​#TonyTran2015 says USA is now facing the age old tactics by China: Understanding the Strike-then-Consolate Tactic #AceNewsDesk reports

#AceNewsReport – Apr.11: This is an excellent News and Views posts by my friend Tony and his reply today on ‘ South China Sea ‘ and Beijing’s growing influence under Xi Jin-ping …well worth a read and any comments …his site is chocked full of interesting posts please visit link at bottom of post #AceNewsDesk reports

TonyTran2015 says China has completely broken the backbone of Vietnam, turning it from a Little Dragon into a Paralysed Snake, or a vegetative Lotus. Next is the Phillipines under Duterte. There are only two possible exits:
a. Either total submission or
b. Strikeback suddenly at any moment of advantage (Like the Soviet Union).
It has never been good to feed a reptile to give it a chance to turn into a monster Dinaosaur.

Understanding the Strike-then-Consolate Tactic.// Additional survival tricks

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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The current (1990 to 2017) situation on the Scarborough Shoal (Dao Vanh Khan as claimed by Vietnam) in the Sea of West Phillipines is interesting, It offers an example of the Tactic of Strike-then-Consolate in diplomacy.

Its resultant “mutual cooperations” is then revealed as only part of a long term plan for further aggression.

1. Concept of Strike-then-Consolate.

The aggressor nation finds an opportunity to attack the victim nation and makes territorial gains. Right after that, before international reaction can develop, thw aggressor offers to give back half the gains to make peace with the weaker victim. The weak victim may accept that offer if it cannot rely on internarional help or if its unpopular leader wants to make external peace to have time to strengthen his grip on domestic power (that is its leader sacrifies national interests to further his personal gains).

2. Application of Strike-then-Consolate.

2a. The aggressor nation looks for a neighbour with unpopular leader. Failing that it may promote corruptions, non-transparent dealings in that country to weaken popular support for the government of that nation.
2b. When popular support of the intended victim nation has reached a low point, the aggressor creates economic, environmental, social chaos to brew anti-government protests, uprisals and revolts.
2c. The defence of the victim nation is then dispirited weakened.
2d. A quick military attack is carried out for territorial gains.
2e. A peace delegate is immediately sent to the victim nation to offer peace with the return of half of the territorial gains together with some economic aids! “Mutual Cooperations” is a part of the package of economic “aids” by the aggressor to its victim.

3. “Mutual Cooperations” is never a fair deal.

“Mutual cooperations” from the aggressor always requires from the victim nation the following conditions:
3a. Not to take the aggressor to any international authority.
3b. The victim nation giving unaccountable benefits to its deal makers (that is giving high rewards to those who favors the deal).
3c. The victim nation allowing personels of the aggressor to be in vital future positions.
3d. The victim nation demoting fervent nationalists in its defence force.
3e. The victim nation ceasing most of its defence industrial plans.
3f. The victim nation reorganize its government and development plans to suit the aggressor.

4. So what is Mutual Cooperations in reality?

Mutual Cooperation is only a conditional surrender to the aggressor.
Sun Tzu said that the best victory is a victory gained without using the army!


[1]. Sun Tzu, The Art of War. First published in Chinese before 200BC.



(SOUTH CHINA SEA) China completes manoeuvres and within 20-minutes 2-F18 fighter jets took off and landed aboard the ‘ USS Theodore Roosevelt ‘ in show of strength as both sides eye the South China Sea as a vital trade route as China has approached Vanuatu about establishing a permanent military presence on the tiny Pacific island, Australia’s Fairfax Media reported on Tuesday, a plan that would likely stoke regional tensions #AceNewsDesk reportshttps://acenewsservices.wordpress.com/2018/04/11/south-china-sea-china-completes-manoeuvres-and-within-20-minutes-2-f18-fighter-jets-took-off-and-landed-ab-oard-the-uss-theodore-roosevelt-in-show-of-strength-as-both-sides-eye-t/

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#AceWorldNews – AFGHANISTAN:Dec.17 – A US drone strike in eastern Afghanistan killed four Pakistani Taliban members and seven other insurgents, Reuters reported.

The missiles killed the militants on Tuesday afternoon as members of the Pakistani Taliban were attacking a school in the Pakistani city of Peshawar, according to Mahlem Mashuq, the governor of Sherzad district in Nangarhar province.

“Eleven insurgents, four of them Pakistani Taliban, were travelling in a pickup truck that was hit by a drone strike, killing all of them,” Mashuq said.

The Pakistani and Afghan branches of the Taliban are loosely allied and operate across the porous border.


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#AceWorldNews – GERMANY: Dec.08 – Workers went on strike at a German site of Amazon on Monday, aiming to hit the US online retail giant in the pre-Christmas season, AFP said.

' Amazon Workers Start Strike Over Pay '

‘ Amazon Workers Start Strike Over Pay ‘

Services sector union Verdi said workers had walked out at 23:00 GMT at one of the company’s nine distribution centres in Germany, in the central city of Bad Hersfeld in Hesse state, amid a long-running pay dispute.

The union wants Amazon to bring the pay of its some 9,000 workers in Germany in line with wages in the mail order and retail industries.

Amazon has described its centres as logistics sites, saying that it pays its staff accordingly.


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#AceWorldNews – GERMANY – Dec.01 -Pilots at Lufthansa started a two-day walkout on Monday, the ninth strike this year, Reuters reported. Germany’s flagship airline canceled 1,350 flights – nearly half of all scheduled flights, affecting 150,000 passengers. The airline and trade union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) have been at loggerheads for months over an early retirement scheme for pilots.

German airline Lufthansa was forced to cancel more than 1,300 flights after its pilots’ union, the Vereinigung Cockpit (VC), announced a new strike for Monday and Tuesday over retirement benefits.

The strike will begin on Monday, December 1, at 12:00 p.m. local time and end on Tuesday at 23:59 p.m.

Domestic and international flights will be affected. VC organized the strike as talks with Lufthansa broke down, after pilots’ demands for a transition payment for those wanting to retire early was not met.

VC, which represents some 5,400 pilots, has already staged several strikes this year.

The German news agency DPA estimates that a total of 6,000 flights have been cancelled since April due to strikes.


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#AceWorldNews – VENEZUELAN – Nov.28 – At least 17 Venezuelan inmates who had been on hunger strike over prison conditions, have died from drug poisoning, AFP reported, citing police sources.

The had been protesting at David Viloria Correction Center, known as Uribana Prison, in Venezuela’s Lara state, since Tuesday over what they said was inhumane treatment and rights violations.

The deceased inmates were poisoned after ingesting prescription drugs, according to prison officials.

Venezuelan Prisons Watch, an NGO, said that four more inmates died at a facility in the state of Maracay.


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#AceBreakingNews – SIERRA LEONE – Nov.12 – More than 400 health workers involved in treating Ebola patients have gone on strike at a clinic in Sierra Leone BBC reported. 

The staff, who include nurses, porters and cleaners, are protesting about the government’s failure to pay an agreed weekly $100 (£63) “hazard payment”.

The clinic, in Bandajuma near Bo, is run by medical charity MSF and is the only Ebola treatment centre in southern Sierra Leone.

MSF said it would be forced to close the clinic if the strike continued.


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#UK : ” Travel Chaos in London Due to Tube Strike”

#AceUKNews says Millions of commuters in the British capital faced travel chaos on Wednesday during the first full day of a 48-hour tube strike by London Underground staff, Reuters reported.
The strike was organized by the two main unions over planned job cuts and the closure of ticket offices. Staff went on the first of two planned 48-hour strikes late Tuesday evening.
By rush hour on Wednesday, commuters faced long waiting times for over-crowded buses and trains. The world’s oldest underground rail network will run very limited services until Thursday evening.

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“Yemeni Farmer Killed by Drone Strike”

#AceWorldNews says a Yemeni farmer was killed Thursday by a US drone strike witnesses described as an attack intended for suspected militants in South Eastern Yemen, Reuters reported. Witnesses claim the farmer was killed by the shrapnel propelling from two rockets fired by the drone early Thursday morning as he walked in the village of Al-Houta. A local government official confirmed the report. Last month, at least 15 people were killed and five others wounded by a US drone strike on a wedding party in Central Yemen. The party was mistaken for an Al-Qaeda convoy.

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