@AceNewsServices #BREAKING Dennis Hastert Pleads not Guilty in Chicago Court

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FEATURED UPDATE: ‘ Dennis Hastert alleged case of misconduct involved 2nd ex-student – sources ‘

FEATURED UPDATE:May.30: A man identified as Individual A in an indictment of former House Speaker Dennis Hastert was a student at the school where Hastert worked at the time the alleged “misconduct” against the individual took place, according to a source familiar with the case.

In addition, sources say, there is a second individual who was allegedly victimized in a similar way by Hastert when he was a student. According to sources familiar with the investigation, this person neither asked for nor received any money from Hastert, as Individual A is alleged to have done.

The alleged “misconduct” referenced in the indictment was of a sexual nature involving a male, and dated back to Hastert’s time as a high school wrestling coach and history teacher in Yorkville, Illinois, sources with knowledge of the case told ABC News.


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