BRAZIL: ‘ Deaths of Indigenous people are on the rise as more are being Murdered ‘

#AceNewsReports – BRAZIL:June.20: Indigenous people in Brazil are being murdered at rates greater than ever before, a report by the Indigenous Missionary Council, a Catholic Church affiliate, says.

Last year saw the deaths of 138 Indians killed, according to the rights group, which says suicide among indigenous Brazilians is also up. Statistics show a 42 percent increase in 2014 compared to the previous year.

This appears to be caused by a lack of medical assistance and a relaxed attitude to indigenous rights, according to the authors. The number of indigenous deaths last year was bigger than any in 29 years. “We cannot establish the causes but we can see the connections: there is lots of racism and rejection by the urban population,” Lucia Rangel, an anthropologist with the organization, told AFP.

It blames government policies it says do not fulfil one of the key demands of indigenous groups: demarcated territories.

Agriculture and deforestation is part of the problem, according to the authors.


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#AceBreakingNews – CANADA – October 23 – Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper described the perpetrator of a “brutal and violent” attack on the Parliament complex in Ottawa that left a soldier dead Wednesday as a “terrorist” in an address to the nation. 

“We will not be intimidated. Canada will never be intimidated,” Harper said before vowing that the attack would “lead us to strengthen our resolve and redouble our efforts” to keep the country safe and work with Canada’s allies to fight terrorists.

The assault rocked Parliament over and over with the boom of gunfire, led MPs to barricade doors with chairs and sent people streaming from the building in fear. Harper was addressing a caucus when the attack began outside the door, but he safely escaped.

He gave his address Wednesday evening from an undisclosed location.

Earlier Wednesday, Canadian authorities identified the shooter as Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, 32. A government official told Fox News that they have been advised that Zehaf-Bibeau, a Quebec native, was thought to be a recent convert to Islam who had changed his name from Michael Joseph Hall. Investigators offered little additional information about the gunman. However, Harper said in his address that “in the days to come we will learn about the terrorist and any accomplices he may have had.” 



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#AceNewsServices – UKRAINE – DAILY – UPDATE – TUESDAY – MAY 13 


Tuesday, May 13

16:30 GMT:

Thousands of people in the Donetsk region did not receive their pension payments on time this month. According to one of the heads of Ukraine’s pension fund, 4800 people mainly from the Slavyansk region have not got their money, which totals 7.4 million Ukrainian hryvnia – around 625 thousand US dollars.

Payments have been delayed for several days, but officials say the region’s fund is working with the local post and banks to sort it out.

12:59 GMT:

The Donetsk self-defence forces are clashing with Ukraine’s armed units under Kramatorsk, RIA Novosti said, relaying information from the commander-in-chief at the self-defence headquarters. So far, an armored personnel carrier belonging to Kiev has been hit. No casualties to report at this point.

10:22 GMT:

09:27 GMT:

Russia said on Tuesday new European Union sanctions will hinder efforts to defuse the crisis in Ukraine and urged the West to persuade Kiev to hold discussions on the country’s future structure before a May 25 presidential election.

The results of self-rule referendums in the eastern regions of Donetsk and Lugansk “should be a clear signal to Kiev of the depth of the crisis” in Ukraine, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

09:22 GMT:

08:20 GMT:

Russia’s Investigative Committee has started prosecution proceedings in the case of the alleged attempted murder of an RT cameraman, the committee’s spokesman Vladimir Markin announced.

Fyodor Zavaleykov, 23, a stringer working for RT’s Ruptly video agency, was shot in Ukraine’s Mariupol while covering the Ukrainian troops’ assault on the city’s police HQ on May 9.

The committee is investigating the incident as intent to murder and a violent attempt to stop a media professional from performing his duty, which is a criminal offense in Russia.

07:48 GMT:

The leaderships of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk Republics have started negotiations on forming a single state, the Donetsk Republic’s press service told LifeNews television. The possible unification was announced earlier on Monday by the co-chair of the government of the Donetsk Republic, Denis Pushilin.

07:12 GMT:

01:17 GMT:

Canada has imposed sanctions against 12 more people over the ongoing Ukrainian crisis. Prime Minister Stephen Harper stated that economic sanctions were rolled out against six Russian and six Ukrainian individuals.

Some of the people on that expanded list include: Russia’s Armed Forces chief of the general staff Valery Gerasimov, member of the military’s main intelligence directorate Igor Girkin, and member of the Russian Federation Council from Crimea Olga Kovatidi.

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` Canada Making ` Diplomatic and Military Preparations ‘ for ` Intervention in Syria ‘ According to Leaked Documents ‘

#AceWorldNews – SYRIA – April 15 – (PressTV) – The pro-Israeli government of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is making diplomatic and military preparations for military intervention in Syria, leaked documents show.

Canada’s National Defence has drawn up at least five scenarios for the country’s military mission in Syria, according to documents obtained by the Ottawa Citizen.

In one scenario, Canada recognizes “a legitimate armed opposition group” fighting to overthrow the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

To justify a war on Syria, the National Defence alludes to “the rapidly deteriorating conditions in Syria, its impact on neighbouring countries and … the importance of Middle East stability.”

Daniel Blouin, spokesman for the National Defence, has described such plans as “routine to significant international events.”

Separate documents reveal that Canada has been training alternatives to Assad’s government.


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` Canada Sanctions Two Crimean Officials and Chemomeftegaz Oil and Gas Company ‘

#AceWorldNews – OTTAWA – April 13 – Canada is introducing sanctions against two Crimean officials and the Chernomorneftegaz oil and gas company, Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird said on Saturday.

“Today, we are imposing sanctions on two additional individuals and on a Crimean oil and gas company,” the diplomat said. He stressed that “Canada and its allies are prepared to take additional steps that will further isolate Russia economically and politically.”

The Canadian Foreign Ministry specified that the sanctions are imposed on the head of the election commission of Sevastopol, Valery Medvedev, and his colleague from the election commission of Crimea Mikhail Malyshev.

“We remain steadfast in our support for Ukraine and will continue to work with allies and like-minded countries to apply pressure to Russia until it de-escalates the situation in Ukraine,” Baird stated.

On March 1, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said that Canada was suspending preparations for the Group of Eight (G8) summit in Sochi and recalling its ambassador in Moscow for consultations. He later gave instructions to suspend all bilateral contacts between the Canadian armed forces and the RF military and suspend Canada’s participation in the bilateral intergovernmental economic commission. Ottawa also expelled nine Russian military servicemen who were staying in the country under a programme of bilateral exchanges between the two states’ Defence Ministries.

On March 7, Harper said that Canada was imposing visa sanctions on a number of Russian officials, in connection with the developments in Ukraine.

Russian and Ukrainian News Sources


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` Ukraine is ready to take a vacant place in the `G8 ‘ says Yatsenyuk ‘

#AceWorldNews – KIEV, March 22 – Ukraine is ready to take a vacant place in the Group of Eight if any, parliament-appointed Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk after a meeting with his Canadian counterpart Stephen Harper on Saturday, March 22.


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” Great Plains `Tar Sands Resistance Group” who `Protested Against Keystone Pipeline’ could serve `Ten Years’ in Prison”

#AceNewsServices says `Environmental Activists Face up to `Ten Years in Prison’ for Telling the #Truth against Business.

Oklahoma City police charged two activists recently for enacting a “terrorism hoax” after the pair unfurled a banner covered in glitter at a fossil-fuel company’s headquarters. Authorities took the glitter as evidence of a possible biochemical attack.

Image from gptarsandsresistance.orgTar Sands Resistance group demonstrated  recently at Devon Tower, headquarters of Devon Energy. They were there to protest the company’s fracking practices, its role in producing Canadian tar sands and its ties to TransCanada, the energy behemoth constructing the contentious crude-oil Keystone XL pipeline.

Activists blocked the doors to the building as two others, Stefan Warner and Moriah Stephenson, hung two banners from the second floor of Devon Tower’s atrium. One banner featured The Hunger Games “mockingjay” symbol and the text, “the odds are never in our favor.”

Police arrested two other activists for trespassing while Warner and Stephenson received trumped-up charges of perpetuating a faux bioterrorism assault. In Oklahoma, a conviction for a “terrorist hoax” – defined as “the willful conduct to simulate an act of terrorism” – is punishable with a prison sentence of up to 10 years.

Oklahoma City Police Department spokesman Capt. Dexter Nelson said Devon Tower security worried the “unknown substance” falling from the banners might be a toxin because of “the covert way [the protesters] presented themselves… A lot were dressed as somewhat transient-looking individuals. Some were wearing all black.”

“Inside the banners was a lot of black powder substance, later determined to be glitter,” he told Mother Jones.

Nelson said responding police officers on the scene called it a “biochemical assault.”

“Even the FBI responded,” he said.

Environmental Affect on GroundA spokesman for Devon Energy did not comment to Mother Jones. Devon currently has plans to target Texas’ Eagle Ford Shale for gas extraction using hydraulic fracking – the highly controversial process of injecting water, sand, and various chemicals into layers of rock in hopes of releasing oil and gas deep underground.

Attorney for the activists Doug Parr called the seldom-used “terrorism hoax”statute an inappropriate charge for the activists.

“I’ve represented any number of political activists in Oklahoma for 35 years,”Parr said. “This is the first time I am aware of that anyone has been arrested on terrorism-related charges for protest activity.”

Parr pointed to TransCanada’s outsized influence in pushing law enforcement to use terrorism-related charges against non-violent activists in the South and Midwest who have slowed progress of the Keystone XL.

In June, activists of the group Bold Nebraska used an open records request to reveal TransCanada PowerPoint presentations aimed at law enforcement officials in which the pipeline company encouraged arresting Keystone XL protesters on terror charges. Part of one presentation suggested police could contact district attorneys for “information regarding the applicability of state or federal anti-terrorism laws prohibiting sabotage or terroristic acts against critical infrastructures” regarding the activities of nonviolent environmental protesters. One presentation dated April 2012 was designed specifically for the FBI.

Care of Environment Against Evil WrongdoersTransCanada stood behind the presentations, citing disruptive landowner demonstrations along the $5.3-billion pipeline’s route in Oklahoma and Texas.

Attorney Parr says while he was on the scene at Devon Tower on Friday, he overheard an officer there, Maj. Steve McCool, request guidance by phone regarding how banner-droppers Warner and Stephenson could be charged under Oklahoma’s anti-terrorism statute.

Oklahoma City Police spokesman Nelson said an officer would consult a city or district attorney about such charges. “Who they contacted, I wouldn’t know,” he said.

No Tar Sands BlockadeTransCanada did not comment, according to Mother Jones.

Warner said “there was no chaos or panic” when he and Stephenson released the banners, which were promptly removed by Devon Tower employees.

“It was anticlimactic and boring until the cops overreacted,” Warner said.

Warner said he told police on the scene that the banner contained glitter, yet police responded to him that they still wanted to test the “unknown substance.”Though Nelson said the protesters would not talk to police at the scene.

Warner, who has been arrested before for protesting, said the charges show increasingly aggressive intimidation tactics by law enforcement – at the urging of energy companies – against environmental demonstrators.

“It’s scary,” Warner said. These companies want to make it seem like they’re benevolent neighbours and no harm comes from their activities… To do that, they’re trying to criminalize dissent.”

TransCanada has begun pumping oil into the southern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline, a company spokesman announced last week. However, it remains to be seen whether President Obama will actually approve the project, which spans from Alberta, Canada, to the Gulf Coast of Texas.

Since the southern section of the pipeline – in Oklahoma and Texas – does not cross international borders, it does not need Obama’s approval.

Stepen Harper and Barack ObamaThe President is expected to make his decision on Keystone XL’s cross-border construction by mid-March.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said in September that he “won’t take no for an answer” on the pipeline, although current and former Obama administration officials have made comments indicating that Harper may have to prove his assertion.

Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance said the banner used Friday in Oklahoma City featured imagery from the film The Hunger Games “to highlight the parallel between industrial sacrifice zones in real life, and the resource colonies (Districts) that are subjected to state and economic violence in the series.”

Protests have occurred on the pipeline’s route and elsewhere, as activists and landowners have often teamed up to oppose TransCanada and the collusion of private and public entities to chill dissent.

Another activist present at the Devon demonstration alluded to such steamrolling tactics, especially used in the resource-rich area along Keystone XL’s southern leg.

“I’m opposed to the industry’s blatant disregard for human wellbeing in the pursuit of profit,” said Cory Mathis, according to the Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance website. “These industries poison countless communities, often deceive and coerce folks into signing contracts, and when that doesn’t work, they use eminent domain to steal the land. Texas and Oklahoma have long been considered sacrifice zones for the oil and gas industry, and people have for the most part learned to roll over and accept the sicknesses and health issues that come with the temporary and unsustainable boost in employment.”

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