MOSCOW: ‘ Student detained in Turkey trying to join ISIL returns home to Russia ‘

#AceNewsReport – #BreakingUpdate:MOSCOW:June.11: A Russian student, Varvara Karaulova, who had been detained in Turkey during an alleged attempt to join the Islamic State, has returned to Russia with her father, her mother said Thursday.

The plane with my former husband and my daughter has landed. As far as I know, they are currently in the airport going through some juridical procedures,” the student’s mother told RIA Novosti.

Moscow State University student Varvara Karaulova, 19, was detained earlier in June on the border between Turkey and Syria while travelling with a group of foreigners allegedly recruited by Islamic radicals.

Since the rise of the Islamic State militant group, Turkey has become a gateway for foreign fighters attempting to join the group. As many as 20,000 foreign fighters have joined militant groups in Syria, including ISIL, according to the US National Counter-terrorism Center.

Earlier Thursday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called on Turkey to allow diplomatic access to 14 Russian nationals detained for allegedly attempting to cross the Syrian border to join the Islamic State.


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#AceWorldNews – SOCHI – October 26 – Russian President Vladimir Putin says the United States promotes terrorism by financing terrorists and creating division instead of strengthening unity among world nations.

' US promotes terrorism by funding Takfiris '

‘ US promotes terrorism by funding Takfiris ‘

The Russian leader made the comments on Friday during a speech at the plenary session of the 11th meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club in Russia’s Black Sea resort of Sochi.

“In Syria, just like in old times, the US and its allies began to provide militants with direct funding and weapons to incite filling of their ranks by mercenaries from different countries,” Putin said, adding that this is how the ISIL Takfiri terrorist group has turned into a “de facto army.”

“They [ISIL terrorists] are active in a highly effective manner, from the military perspective, they are real professionals,” he stated.

Putin also said another reason why the ISIL has gained so much power is because the so-called anti-ISIL coalition, led by the US, is creating division among regional powers.

The Russian president went on to say that such “unilateral dictatorship” does not help anti-terror efforts; instead it causes “growing chaos” in stable states.



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SOCHI: ‘ Russia’s Trade Representatives Ordered to Find New Defence Contractor’s ‘

#AceNewsServices – SOCHI, September 19. /ITAR-TASS/. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has ordered the country’s trade representatives to find alternative suppliers of high-technology equipment amid Western sanctions.

Speaking at the Investment Forum in Sochi on Friday, Medvedev said the government should support all the enterprises that have been directly targeted by the sanctions against Russia, imposed by the US, the EU and other countries.

The government is already undertaking these supportive steps, not only in the financial sector. I have called on our trade representatives abroad to search for alternative suppliers of high-technology equipment,” Medvedev said.

The Russian prime minister has also stressed that Russia should build a “more rational balance” of its own production and imports. “Especially, if we talk about production and technologies ensuring the country’s defensive capacity,” he said.


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SOCHI: ‘ Russia’s Economic Sanctions by West Contracts to Asia Pacific Regions – Medvedev ‘

#AceNewsServices – SOCHI, September 19. /ITAR-TASS/. The gaps on the Russian markets left amid Moscow’s embargo on imported Western food will be soon filled, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said at the International Investment Forum in Sochi on Friday.

' APAC '

‘ APAC ‘

Producers from other countries know very well that the market gaps will not remain empty for a long time. Very soon, they will be filled, primarily, by domestic producers,” Medvedev said.

' Countries of the Asia Pacific Region '

‘ Countries of the Asia Pacific Region ‘

The Russian market is also open for partners in the Customs Union and the Commonwealth of Independent States, as well as companies from the countries of Latin America and the Asia-Pacific.

Medvedev said “there is no need to return to mobilization economics, as it is a way to nowhere, while Russia needs a modern and effective market economy.”

Russia’s national development course remains unchanged because an epoch of anti-Russian sanctions will sooner or later be over”, he said.

“Even under conditions of sanctions, we should continue the former course. Sanctions will be dropped, we will come to terms sooner or later as it always was in the world history, but we should not change the course,” he said.

“Making correct decisions is the best way of protection. We have not gone off the right way so far, and I hope we will neither go the wrong way in the future,” Medvedev said.

Developing cooperation with Asia-Pacific countries

Russia should build up trust with Asian countries and the scale of the country’s involvement in Asia-Pacific regional affairs, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said.

First, it is needed to increase the level of trust between Russia and Asian countries at state, corporate and civil levels,” he noted. “There will be no investments without trust and there will be no development without investments,” Medvedev said.

Secondly, it is needed to qualitatively expand the scale of involvement in regional affairs, meeting the demand in relations with Russia formed for the last few years,” the prime minister added.


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#AceWorldNews MOSCOW April 04 #ANS2014

#AceWorldNews – MOSCOW – April 04


Preparations for G8 Summit in Sochi suspended not at Russia’s initiative, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said. “Crimean reality cannot be changed,” he added.

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` Group of Eight will not meet until ` Russia ' changes its policy towards ` Ukraine ' according to Cameron '

#AceWorldNews – LONDON – March 26 – The Group of Eight will not meet until Russia changes its policy towards Ukraine, British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Wednesday, March 26.

The leaders of the seven most industrialised nations (G7) have agreed to hold their next meeting in Brussels in June.

They refused to go to Russia’s Sochi for a G8 summit because of the Ukraine crisis.

Cameron earlier threatened to exclude Russia from the Group of Eight if it refused to cooperate on de-escalation of tensions in Ukraine.

Speaking at a meeting of the EU heads of state or government on March 6, Cameron stressed that “illegal actions committed by Russia cannot pass without a response.”

“And if Russia does not rapidly engage in direct talks with the Ukrainian government to find a solution to this crisis, we have been clear that we will go further,” Cameron warned, adding that the leaders had tasked the European Commission to start work on additional measures, including travel bans and asset freezes.

Ace News Services


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#AceWorldNews THE HAGUE March 24 The leaders of…

#AceWorldNews – THE HAGUE – March 24 – The leaders of the seven most industrialised nations (G7) have agreed to hold their next meeting in Brussels in June, Reuters reported on Monday, March 24.

They refused to go to Russia’s Sochi for a G8 summit because of the Ukraine crisis.


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` David Cameron says that `Russia ‘ may be excluded from `G8 Summit’ and suspend negotiations on liberal `Visa Regime’ for Russian’s’

#AceWorldNews Russia may be excluded from the Group of Eight if it refuses to cooperate on de-escalation of tensions in Ukraine, British Prime Minister David Cameron said in the parliament on Monday, March 10.

He expressed hope, however, that this would not happen.

Speaking at a meeting of the EU heads of state or government on March 6, Cameron stressed that “illegal actions committed by Russia cannot pass without a response.”

The EU leaders agreed to suspend negotiations on a more liberal visa regime for Russians, to stop work on a comprehensive new agreement on relations between Russia and the EU, and to pull out of all preparations for the G8 summit in Sochi in June.


LONDON, March 10, /ITAR-TASS/.

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` Sochi 2014 `Winter Paralympic Games ‘ start `Breaking the Ice in a Blaze of Fire and Light ‘

#AceNewsServices says that Sochi is seeing a heart-warming ceremony as the 2014 Winter Paralympic Games open.

The hosts are among the Paralympic favourites at the Games, which are already raising the awareness for the disabled people in Russia.

Unity, equality, inclusiveness – these are the motto’s of the opening ceremony taking place at the Fisht stadium in Sochi Olympic Park.

An equal amount of effort has been put into making the ceremony as “bright and colourful,” as the breathtaking Olympics opening of February 7.

Russia’s fairytale phoenix has been symbolically picked as one of the characters for the show. According to the event’s creative director Konstantin Ernst, the very fact that Russia is hosting its first Paralympics has been very important for the people with disabilities living in the country, ever since the decision was announced in 2007.

“We could not fail to take note of the positive changes that had taken place in Russian society with regard to people with disabilities.

We focused on passing on that feeling, and our ceremony is called ‘Breaking the Ice.’

It explains how important it is to break down comprehension barriers between people,” Ernst said as quoted by RIA Novosti.


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` Seven countries out of the `G8 ‘ have unnamiously condemned `Russia’s position on the Ukraine ‘ – Joint Statement.

#AceWorldNews says that Seven countries “Group of Eight” in a joint statement condemned Russia’s position on Ukraine and announced that it was suspending participation in the preparations for the summit in Sochi.

“We note that the actions of Russia in Ukraine contrary to the principles and values ​​on which the function G7 and G8.

Therefore, we decided to stop at the time of participation in activities to prepare for the summit scheduled for June in Sochi, until situation does not allow the “eight” to conduct meaningful discussions, “- said in a statement released by the White House on Monday.

The statement was signed by the leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK and USA, as well as the European Council and the European Commission.

Russia’s G8 partners also urged Moscow to solve the concerns of its security and human rights associated with what is happening in Ukraine, by direct negotiation in the presence of international observers or through the UN and the OSCE.

Authors of the statement stressed that Russia ready to help in these efforts.

In addition, the statement called on all parties to the conflict Ukrainian “behave very responsibly and with restraint and reduce tensions.”

It says ready to support Kiev in restoring unity, stability, political and economic well-being, as well as in the negotiations with the IMF.

On Sunday, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said that Russia and all risks losing in G8, if not change its position on the Crimea.

“Russia may lose summit” Group of Eight “in Sochi. If the situation does not change, it is possible that even this country is excluded from the G8”, – he said in an interview with U.S. television channel NBC .

Kerry promised that the Russian authorities could face “the freezing of assets of Russian entrepreneurs, leaving American business from the Russian market.”

He also warned of the possibility of a further fall in the ruble. ”

“We’ll have to pay a huge price.
This is not a position of strength. If Russia wants to be a country of G8, it should behave as such – said the Secretary of State. – G8 plus some other countries – all of them are fully prepared expose Russia insulation for this intrusion, “- said U.S. Secretary of State.

Moscow. March 3. INTERFAX.RU


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` British Government Ministers will stay away from `Paralympics ‘ in Sochi’

#AceWorldNews says that British government ministers will stay away from the Paralympic Games in the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi due to the situation in Ukraine, Prime Minister David Cameron said on Sunday.


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` Britain now pulls out of of `G8 Summit’ in Sochi due to Russia’s involvement in the Ukraine’

#AceWorldNews says that Britain has pulled out of this week’s preparatory meetings for the G8 summit in Sochi in June in protest at Russia’s involvement in the Ukraine crisis, Foreign Secretary William Hague said Sunday.

“The UK will join other G8 countries this week in suspending our cooperation under the G8, which Russia chairs this year, including meetings this week for the preparation of the G8 summit,” Hague told reporters shortly before flying to Kiev.

#ANS2014 – VOR – AFP – Reuters

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`France tries to apply pressure to Kremilin over the Ukraine and is reportedly suspending preparations for G8 in Sochi ‘

#AceWorldNews says according to latest reports France is reportedly suspending preparations for a G8 summit to be held in Sochi, Russia, as part of pressure on the Kremlin over Ukraine.

President Francois Hollande met with Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and other officials this morning to discuss the situation in Ukraine and look for ways of de-escalating tensions and preventing military intervention, French media report, quoting sources in the Elysee Palace.

#ANS2014 – Voice of Russia – Interfax – AFP

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#Sochi : ” Two Ex `Pussy Riot Members’ held by `Security Forces’ over Accusations of Theft”

#AceBreakingNews says reports of “Two Ex-Members of `Pussy Riot Group’ arrested over accusations of having committed a theft in a hotel

Two Ex-Pussy-Riot-Mrembers-ArrestedTwo ex-members of the Pussy Riot group, Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, were held by security forces on Tuesday over accusations of having committed theft in a hotel, police said.

They are being questioned concerning a theft that at a hotel they are staying at. Along with Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Mariya Alyokhina, all the hotel’s guests are being questioned,” local police said, as quoted by Interfax news agency.

The activist, who first posted the news on Twitter, Semyon Simonov, says he was with the two at the time of their detention. At least five other activists were also seized.

Внутри автозака

Мария Алехина (@MashaAlekhina) February 18, 2014

The two were detained in central Sochi, some 30 km north of the main Olympic venues, according to their Twitter blogs.


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Russia introduced measures to further restrict adoptions to…

Russia introduced measures to further restrict adoptions to people in countries that recognize same-sex marriages. The ban now affects married gay couples and unmarried couples. The timing is beautiful – why let the international focus on Russia of the homophobic Sochi Olympic Games dissuade you from continuing your anti-gay hate, President Putin?

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#Sochi : ” IOC asks `Russian Organisers’ for more details for the`Reason to Jail’ of Yevgeny Vitishko”

#AceWorldNews says `IOC Seeking Further Clarification after `Russian Environmental Campaigner Yevgeny Vitishko’ was Jailed’

The International Olympic Committee asked the Russian organizers of the Sochi Winter Games on Thursday for more details about the jailing of an environmental campaigner, Reuters said. Yevgeny Vitishko has protested against harm done to the environment by Olympic construction work.

Deutsch: Logo des IOC

Deutsch: Logo des IOC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He lost an appeal against his three-year penal colony sentence on Wednesday on charges of damaging the property of the local Krasnodar region‘s governor.

“We have asked Sochi for further clarification,” IOC spokesman Mark Adams said. Vitishko has denied the charges, saying that the governor’s residence was in a national forest where construction was not supposed to be permitted.


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” Russian Police Killed in Shoot-Out in Dagestan “

#AceNewsServices says `Russian police kill 4 Suspected Militants in Dagestan

Russian police killed four suspected militants in a shoot-out at a house in the


dagestan (Photo credit: Bolshakov)

Reuters reported, citing law enforcement agencies.

The gun fight broke out on Saturday after police surrounded a private house used by militants in the region some 600km from Sochi, at the other end of the Caucasus Mountain chain. Sochi is hosting the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

The clash was reportedly not connected with the Games.


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“Russia to Support Beijing bid for 2022 Winter Olympics”

#AceNewsServices says `Russia to support Beijing bid for 2022 Winter Olympics – minister’

Close up of the Olympic flame

Close up of the Olympic flame (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

China has a good chance of winning a bid for 2022 Winter Olympics, Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko has said. He added that Moscow is ready to support Beijing’s bid. If selected, the Chinese capital will be the first city to organize both summer and winter versions of the Games.

The bid was formally announced by Chinese officials at Sochi in Russia, where the Winter Games are currently being held. Four other cities will compete to host the 2022 Olympics, including Almaty in Kazakhstan, Poland’s Krakow, Ukraine’s Lviv and Norway’s Oslo.


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#Ukraine : "Anti-Terrorist Units on High Alert after Tip-Off about Explosives placed at Key Locations"

#AceNewsServices says `Ukrainian special forces on High Alert After Bomb Tip-Off’

Fsb_alpha_groupUkraine’s anti-terrorist units have been placed on high alert after numerous bomb threats.

The country’s security service, the SBU, says it has received information about explosives placed in nuclear power plants, international airports, train stations and other public places, though no actual attacks have taken place so far.


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” Putin Agrees to Meet `Japanese PM Shinzo Abe’ in Japan this Autumn to Remove Block on Bilateral Relations”

#AceWorldNews says Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed to visit Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Japan this autumn, signifying a warming of relations following an ongoing island dispute that neither wishes to stand in the way of trade.

“We have seen a good environment created that could help resolve the most difficult problem in bilateral relations,” Putin said before talks began.

Abe told a news conference in Sochi: “Japan and Russia want to solve complex problems and sign a peace treaty as soon as possible.”

The leaders will first meet again at the 40th G8 Summit, also to be held in Sochi in June.

Putin’s press secretary, Dmirty Peskov, confirmed to ITAR-TASS that the visit to Japan is scheduled for October.

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