BAHRAIN: ‘ Release Sunni-Opposition leader Ibrahim Sharif after 4-years ‘

#AceNewsReport – BAHRAIN:June.20:  The Bahraini government has released a Sunni opposition leader who had been imprisoned for four years for taking part in Shiite-backed anti-government protests, the Waed secular group – his party, announced on its Twitter account.

Ibrahim Sharif became a prominent face in the 2011 uprising that demanded a constitutional monarchy and an elected prime minister. He was later charged along with 20 other activists for allegedly plotting to overthrow the Sunni rulers of Bahrain – a Shiite-majority country.

He received a five-year sentence, which was one of the lesser sentences. Eight others received life. News of the release comes four days after another opposition leader – the Shiite Ali Salman – received a four-year sentence for inciting disobedience. Salman’s group was also a key force in the 2011 uprising.

Some 90 people have died in clashes with security forces since then, according to rights groups. Hundreds more have been put on trial.


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White House: US won’t be ‘responsible’ for ‘security situation’ in Iraq

#AceNewsReport – WASHINGTON:June.09:The White House last Thursday, in no uncertain terms, put the onus on the Iraqis to fight and defeat the Islamic State — even as a new report warned foreign fighters are flocking to the battlefield at a historic and dangerous pace.

White House: US won’t be ‘responsible’ for ‘security situation’ in Iraq.



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` Suicide Bomber Kills Six Members of Security Forces ‘


#AceWorldNews – IRAQ – DUJAIL – At least seven people were killed, including 6 members of the security forces, and 15 were wounded when a suicide bomber blew up his car in the town of Dujail in Iraq on Saturday.

The incident took place at an army checkpoint just north of Baghdad. Earlier a blast at an outside market killed 4 people and wounded 17 in the town of Tarmiyah, just north of the capital. Another bomb went off in the town of Dawr killing three Sunni fighters.

The death toll in Iraq now stands at hundreds of thousands since the 2003 ouster of Saddam Hussein and occupation by US-led forces.

In the last month alone, over 1,000 people have been recorded as killed.

Civilian casualties make up nearly all the deaths resulting from terrorist attacks and other violence in the country, which is torn by sectarian and political unrest.

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“Iraq Speaker `Escapes Militants’ Attack in Mosul”

#AceWorldNews says `Iraq speaker escapes militants’ attack in Mosul ‘

Iraq’s parliament speaker, Osama al-Nujaifi, narrowly escaped an attack in his home-town on Monday, AFP reported.

Iraqi Army on a patrol in Mosul

Iraqi Army on a patrol in Mosul (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A convoy carrying the speaker, Iraq’s most senior Sunni Arab politician, was hit by a roadside bomb in the main northern city of Mosul, according to his office. Nujaifi escaped unharmed, but one of bodyguards was wounded, sources say. Mosul and surrounding Nineveh province, where Nujaifi’s brother Atheel is governor, is one of Iraq’s most violent areas.


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#Baghdad : `Suicide Bombers Storm’ an `Iraqi Government Building’

#AceNewsServices says `Militants Storm Iraqi Transportation Ministry’ today.

Ace News Desk Militants stormed an Iraqi government building in north east Baghdad on Thursday, police said, adding that several suicide bombers could remain inside. Militants shot dead two guards near the main gate to the Transportation Ministry and entered the building, Reuters said. No casualties among those inside the building were immediately reported. No group claimed responsibility for the attack, in which some people were taken hostage, according to police sources.


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#Bahrain : ” Court Shutters `Shiite Muslim Cleric’s Council’ and `Functioning Outside’ the Law”

#AceWorldNews `Bahrain Closes Shiite Clerics’ Council’

Ace News Desk A Bahraini court on Wednesday shuttered a Shiite Muslim clerics’ council. Authorities in the Sunni-ruled kingdom earlier accused it of politicization and illegal operations. The court ordered the closure of the Olamaa Islamic Council and the liquidation of its assets following a lawsuit by the ministry of justice, Islamic affairs and endowment, AFP reported, citing a judicial source.

In September, the ministry said that the office had been “functioning outside the law.” The verdict came as authorities crack down on opposition action by Shiites. They make up the majority of the population.


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