` United States are Finalising Plans to Boost the Training of ` Syrian Rebels ‘ Sending Weapons to Jordan – Reports ‘

#AceWorldNews – UNITED STATES – April 05 – (RT) – US authorities are finalizing a plan to boost the training of Syrian rebels and will send shipments to moderate rebel factions mostly based in Jordan, along Syria’s southern border, according to two US security sources, who spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity.

The additional supplies will not include surface-to-air missiles, the officials said.

Earlier in March, President Barack Obama considered authorizing a shipment of new air defence systems to rebels.

As RT reported last month, the Obama administration is interested in finding new ways to put pressure on Syrian President Bashar Assad and boost the opposing rebels, who have lost ground in the conflict over the last few months.


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` Syrian Army in last 24 Hours carry out ` Extensive Military Operations ‘ Routing Out Terrorists in Damascus ‘

#AceWorldNews – SYRIA – April 03 – (FNA) – The army units carried out extensive military operations in Al-Maliha region in Damascus countryside.

The Syrian army moved towards Al-Maliha from several angles and could make major advances in the region.

Also in the past 24 hours, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said that Syrian people have no choice but to achieve victory in their war against terrorism and the extremist obscurantist thinking that is alien to the Syrian society.

President’s remarks came during his meeting with a delegation of the Russia-based Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society, headed by Society’s Chairman Sergei Stepashin.

He added this victory can be achieved through firmly sticking to diversity, moderation and intellectual enlightenment that have characterized the Syrian society throughout decades.


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` Barack Obama has Decided to Expand Assistance to ` Train and Arm Rebels ‘ against Bashar Al-Assad ‘

#AceWorldNews – UNITED STATES – April 02 – (ALM) – President Barack Obama has apparently decided to expand assistance to training of rebels against Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, according to a report by the Washington Post.

The subject is expected to come up during Obama’s meeting with Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah on Friday.

Among the goals of the aid is to allow the rebels to fight against terrorist extremists. The training, to be overseen by the Central Intelligence Agency, would take place in Saudia Arabia, Jordan and Qatar.

The aid will include training 600 terrorist per month and providing the militant groups in Syria with air defence missiles.


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` Seven Killed in ` Lebanese ‘ city of ` Tripoli ‘ during fighting between Supporters and Opponents of Assad ‘

#AceWorldNews – Seven people were killed in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli during fighting between supporters and opponents of Syrian President Bashar Assad on Friday, Reuters reported.

Four civilians, including an elderly man, were shot dead by snipers.

Eleven others were injured.

Three people who were wounded in earlier clashes also died on Friday, according to security and medical sources.

Tripoli, situated 30 miles from the Syrian border, is mostly populated Sunni Muslims who often clash with the minority from Assad’s Alawite sect.


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SEA: ` Reportedly obtained Documents that reveal how much Money the `FBI ‘ pay `Microsoft ‘ to view client’s Data ‘

#AceSecurityNews – Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) hackers have reportedly obtained documents that reveal how much money the FBI pays Microsoft each time agents try to obtain or view an individual customer’s communication information.

syrian-hackers-reveal-fbi-microsoft.siThe SEA, a group that has made headlines in the past for infiltrating Western media outlets that it perceives to be against Syrian President Bashar Assad, provided a trove of emails and invoices to the Daily Dot http://www.dailydot.com/news/microsoft-compliance-emails-fbi-ditu/, which analyzed the documents before publishing them.

“The documents consist of what appear to be invoices and emails between Microsoft’s Global Criminal compliance team and the FBI’s Digital Intercept Technology Unit (DITU), and purport to show exactly how much money Microsoft charges DITU, in terms of compliance costs, when DITU provides warrants and court orders for customers’ data,” wrote the Daily Dot’s Kevin Collier and Fran Berman.

“In December 2012, for instance, Microsoft emailed DITU a PDF invoice for $145,100, broken down to $100 per request for information, the documents appear to show,” they went on. “In August 2013, Microsoft allegedly emailed a similar invoice, this time for $352, 200 at a rate of $200 per request.

The latest invoice provided, from November 2013, is for $281,000.”

Daily Dot – RT News – News Sources

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