` Russia Prepares Classified Document with Retaliatory Measures to Western Sanctions Against Moscow ‘

#AceWorldNews – MOSCOW – May 23 – Russia has prepared a classified document with retaliatory measures to Western sanctions against Moscow over Ukraine, a senior Kremlin economic aide said Friday.

There are tactics developed in response to these sanctions, Andrey Belousov told Rossiya 24 TV during the St. Petersburg Economic Forum.

Certain activities will concern different levels – it depends on whether the sanctions are imposed against individuals or sectors, if they are systemic or not, he said.

If any new sanctions are imposed against Russia, “we know exactly how to react,” the official said.

Rossiya24TV – Ria Novosti – RT


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` Vladimir Putin at Economic Forum Does Not Plan to Impose Restrictions on the Internet it Applies to US and EU ‘

#AceWorldNews – ST PETERSBURG – ECONOMIC FORUM – May 23 – Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia does not plan to impose restrictions on the use of the Internet.

The restrictions, he added, may touch only the propaganda of suicide and pedophilia.

“We do not have any limitations associated with the self-expression of a human being, related to the use of modern technologies for one’s own development, or for development of one’s own business,” Putin said at the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum.

“The restrictions have been introduced, but what are they about? They are about the prohibition of the propaganda of pedophilia, child pornography, and the propaganda of methods of suicide.

Excuse me, but legal systems of other countries are full of such restrictions, and this applies to Europe and the United States,” said Putin. Moreover, he said, such restrictions in those countries are much more stringent than in the Russian legislation.

Equating some bloggers to mass media complies with global trends in this area, and Russia simply closes loopholes in the law in this case, Putin said.

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` Germany Will Not Abandon Supplies of Natural Gas from Russia ‘

AceWorldNews – ST. PETERSBURG – May 22 – Germany has no possibilities, neither from the technical, nor from the economic point of view, to abandon acquiring natural gas from Russia, Chairman of the Russia-Germany Foreign Trade Chamber Michael Harms said at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on Thursday.

“We need to set the vector at diversification.

But here I will quote a firm position of the Germany’s Energy Ministry “In a short term, there is no possibility to abandon the supplies from Russia,” Harms said.

Harms has also said that 90% of deals with Russian gas giant Gazprom are signed by Germany’s middle-sized private entrepreneurs, and that is why there is no need to politicize the issue.

Russian News and Media Sources.


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` Convoy of Vessels Sailing to Russia Controlled Islands in the Arctic Ocean to Secure Russian Economic Interests ‘

#AceWorldNews – ST PETERSBURG – May 21 – According to latest Russian Media Reports a convoy of vessels will sail to Russia-controlled islands in the Arctic Ocean to continue the efforts towards securing Russian economic interests in the Arctic, a military official said.

“The task force will visit Frantz Josef Land, Severnaya Zemlya, New Siberian Islands and Wrangel Island,” representative of the command of Russia’s Northern Fleet Capitan Andrei Korablyov told a news conference at ITAR-TASS on the occasion of Day of the Polar Worker marked in Russia on Wednesday.

Starting in 2013, Russia will celebrate Polar Explorer Day every May 21. In December 2012, members of the Federation Council, including Artur Chilingarov, Special Presidential Representative for International Cooperation in the Arctic and the Antarctic, suggested instituting Polar Explorer Day.

During an April 25 question-and-answer session, Russian President Vladimir Putin supported the idea of instituting this professional holiday and suggested beginning already on May 21, 2013.


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` National Library of Russia has suggested an alternative to `Wikipedia ‘ citing Inaccuracies in Russian Language ‘

#AceWorldNews – ST. PETERSBURG – April 04 – Anton Likhomanov, the director general of the National Library of Russia, the oldest public library in the country, has suggested creating an information and reference web resource in Russia that can serve as an alternative to Wikipedia.

“Wikipedia’s Russian-language edition receives about one million queries per hour, but the resource contains a great number of mistakes, which can hardly be corrected,” Likhomanov told a pedagogical forum on Friday.


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` Airliner of Air Company `Rossiya ‘ fails to take-off en-route to Munich – citing Technical Problems ‘

#AceWorldNews – ST. PETERSBURG – March 23 – Airliner Airbus A320 of air company Rossiya en route to the German city of Munich had to stop a take-off roll on the runway at St. Petersburg airport Pulkovo over technical problems, an official of the air traffic service of company Air Harbour of the Russian northern capital that manages the airport told Itar-Tass on Sunday.

The incident occurred on Sunday afternoon. “Airliner Airbus A320 has interrupted a take-off roll on the airport runway over a technical malfunction and steered to an airport terminal according to instructions,” the official said.
He did not note which technical malfunction in concrete resulted in failure to take off.

The airplane was carrying 170 people, the official said.

Meanwhile, no one was hurt in the incident, the St. Petersburg emergency situation department told Itar-Tass.

Passengers are waiting for another airplane to bring them to their destination.


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` St Petersburg Delegation will visit `Sevastopol ‘ in April/May to sign an Agreement of Co-Operation ‘

#AceWorldNews – March 19 – St. Petersburg’s delegation will visit Sevastopol in April or May to sign an agreement on cooperation, St. Petersburg governor’s spokesperson Andrei Kibitov told Itar-Tass.


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#Moscow : ” St Petersburg’s unauthorised rallies in protest at imprisonment of seven opposition activists”

#AceWorldNews says that police said that about 500 people were in Moscow and St Petersburg at unauthorized rallies reportedly in protest at the imprisonment of seven opposition activists.

A spokesman for the Moscow police department said 420 people were detained during a rally in down-town Moscow, which it said had been attended by some 500 people in total.

The event had not been approved by Moscow City Hall and thus violated the law on public gatherings, a police spokesman earlier told RIA Novosti.

Those detained “were continuing their illegal actions despite police demands to stop,” the spokesman said, adding that they face misdemeanor charges.

Sixty people were detained at a similar rally in St. Petersburg, which, according to city police, gathered about 100 activists.

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Russia: “Notorious Anti-Gay Politician Introduces Bill For Creating Fake Accounts on the Internet”

#AceNewsServices says according to RT News the St. Petersburg legislator suggests fining fake social network account holders

Published time: January 17, 2014 12:31
Edited time: January 20, 2014 04:57
Screenshot from twitter.com/KermlinRussiaEScreenshot from twitter.com/KermlinRussiaE
Notorious anti-gay politician Vitaly Milonov has prepared a bill introducing fines up to 5 million rubles (US$151,000) for creating fake accounts on the internet, and even for those who urge such actions.

The initiative is tied in with the Federal Code of Administrative Violations and reads that people who create accounts on social networks using a fake identity should be punished by fines. The amount of these fines vary from 5,000 to 10,000 rubles for private persons ($150 -$300), up to 50,000 rubles ($1,500) for those who occupy official posts, and up to 5 million rubles (about $151,000) for companies.

Today not only common bombs but also information bombs are being used in acts of terrorism. All sorts of information are spread through fake accounts and if there are no direct calls for violence the perpetrators are considered just scamps and troublemakers,” Milonov said as he presented the document for discussion.

The legislator gave some recent examples of such behavior, saying that at the recent mayoral elections in Moscow, one candidate’s supporters registered fake accounts for various officials and began spreading information about Chechen paramilitary units deployed in the city and about introducing new laws abolishing all benefits in healthcare and education.

The bill immediately faced problems as it turned out that Russian law had no definition for identifying an account’s owner. Milonov explained that he wants social networks to require registration with confirmation of the user’s identity.

We are talking about the access to social networks’ resources, not about registration to get internet access,” he noted.

In August last year Milonov already suggested to introduce responsibility for spreading fake reports on the internet, but then his move came to naught.

Milonov is well-known in Russia and abroad as the author of the St. Petersburg regional law that bans the promotion of homosexuality to minors. After the bill was introduced in Russia’s second-largest city (and a number of other regions), the federal parliament voted for a similar nationwide ban, causing a wave of protests in Russia and abroad that continue to this day.

The scandals with fake accounts are not frequent in Russia, but still they take place several times a year. One of the latest stories was a report about the death of exSoviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, distributed via the fake Twitter account of the German Foreign Minister.

The mass media picked up the news, but it soon appeared that the report was a completely fraud and the Twitter account had been created by an Italian journalist.


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