#Argentina : “Eighteen People Dead After `Stolen Truck Collides with Bus’ on route from Buenos Aires to Santiago”

#AceWorldNews says Eighteen people have died after a truck travelling on the wrong side of the road smashed into a passenger bus en route from Buenos Aires to Santiago on Friday.

Both vehicles burst into flames upon impact, 660km north-east of the western city of Mendoza. Thirty passengers and two drivers were on the bus, with both drivers being among the dead.

Local reports state that the truck had been stolen and was travelling at high speed.

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40 million credit card numbers stolen – yours could be one

#AceFinanceNews says if you shopped at Target from Black Friday through December 15 yours is likely one of the 40 million credit card numbers stolen from Target’s computers. Consumer Watchdog says use "Do Not Track and Mask Me" both are excellent, in your browser’s. Editor

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If you shopped at Target, you should be checking your credit card and debit card accounts immediately for suspicious activity. If you report the unauthorized use of your card number, you cannot be held responsible for the charges — but you have to report it!

This massive data breach is not just a problem for those victimized – it’s symptomatic of a much larger issue: the fact that your financial and personal information is not actually private. Companies are capturing every click you make, every piece of information you share and building digital dossiers about you – and they’re selling your data to the highest bidder.

While we can’t always stop digital theft from happening, we can create better protections against our information being tracked and sold.

It’s called “Do Not Track.” And it’s Consumer Watchdog’s signature privacy effort that would prevent companies from collecting and retaining your personal information without your explicit consent.

We drafted a model “Do Not Track” law this year and you will soon be hearing a lot more about the campaign to enact it.

Consumer Watchdog is devoted to ensuring that your privacy is put back to the forefront of the minds of policy makers and politicians. And with your tax-deductible donation, we’ll be able to continue our fight all the way to a codified Do Not Track law. Please donate today!

This year our advocacy and litigation has ensured that wiretapping laws apply on the Internet, Google is held accountable for anti-trust violations on both sides of the Atlantic, and that online companies and app makers respect the privacy promises they make to consumers.

With your support, we can make sure that Target, Amazon, Facebook, Google and other corporate Goliaths do more to keep our private information safe online.

Thanks for all you do,

John M. Simpson

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