` US Ramps Up Their Presence in `NATO’s Spring Strom Military Drills in Estonia ‘

AceWorldNews – TALLINN – April 29 – A US airborne unit, that will take part in NATO’s Spring Storm military drills in May, has arrived in Estonia.

A US Air Force plane has flown them to the Ämari air base.

As reported by Estonia’s Defence Ministry, the troop (around 150 people) will be stationed at the Ämari air base during the drills.

The USA is sending 600 military servicemen to Poland and other Baltic states for drills.

Estonia’s Defence Minister Sven Mikser said that American paratroopers will stay in the country at least till the end of this year.

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` European Union to Russia ` Any Compromise on their `Actions ‘is being ` Stretched ‘ to the Limit ‘

#AceWorldNews – Tallinn/Paris(Reuters) – The European Union will begin to prepare a new response to the actions of Russia in Ukraine, if Moscow does not show signs of willingness to ease the tension by the end of the week, on Tuesday said foreign ministers of Germany and France.

Russian forces have strengthened in the Ukrainian Crimea on the eve of Moscow-backed March 16 referendum on the future of the peninsula. Government in Kiev and his supporters in the West regarded the planned plebiscite as illegitimate.

“If the output will be no visible changes in the behaviour of Russia, then on Monday at the European Council we will have to discuss the next step up,” – said Frank-Walter Steinmeier during a visit to the Baltic States, which are included in the European Union and Ukraine are concerned about what is happening.

“We do not want confrontation, but the actions of the Russian side, unfortunately, confront us with the need to prepare, as I just said,” – said Steinmeier reporters in Tallinn.

His French counterpart Laurent Fabius, in turn, said that sanctions could come into force this week, if Moscow does not respond to calls from the European Union.

“The only legitimate vote will be on May 25 presidential elections in Ukraine. Voting March 16 will not have legitimacy,” – said Fabius radio station France Inter. He called the Russian annexation of Crimea illegal.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is at the cutting edge of the strategy of “engagement” of the Russian leader Vladimir Putin in the negotiation process with the same time as the tug of war between Russia and the West resulted in the most serious confrontation since the Cold War.

Russian Translation Read More: http://ru.reuters.com/article/topNews/idRUMSEA2A01S20140311?


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` Ukraine’s Self-Proclaimed Government is illegitimate according to the Tallinn Mayor ‘

#AceWorldNews says that the self-declared Kiev authorities cannot solve any political problems and “lack both credentials and power” in the crisis-torn country, said the mayor of the Estonian capital of Tallinn.

“The self-proclaimed Ukrainian government was put into power by people with baseball bats,” Edgar Savisaar told Postimees newspaper.
“It lacks both credentials and the capacity to solve the crisis in the country.”

According to him, the situation in Ukraine will begin stabilizing only after it “has a legitimate, democratically elected government at the helm.”

“Only after elementary public order is restored in Kiev and western Ukraine, we can start discussing the issue of providing the country with foreign aid, be it from the EU, US, Asia or from all sources simultaneously,” Savisaar said.

According to the mayor, the current government which is under the influence of radicals lacks the power to even hold free elections in the country – let alone solve other significant questions which are put in front of the nation’s self-declared officials.

“Until the next elections [on May 25] only an integral government which consists of representatives of all Ukraine’s regions may claim any legitimacy,” said Savisaar.


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