` Pentagon : `US fighter jets would join NATO patrols on missions in the Baltic countries, of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia'

#AceWorldNews says that the Pentagon said on Wednesday that US fighter jets would join NATO patrols on missions in the Baltic countries, which include Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

On Sunday the Tass news agency reported that the guided missile frigate USS Taylor, which had been assigned to the Black Sea for the Sochi Winter Olympics, was still in the Turkish port of Samsun for repairs, after running aground on February 12.

Two Russian navy ships also entered the Black Sea through the Bosphorus on Tuesday, as well as a Ukrainian navy vessel which was heading for Odessa and not the Crimea.


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"Russia: Tactics and Tricks Preventing Journalist's from Doing their Job's"

#AceWorldNews says the “Russian Tactics and Tricks” are becoming ever more under-handed and are preventing Journalist’s from doing their job of reporting in the country.


Nikolai Iarst is an experienced reporter. He was arrested on May 23 and charged with “illegal possession of drugs”. In house-arrest, he was cut from any contact with his friends and colleagues for more than six months. Though just released, he’s still facing up to 10 years in prison. The investigation against him was marked by many inconsistencies and violations of procedure, which are too important to be taken as simple negligence.


Mestnaia is a newspaper known for its critical editorial views against the local authorities. It covers many issues including corruption, water and electricity cuts, fraud in hospitals, environmental concerns, and abuses of workers preparing the Sochi Olympics. On June 7, 2013, Mestnaia offices were searched under the pretence of an investigation for “violation of copyrights”. All computers were seized. The police were then able to access all data and sources’ contact information available on the computers, violating the principle of confidentiality of sources.

Continuing lawsuits

In Russia, local authorities play a crucial role in the distribution of financial subsidies to media outlets, which gives them a “right” to examine the editorial content. The independent newspaper of the Sochi Novaia Gazeta Koubani region does no’t accept this rule and is consequently facing financial difficulties. To continue to investigate corruption and collusion is a complicated challenge. According to its editor in chief Galina Tachmatova, the newspaper is constantly facing 5 or 6 lawsuits. Even if this very scrupulous newspaper always succeeds in proving it was right, lawsuits are expensive, time consuming and hinder journalistic work.

Join the fight against these tactics.

Thank you,

Lucie Morillon
Head of Research Department
Reporters Without Borders

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