(BELGIUM) LATEST: Two brothers who carried out the devastating Belgium suicide bomb attacks confessed to shooting dead a 76-year-old man at random to see what killing was like, their co-conspirators claim #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Mar.15: Ibrahim and Khalid El-Bakraoui allegedly killed Paul-André Vanderperren, 76, at random in 2014 – two years before carrying out two separate bomb attacks in Brussels killing 31.

Belgium: ‘Brothers murdered 76-year-old man at random before carrying out jihad massacres that killed 31 after three devastating suicide bombs went off on March 22, 2016 – injuring hundreds of people’

“Islamist brothers ‘shot dead a 76-year-old man at random to see what killing was like’ before carrying out Belgium suicide bomb attacks,” by Jemma Carr, MailOnline, March 12, 2021 (thanks to Mary):

At 8am, two bombs were detonated at Zaventem Airport by Ibrahim and co-conspirator Najim Laachraoui, causing the deaths of 14 people near the check-in desks.

More than an hour later, at 9.19am, a third bomb was detonated at Maalbeek Metro station by Khalid, killing another 20 people.

A third airport attacker – whose device failed to go off – so-called ‘man in the hat’ Mohamed Abrini was arrested in Brussels nearly a month after the attacks.

The El-Bakraoui brothers told their fellow attackers that they shot dead Mr Vanderperren ahead of the bombings to ‘test what it was like to kill someone’.

Mr Vanderperren was killed in the Jette municipality of Brussels and his case has never been solved.

He had watched football club Anderlecht play on television in a cafe and was heading home when he was shot.

Police issued an appeal for witnesses in 2018, but the case was closed last year.

But two surviving attackers of the Belgium suicide bomb atrocity – ‘man in the hat’ Abrini and another assailant, Osama Krayem – claim Ibrahim and Khalid said they were responsible for Mr Vanderperren’s death.

Abrini and Krayem – who was caught with Khalid on CCTV moments before he set off the bomb – are facing trial next year.

Krayem is said to have told interviewing police officers in 2016 that ‘Khalid told me he and Ibrahim had shot someone dead on the street’, Flemish newspaper De Morgan reports.

Two years later, Krayem added: ‘Khalid explained it was an elderly person and that they had wanted to test what it was like to kill someone.’…

#AceNewsDesk report ……….Published: Mar.15: 2021:

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INDIA: ‘ Journalist reportedly burned alive for reporting politicians corruption ‘

#AceNewsReport – INDIA:June.10: An Indian politician reportedly has been arrested and charged with murder after a journalist covering his alleged corruption was burned alive.

Jagendra Singh was set on fire by police and men sent to his house by Uttar Pradesh dairy development minister Ram Murti Verma on June 1, Singh’s family claimed Tuesday, according to the Times of India.

“They had a heated argument with my father, caught hold of him, poured petrol over his body and set him on fire,” Raghvendra Singh told the newspaper. Singh died from his injuries on Monday and authorities have now filed charges against Verma and four other men.

But police have denied any wrongdoing and claim that Singh tried to commit suicide.

“There was a case against Jagendra Singh. We tried to arrest him but he committed suicide,” a Shahjehanpur police spokesperson told IBN Live, without specifying the allegations.


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USA Gov.Report: ‘ Female Veteran’s Commit Suicide at 6-times Rate of other Women ‘

#AceNewsReport – USA:June.08: Female veterans commit suicide at nearly six times the rate of other women, new government research shows.

It approaches the rate of male veterans. That’s alarming because, in general, men are far more likely to kill themselves. Also alarming: Nobody is sure why.

It might have more to do with who joins the military than with what they experience while serving.


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#AceNewsServices – Nov.26 – CHINA – On November 13, the deputy commissar of the People’s Liberation Army Navy, the deputy commissar of the PLA Navy, Vice Admiral Ma Faxiang, is believed to have committed suicide less than three months after another senior naval officer fell to his death, people close to the armed forces branch said.

'Thousands Targeted in Chinas Anti-Corruption Camapaign '

‘Thousands Targeted in Chinas Anti-Corruption Camapaign ‘

Ma leapt from a building at a naval complex in Beijing on Thursday, a source told the Sunday Morning Post yesterday.

According to People to incomplete statistics, in January 2014 to September, at least 32 officials ruled out suicide or homicide possible events by the media publicly reported to the provincial and ministerial level officials, department level, down to the county level, section level, covering almost every level.

Use more suicide jumping, hanging and other means.

Most can not clear the cause of suicide, mostly depression, stress and other statements summarize.

Depression or high pressure might be factors behind the deaths of many Chinese officials, but they cannot fully explain the increase in suicides by Chinese officials in recent years—as early as 2005, a survey of 200 middle-aged government officials found that nearly 50 percent of them were “mentally unhealthy.” Indeed, of the thirteen officials who killed themselves in 2014 and for whom official explanations of the cause of death were available, only five were said to have suffered from depression or high pressure, and at least six of them were associated with corruption-related investigations.

' Chinas Anti-Corruption Campaign '

‘ Chinas Anti-Corruption Campaign ‘

An examination of the suicide cases clearly pinpoints the impact of the anti-corruption campaign launched by the new leadership (which took over in November 2012).

During the period 2011-12, a total of forty officials reportedly killed themselves.

But since 2013, at least eighty-eight officials have done the same.  


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#AceNewsServices – JERUSALEM – Nov.18 – A Palestinian bus driver has been found hanged inside his vehicle at a depot in Jerusalem, with the Israeli police saying the man committed suicide, while the driver’s family claim he was lynched by Israelis RT reported. 

Palestinian protesters burn a tyre in front of Israel's controversial barrier that separates the West Bank town of Abu Dis from Jerusalem on November 17, 2014.(AFP Photo / Ahmad Gharabli)

Palestinian protesters burn a tyre in front of Israel’s controversial barrier that separates the West Bank town of Abu Dis from Jerusalem on November 17, 2014.(AFP Photo / Ahmad Gharabli)

The bus driver, who has been identified as Youssef al-Ramouni from al-Tur in East Jerusalem, worked for Egged, an Israeli company.

Other drivers were, according to the Ma’an news agency, alarmed to see al-Ramouni’s bus parked in the terminal late on Sunday evening, when it was supposed to be out on its route. They entered the vehicle and discovered al-Ramouni’s body hanging from a steel bar.

Israeli police say a preliminary investigation showed no sign of an assault.

“The bus driver committed suicide, there is no other indication other than it was a suicide case,” said police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld, according to Reuters.

Al-Ramouni’s relatives are not convinced, arguing that Youssef, the father of two young children, could not possibly have killed himself.

“I saw the body last night and I saw bruises and marks that he was beaten up,” al-Ramouni’s brother Louy told Reuters. “There were marks of fingers on the body and also on his back there was a bruise, as if he was hit by a hard object.”

The family supports their allegations with pictures of the dead body, which are currently circulating online.

The body is now in Abu Kabir Forensic Insitutute in Tel Aviv, where it was transferred for an autopsy. Al-Ramouni’s family wants a Palestinian pathologist to be present, but it’s not yet clear if this will be allowed.

Al-Ramouni’s colleagues have, according to the Haaretz, said that Palestinian bus drivers have long been targets of attacks by Israelis.

Rumors of the driver’s death in a possible assault spread across the Palestinian media, sparking riots in several neighborhoods of Jerusalem – At-tur, Ras al-Amud and Abu Dis, the Times of Israel reported. Palestinian youths hurled stones and firebombs at police, who responded with stun grenades and tear gas.

The Israeli media have meanwhile reported that a Jewish man, aged 32, was stabbed with a screwdriver also on Sunday evening.

The man managed to make it to a police station and was eventually taken to hospital.

Source: RT – Times of Israel – Haaretz – Reuters – Ma’an News Agency 


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#AceBreakingNews – AFGHANISTAN (Kabul) – Nov.16 – Shukria Barakzai, a women’s rights advocate, has survived a suicide attack in the Afghan capital which killed three civilians and injured ten more, said Hashmat Stanekzai, a spokesman for Kabul’s police chief. Barakzai, who was slightly injured in the attack, is a member of parliament and a close friend of the country’s newly elected President Ashraf Ghani.

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‘ Mother Admits Manslaughter For Allegedly Killing Her Three Severely Disabled Children ‘

#AceNewsServices – LONDON – October 14 – A British court on Monday dropped murder charges against a woman who killed her three severely disabled children after accepting manslaughter pleas.

Mom in UK admits manslaughter of disabled children

Mom in UK admits manslaughter of disabled children

Tania Clarence admitted killing 4-year-old Olivia, and 3-year-old twins Ben and Max, but pleaded diminished responsibility.

Clarence allegedly smothered them at the family’s London home in April, before attempting suicide.

Mom in UK admits manslaughter of disabled children

Mom in UK admits manslaughter of disabled children

Her husband Gary was in the couple’s native South Africa at the time.

The children all had type 2 spinal muscular atrophy, a condition which affects muscle strength.

Defence lawyer Jim Sturman said that for Clarence, “caring for three children with this condition was exhausting, distressing, debilitating and turned out to be overwhelming.”

Prosecutor Zoe Johnson told a hearing at London’s Central Criminal Court that Clarence “killed her three children because she wanted to end their suffering.”

Johnson said prosecutors accepted Clarence was depressed, which amounted to an “abnormality of mind.”

Clarence is due to be sentenced Nov. 14 and is likely to be sent to a psychiatric hospital.



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GERMANY: ‘ Bans Islamic State to Prevent Militants Recruiting Young Jihadists ‘

#AceWorldNews – GERMANY (Berlin) – September 12  – Germany has banned the Islamic State in order to prevent the militants from recruiting young jihadists in Germany or from using fighters returning to Europe to carry out attacks. 

The terrorist organization Islamic State is a threat to public safety in Germany as well,” Reuters quoted Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere as saying.

Over 400 Germans have reportedly joined IS in Iraq and Syria and about 40 have died, some in suicide attacks.

More than 100 jihadists are back in Germany including “some with combat experience who have learned to hate,” the minister said.


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#AcePictureNews -`4 Dead as Suicide Blast Rocks Beirut’ – 23 January 2014 –

#AceNewsDesk says they say that every `Picture Tells A Story’ well this one certainly does  

“Suicide Blast Rocks Beirut


Courtesy of AFP/Photo

Lebanon 2014


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