” US Opposes Supply of `Shoulder-Fired-Missiles’ Capable of taking down War Planes to Syria”

#AceWorldNews says the US is opposed to the supply of shoulder-fired missiles, capable of taking down war-planes, to rebel forces in Syria, Reuters quoted a senior Obama administration official as saying on Tuesday.

The Wall Street Journal said on Friday that Saudi Arabia had offered to give Syrian-Rebels Chinese portable air defence systems, and anti-tank guided missiles from Russia.

The administration “remains opposed” to any provision of such systems to the Syrian opposition, the official said.

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#Syria : ” At Least 1069 People Killed in Two Week’s of Battles Between Syrian rebels and Jiihadist’s”

#AceWorldNews says at least 1,069 people, mostly fighters, have been killed in two weeks of battles between Syrian rebels and jihadists, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Thursday. Not all of those dead were identified, AFP reported. Among them were 608 Islamist and moderate rebels, 312 jihadists from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and 130 civilians, the group said.

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