seriously injured as gunmen fired shots at a car belonging to the Iranian embassy near the ambassador’s residence in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, Reuters reported, citing security sources. The ambassador was not in the vehicle at the time of the attack. The attackers fled the scene and there was no immediate claim of responsibility for the assault. As sectarian violence spreads in the Arab world, Iranian diplomatic missions in the region have occasionally been targeted. The Islamic Republic is the leading Shiite power in the Middle East.

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” Nearly Nine Years Ago Truck Bombing Killed Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and Twenty Two Others – Finally Justice Maybe Done”

#AceWorldNews says nearly nine years after a truck bomb killed former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and 22 others, the trial is starting of four Hezbollah members suspected of organizing his assassination. The Special Tribunal for Lebanon in The Hague is trying the suspects for plotting the assassination in their absence, AP reported. Lebanon’s influential Shiite militia Hezbollah has vowed never to arrest the suspects. The suicide assassination with a ton of explosives on February 14, 2005, fueled sectarian divisions between Sunni and Shiite Muslims.

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