#AceNewsServices – Featured Post: Jan.11 – Peshawar Carnage & Charlie Hedbo| Lets Stand Against Terrorism


This picture depicting the fanatic Islamists on a global scale, be in Iraq, Pakistan and elsewhere. We Pakistanis think this is what should offend other fellow citizens global community.

Today. Pakistanis are calling out the Taliban. Demand that the Government take serious action.

#PeshawarAttack - 1 -Screenshot from 2015-01-11 14:40:18

#PeshawarAttack – 1 -Screenshot from 2015-01-11 14:40:18

#JeSuisCharlie - Screenshot from 2015-01-11 14:48:31

#JeSuisCharlie – Screenshot from 2015-01-11 14:48:31

We are not a nation of Taliban apologists. No more will we remain the SILENT majority. Break your silence. Take Action. Have #NoFear. #NeverForget#PeshawarAttack.

In wake of two recent horrifying events of Peshawar School Attack and Charlie Hedbo attack that killed French cartoonists, we Pakistanis are protesting against effing retards blowing themselves up in the name of religion. We stand against terrorism and stand with every innocent around the world killed due to it.

We stand with French, Americans, Pakistanis and all those who have lost their lives facing and fighting terrorism. 

We also credit some 10’000 Pakistani soldiers who lost their lives in but killed more than 20’000 deadly Taliban and we also pay a tribute for 60’000 Pakistani citizens who lost their lives due to Al Qaeda, Talibans and ISIS.

STAND UP! GET UP! And say No to Terrorism in Name of Any Religion!

Courtesy: Pakistani Facebook group Calling out the Taliban and Terrorism



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#AceNewsServices – PAKISTAN:Featured Post:Dec.27: This fellow blogger and friend posted this after the carnage of Peshawar and was kind enough to add a link to all my stories, l feel honoured and in tribute this is the post:

There was a point in my life when stress almost killed me, but here I am almost one week after the Peshawar Carnage, still alive but with a dimmed soul that is still grappling to come to terms with all that has passed over us, as a nation.

To say 2014 was a trying year for Pakistan is an understatement, because every year is more or less the same for us. Annually thousands of Pakistanis lose their lives and livelihoods in this game of intra-international state politics and the militant factions. Both are trying to use their triumph cards to gain the control of this totally out of control country, or is it that out of control really?

Despite crying tears of blood, grieving and burying some 150 innocent lives, most Pakistanis have gone about functioning their daily daily routines and done what they do or have to do.

This resilience is what makes, Pakistan a very unique country with a very conscious nation whose souls maybe broken, but they carry on. 

The whole country is buzzing with so much activity and I want to share with readers, some exceprts of these, through cartoons.

These cartoons are sketched by national award winning cartoonists whose work is a daily section of our newspapers, for my readers’ ease I have chosen English language based work.

I: Cartoonist Zahoor’s work, Dawn Newspaper

Unfortunate Pakistani Mothers Look Upon Sky Bleeding

II: Cartoonist Maxim’s work, The Nation Newspaper

Summation of Reality

III: Cartoonist Maxim has captured the essence of reality behind Peshawar carnage, The Nation Newsdaily

Prime Minister Seeking Divine Assistance?!

IV: Cartoonist Khalid Hussain’s work depicts the Pakistani mothers’s plight by linking to Humanity and Future of Pakistan, The DailyTimes Newspaper

Power Struggle: Leaves Humanity Dying

V: Cartoonist Khalid Hussain depicts nation’s fury & the military’s will for flushing terrorism from Pakistan, for those who kill innocent citizens are basically enemies of humanity and our homeland, Pakistan. The DailyTimes, Newspaper

Military Offensive on Enemies of Pakistan

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the readers and editors for the wishes, support, reblogs and messages full of love, compassion and solidarity with The Human Lens, myself and my country.  These are helped me immensely beyond words can express, truly.

Yes, my soul maybe battered and bruised, but am not yet beaten yet. 

Pakistan Zindabad. 

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