#AceBreakingNews – TEL AVIV – Nov.10 – A young man has been stabbed at a train station in Tel Aviv in what is suspected to be a terrorist attack by a Palestinian, local media report.

The victim, who is believed to be around 20 years-old, has been taken to hospital after being initially treated at the scene.

Hospital staff say his condition is serious.

Police managed to arrest the assailant, who suffered light injuries following a struggle with law enforcement officers.

The incident took place at Haganah train station, which is in the east of the Israeli city.

There are unconfirmed reports that the victim was an Israeli Defense Forces solider, according to the Times of Israel Newspaper. The army has so far refused to comment on the man’s identity.

Meanwhile, Channel 2 claims that the young man received a stab wound to the leg.

Zaki Heller, a spokesman for the Magen David Adom ambulance service, also added that he was unconscious.

The attacker is reported to be a 35 year-old Palestinian from Nablus. Police say he entered Israel illegally. His was taken to custody.

Haaretz – RT – Times Israel  


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#AceWorldNews – GAZA CITY – July 27 – Israel never regrets violating the international law and is going ahead with its barbaric war on the Gaza Strip as the Tel Aviv regime enjoys all-out support of the United States, a political analyst tells Press TV.

Mark Weber, director of the Institute for Historical Review, said in a Saturday interview with Press TV that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “has shown that he is willing to utterly defy world opinion in carrying out this extremely one-sided barbaric attack on Gaza.”

“This outrage has angered public opinion around the world,” he stated, adding that Israel has for long proved that it will act “in defiance…even of United States law because they can count on the continuing support of US Congress and the US government, which is a reflection of course of the tremendous power of the pro-Israel lobby here in the United States.”

The analyst predicted that the Gaza carnage will continue mainly due to the US support for Israel.

“This shows really…the moral bankruptcy of US policy worldwide and in particular of course in the Middle East.”

Death toll from Israeli attacks on Gaza has reached 1,050 since Tel Aviv began its onslaught on July 8.

Thousands of Palestinians have also been injured in the attacks.


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‘ Benjamin Netanyahu to CNN Israel Will Take ” Whatever Action is Necessary ” to Halt Hamas Cross-Border Rocket Attacks From Gaza ‘

#AceWorldNewsISRAEL (Tel Aviv) – July 20 – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that Israel will take“whatever action is necessary” to halt Hamas cross-border rocket attacks from Gaza and restore calm but insisted his forces were doing their utmost to avoid civilian casualties there.

“We try to target military targets and unfortunately there are civilian casualties which we regret and we don’t seek,” Netanyahu told CNN shortly after an Israeli attack on a Gaza neighbourhood killed at least 87 Palestinians.

He accused Hamas of deliberately targeting Israeli civilians and of using Gaza residents as “human shields.” Asked how long it would take Israel to complete an operation it says is intended to destroy Hamas weapons tunnels, Netanyahu said it was being done “fairly quickly,” but gave no time frame.

Thousands flee Gaza’s Shejaiya after night of terror

Agence France-Presse (@AFP) July 20, 2014

Qatar ready to host truce talks ………….. coming up


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‘ Protective Edge Israel’s Military Incursion ‘



JULY 18 2014

#AceWorldNews – 17 July – A ground operation in the Gaza Strip has been launched by Tel Aviv following more than a week of Hamas shelling the country and the IDF responding with air strikes. Over 200 Palestinians and one Israeli have died in the violence.

Gaza City Lighting up the Sky

19:05 GMT:

Palestinian radicals in Gaza have fired at Tel Aviv for a second time today. The Iron Dome system shot down two rockets over the city this evening, reported the press office of the Israeli army.

19:02 GMT:

Egypt has renewed its call for a truce in the region. Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri, speaking at a news conference in Cairo said: “We hope that all sides will support this initiative so that bloodshed stops and this escalation does not get worse. We call on all sides to accept this proposal. We are working to find a framework so that both sides agree,” reported Reuters.


18:23 GMT:

Israeli tank shells have killed three in Gaza, including children, medics told AFP.


15:26 GMT:

CNN has pulled correspondent Diana Magnay out of her post covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict after the reporter tweeted that Israelis cheering bombs hitting Gaza, and who had allegedly threatened her, were “scum.”


A CNN spokeswoman said Magnay has been reassigned to Moscow.


15:15 GMT:


Shortly after the air raid siren report, the IDF tweeted that its Iron Dome air defense system had intercepted rockets over Tel Aviv.


15:05 GMT:

The United Nations said it is going to ramp up emergency aid to Gaza, where Israel’s ground invasion intensified water shortages and fears of sewage contamination and water-borne diseases, Reuters reports.

“We are still very concerned about the water supply in Gaza, about half of the population are without water supply at this time,” UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) spokeswoman, Amanda Pitt, told a news briefing in Geneva.

On Tuesday, UN aid agencies and the International Committee of the Red Cross warned that Gaza’s water system has been degraded over the course of years, with potential infrastructure damage incurred during the assault leaving the entire coastal strip vulnerable to a water crisis within a matter of days.


A picture taken from the Israeli side of the border with the Gaza Strip shows smoke billowing from the coastal Palestinian enclave following an Israeli air strike, on July 18, 2014 (AFP Photo / Menahem Kahana)

A picture taken from the Israeli side of the border with the Gaza Strip shows smoke billowing from the coastal Palestinian enclave following an Israeli air strike, on July 18, 2014 (AFP Photo / Menahem Kahana)

 14:26 GMT:

IDF attempt to show they abide by the Geneva Convention by providing medical treatment to a wounded combatant.

According to the first Geneva Convention – ‘for the Amelioration of the Wounded and Sick in Armed Forces and Field’ – if a member of the armed forces is wounded or sick, and therefore is unable to actively engage in combat, he is no longer part of the fighting force and becomes a vulnerable person in need of protection and care.


14:17 GMT:

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Israel of state terrorism and genocide, saying the two states would not find rapprochement on his watch.

“Israel threatens world peace. Israel threatens peace in the Middle East. Therefore, I personally, can never contemplate anything positive with Israel as long as I remain on duty,” Erdogan told reporters after Muslim Friday prayers:

“Israel is at the moment waging terrorism; Israel at the moment is carrying out genocide,” he said.

Turkey and Israel had been working toward improving ties after Israeli commandos killed eight Turks and one Turkish American during a raid on a pro-Palestinian aid ship in 2010. Turkey expelled the Israeli ambassador and recalled its own top envoy following the incident. Israel ultimately apologized to Turkey for the deaths and agreed to pay compensation under a US-brokered arrangement in 2013. In March, Turkish officials said the two sides had come close to reaching a compensation deal which would fully restore ties.


13:47 GMT:


Cihan News Agency has posted video footage showing the pro-Palestinian rallies outside of the diplomatic missions in Istanbul and Ankara on Thursday. The first video, shot in Istanbul, shows police deploy a water cannon and pepper spray to disperse protesters after some turned violent, smashing windows and attempting to scale the compound gates.


The video from Ankara depicts a heated by far more peaceful scene, though there are unconfirmed reports that the compound in the Tukrish capital was attacked on Friday.

Turkey has since bolstered security at the facilities, though Tzachi Moshe, a spokesman for Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, said Israel “sharply protested the flagrant violation of diplomatic rules.”



13:27 GMT:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said since there is no way to deal with the tunnels only from the air, “our soldiers are doing it now from the ground,” the Jerusalem Post cites him as saying during the opening session of an emergency cabinet meeting in Tel Aviv.

Netanyahu said the ongoing military operation did not offer a100 percent shot at success, though everything would be done to get “maximum results.”

The Israeli PM said the army had been readied for the possibility of a significant expansion of the ground operation, blaming Hamas for not upholding its end of an Egyptian-brokered cease-fire proposal on Tuesday.

“We decided to launch the action after we tried all the other ways, and with an understanding that without this operation the price we will have to pay later would be much higher,” he said.

He added that intense diplomatic efforts had given Israel the political capital necessary to use force against the “terrorist organization,” and that the supreme consideration at this point was to “restore security to civilians” and return the country to a state of calm.

“There is not a more moral army than the IDF, and we do not want to harm even one innocent civilian. Not even one. We are operating only against terror targets.”

He blamed Hamas for civilian casualties on both sides, claiming they were attacking Israeli towns and cities from behind human shields.

He said media distortions of the conflict were virtually “unpreventable.”

“But unlike in the past, this time there are many in the international community who understand that Hamas alone bears responsibility for the victims,” he said. “This is something very important for Israel.”

13:12 GMT:



13:06 GMT:

The Israeli Defense Force is live tweeting images of so-called ‘terror tunnels’, the ostensible reason the ground operation was launched into Gaza.



13:03 GMT:

Israel has decided to evacuate the families of diplomatic staff in Turkey in Ankara after protests turned violent outside diplomatic missions in both the capital Ankara and Istanbul. The compounds were reportedly pelted with rocks as some demonstrators chanted, “Murderer Israel, get out of Palestine,” Hurriyet Daily News reported. Several Turkish diplomats attended the pro-Palestinian rallies, including a deputy from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).

“The occupying Israel has made a bloodbath of Palestine by bombing them for the past 15 days,” Murat Yıldırım said from Ankara.

At least 23 Palestinians – including three children – have been killed since Israel launched the ground offensive. Around 264 Palestinians have been killed since Israel first started bombarding Gaza on July 7. The Israeli death toll currently stands at two: one soldier and one civilian.


12:40 GMT:

10:01 GMT:


09:02 GMT:

Barely a day into the operation, Netanyahu is discussing plans for a significant widening of the ground offensive.

Shortly before convening a meeting of cabinet ministers, he told reporters that “My instructions … are to prepare for the possibility of significantly widening the ground operation, and the military is preparing accordingly,” Reuters reported.

08:42 GMT:

Those affected by the conflict in Gaza are receiving financial help from multiple sources abroad. The latest tranche comes from Denmark, which has donated $2 million toward alleviating civilian suffering there.

08:07 GMT:



07:17 GMT:

Reuters now reports 23 Palestinians dead since the start of the ground operation.


05:54 GMT:



05:43 GMT:



05:21 GMT:

An Israeli military spokesman said in an interview to a radio station regarding the recent death of an Israeli soldier during the ground offensive on Gaza: “We are checking the circumstances” of soldier’s death.

This was the first Israeli casualty since the start of the operation.

 05:12 GMT:

According to Quentin Sommerville of the BBC, the number of dead since the start of the ground offensive, together with the number killed already in the preceding phase, puts the death toll at more than 250 people, with around 1980 wounded, as the conflict enters its 11th day.


04:54 GMT:


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‘ Egyptian Cease-Fire Full-Text of Proposal ‘

#AceBreakingNewsISRAEL (Tel Aviv) – July 15 – The full text of the Egyptian cease-fire proposal as follows courtesy of Haaretz News Agency.

1. Owing to Egypt’s historical responsibility, and out of belief in the importance of achieving peace in the region, protecting the lives of innocents, and ending the bloodshed;

Egypt calls upon Israel and all of the Palestinian factions to enact an immediate ceasefire, due to the fact that escalation and mutual violence, and the victims that will result, will not be in the interest of either party as such, during the period of the ceasefire, both sides shall abide by the following:

a. Israel shall cease all hostilities against the Gaza Strip via land, sea, and air, and shall commit to refrain from conducting any ground raids against Gaza and targeting civilians.

b. All Palestinian factions in Gaza shall cease all hostilities from the Gaza Strip against Israel via land, sea, air, and underground, and shall commit to refrain from firing all types of rockets, and from attacks on the borders or targeting civilians.

c. Crossings shall be opened and the passage of persons and goods through border crossings shall be facilitated once the security situation becomes stable on the ground.

d. Other issues, including security issues shall be discussed with the two sides.

2. Method of implementation of the initiative:

a. It has been decided to initiate implementation of the de-escalation agreements at — : — hours (GMT) on — / 7 / 2014, pending the implementation of a full ceasefire within twelve hours of the announcement of the Egyptian initiative and its unconditional acceptance by both sides.



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‘ Israeli Cabinet Accepts Egyptian Cease Fire Offer ‘

#AceBreakingNews – ISRAELS (Tel Aviv) – July 15 – Israel’s security cabinet accepted the Egyptian cease-fire offer on Tuesday morning, which, according to the proposal, is supposed to go into effect at 9 A.M. local time and gives both sides 12 hours to stop the attacks once the proposal is accepted by both sides.

Several Hamas officials rejected the Egyptian proposal, but sources said that Hamas is holding talks with Egypt regarding the cease-fire and an official statement by the Hamas political leadership is expected later Tuesday.


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' Israel's Protective Edge Enters Third Day After Night of Heavy Bombardment by IDF Forces '

#AceBreakingNews – ISRAEL (Gaza Strip) – July 10 – Israel’s Operation Protective Edge entered its third day Thursday, after a night of heavy bombing by Israel Defence Forces resulted in a rising death toll in Gaza.

The IDF has launched over 780 strikes in the Strip since the operation began, and medical officials in Gaza said over 70 Palestinians have died and more than 400 others, mainly civilians, have been hospitalized (Haaretz).

More than 250 rockets and mortar shells were fired from Gaza at the Israeli home front since Tuesday, and the shooting continued throughout much of Wednesday night, with Be’er Sheva and Ashkelon targeted.

Long-range rockets were fired at Tel Aviv twice on Thursday morning, with at least one interception confirmed by the IDF.

On Wednesday, long-range rockets were launched at Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and also as far north as the Haifa region.

Since Tuesday, Iron Dome interceptor missiles have shot down over 60 rockets aimed at Israeli cities and towns, with a near-90 percent success rate, the IDF said.

Nine Israelis have suffered light injuries while running for shelter while 59 have been treated for shock.

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TEL AVIV, July 10. A five-year-old child was killed in the Gaza Strip Thursday in an airstrike by Israeli Air Force, report local media citing a representative of Gaza medical services.

The first 58 hours of Israeli airstrikes resulted in 77 killed and 550 wounded in the Gaza Strip.

On Tuesday – the first day of Operation Protective Edge in Gaza – Israeli combat aircraft and Navy delivered 430 strikes on terrorists’ infrastructure facilities in the Palestinian enclave.

Most of the hit targets are rocket launchers, used by the militants for firing rockets on Israel, the army said.


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‘ Israel’s ‘ Operation Protective Edge Day’ Enters Second Day in Targeting Gaza Strip Militants ‘

#AceBreakingNewsIsrael’s ‘Operation Protective Edge’ enters its second day, following a day of airstrikes targeting Gaza, which killed at least 28 Palestinians. As Hamas rocket fire continues, Israel braces for a “ground offensive,” calling up 40,000 army reservists.

Wednesday, July 9

11:44 GMT:

A rocket siren sounded in the Israeli town of Zichron Yaakov in the Haifa District, which is about 120km from Gaza, an IDF spokesperson posted on Twitter.

05:55 GMT:

The Iron Dome anti-missile system has intercepted at least two rockets fired from Gaza Strip at the Tel Aviv area. No casualties have been reported.

05:09 GMT:

Residents of the buildings targeted by Israeli Air Force for strikes have tried to avert the attacks by going up the roofs en masse, the IAF said. Such ploys will not be effective, it added.

05:03 GMT:

The Israeli military has hit 160 targets in the Gaza Strip overnight, reports Haaretz newspaper.

03:19 GMT:

Egypt will open up the Rafah border crossing to accept injured Palestinians on Wednesday, The Times of Israel reported. A number of Gaza residents will be let in to receive medical attention. Egypt has yet to specify the number of individuals that will be allowed in or when the border crossing will open.

03:13 GMT:

The EU condemned Gaza and Israel for escalating the violence, calling for a ceasefire. The EU “strongly condemns the indiscriminate fire into Israel by militant groups in the Gaza Strip,” EU foreign police chief Catherine Ashton said in a statement.

At the same time, the statement denounced Israel’s airstrikes, which are leading to a “growing number of civilian casualties, reportedly among them children, caused by Israeli retaliatory fire.”

EU called on both parties to “to do their utmost to achieve an immediate ceasefire.”

02:11 GMT:

The 2nd day of Operation Protective Edge has began. The#IDF remains determined to fight #Hamas terror on all

— IDF (@IDFSpokesperson) July 9, 2014

00:15 GMT:

The US embassy in Tel Aviv will operate under minimal staffing due to the latest escalation of violence, Haaretz reported.

Tuesday, July 8

23:12 GMT:

Gaza rockets interrupted an Israeli wedding in Ashdon as they exploded in the sky, according to a video posted by IDF. Ashdon is in Israel’s Southern District.

23:03 GMT:

A top leader of Islamic Jihad’s Al-Quds Brigades, Hafiz Hamad, was killed in northern Gaza following Israeli airstrikes on Wednesday morning. Five other militants were also killed during the strikes.

One of the airstrikes targeted the leader’s house, Palestinian Ma’an news agency reported.

Two separate airstrikes hit Gaza’s southern city of Rafah, killing two Palestinians.




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‘ Israel Launch ‘ Operation Protective Edge ‘ on Gaza Strip .

#AceBreakingNews – ISRAEL (Gaza Strip) – July 08 – Israel launched a series of air-strikes on Gaza militants early on Tuesday, dubbing the offensive “Operation Protective Edge.”

​More than 50 targets were hit in the offensive.

Meanwhile, rocket fire on Israel’s south continued. According to the IDF, eight projectiles were launched between 2 and 6 A.M.

Militants in Gaza fired more than 85 rockets toward Israel on Monday evening, with Hamas openly claiming responsibility for some of the launches for the first time since the current round of fighting began. The rockets hit several major cities in the south and, also for the first time in the current fighting, caused alarms to go off in central Israel and Jerusalem.

The barrages lightly wounded two Israelis and caused property damage.

The Israel Defence Forces called up 1,500 infantry and Border Police reservists in preparation for further escalation, after the security cabinet decided on Monday afternoon to intensify attacks against Hamas and other terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip.

A senior official said the ministers want to refrain from a large-scale military operation for now, but they instructed the army to prepare for significant expansion of its current operations.

12:56 P.M. Islamic Jihad‘s military arm states it has fired over 60 rockets toward Israel since the morning, and that it will continue to fire as long as “Israeli aggression” persists. (Jack Khoury)

12:40 P.M. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu instructed the Israeli army to prepare for a possible ground offensive in the Gaza Strip in meeting in the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv, a senior Israeli official said.


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' Militants from the Gaza Strip Launch 15 Missiles Aimed at Israel '

#AceWorldNews – ISRAEL (Tel Aviv) – June 30 – Militants from the Gaza Strip have launched 15 missiles aimed at Israel.

Israel’s The Jerusalem Post newspaper reports that the missiles exploded in the Eshkol neighbourhood in the country’s south.

It adds that there were no victims or casualties.

Observers note that this is the first massive attack on Israel from the Strip’s territory since the Palestinian national unity government with the participation of Hamas movement was formed.

On Sunday, one Palestinian was killed and three were wounded as a result of an attack of Israeli Air Force on the Gaza Strip.

According to preliminary reports, the activist of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, was killed the military wing of Hamas that controls the Palestinian enclave.

According to reports from an Israeli military representative, the strike was aimed at ‘terrorists’ that were preparing missile launches.


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‘German Government Express Concern Over Israeli Settlements Plan’

#AceNewsServices – BERLIN – June 06 – The German government is extremely concerned about Israeli plans to build more settlements in the occupied territories, Reuters said.

The Israeli move is being seen as a response to the inauguration of a Palestinian unity government backed by Hamas Islamists.

The German government is “very worried… because this step poses the threat of making efforts to continue peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians even harder,” said German government spokeswoman Christiane Wirtz, calling on both sides to avoid provocative steps.

Berlin urged the Israeli government to refrain from inviting bids to construct homes.

(PressTV) – This comes as UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has called on Israel to abide by international law and freeze settlement activities. Ban expressed deep concern over Israel’s plans to build more than three thousand settler units in the West Bank and East al-Quds (Jerusalem).

On Thursday, Tel Aviv ordered the construction of 3,300 more settler units in the occupied West Bank and East al-Quds.

According to Israel’s Housing Minister Uri Ariel, the decision is a response to the formation of a new Palestinian unity government.

Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) says it will appeal to the UN Security Council against Israel’s expansionism.

More than half a million Israelis live in over 120 illegal settlements built since Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and East al-Quds in 1967.

The developments come as Israel is currently faces a widening boycott campaign by some European businesses over its illegal settlement activities on the occupied Palestinian land.

Two of Europe’s biggest financial institutions have boycotted transactions with Israeli companies involved in the illegal settlement construction.

The European Union has also blocked all grants and funding to any Israeli entity based in the illegal settlements.


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` If You Really Wanted to Deny the New Peace Accord You Could Not Find a Better Way ‘

#AceWorldNews – PALESTINE – June 01 – Tel Aviv deny’s three future Palestinian ministers from the Gaza Strip entry to the West Bank due to Hamas affiliation in the new government, thus , dealing yet another blow to the fragile Middle East peace process.

Major General Yoav Mordechai, head of Israel’s military administration in the Palestinian territories, informed the Palestinians that the three ministers would not be granted access to the West Bank, public radio announced on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the defence ministry refused to confirm or deny the report, according to AFP.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said on Saturday that Israel had informed the Palestinians that it would boycott the government. “Israel wants to punish us because we have agreed with Hamas on this government,” he said.

Ace Related News:
1. Albawaba News – 01/06/2014 –



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AceWorldNews TEL AVIV April 13 White House and…

AceWorldNews – TEL AVIV – April 13 – White House and the U.S. Department of State are highly angered by Israel’s ‘neutrality’ regarding Crimea’s reunification with Russia and other events around Ukraine, the Haaretz daily said in an article published Sunday.

“Senior figures in the Obama administration have expressed great disappointment with the lack of support from Israel for the American position on the Ukraine crisis and with the fact that the Israeli government puts its relations with the United States and with Russia on the same plane,” it said.


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` Anonymous Hacktivist's Attacked Hundreds of Websites of ` Israeli Ministries and Organisations '

#AceWorldNews – ANONYMOUS – April 07 – (PressTV) – Reports that Hacktivists from the Anonymous group have attacked hundreds of websites belonging to Israeli ministries and organizations.

The on-line attacks took place on Monday, with Israeli media saying that several websites, including those of the Ministry of Education and the Airports Authority, had been hacked.

Anonymous had said in a statement on Sunday, “On April 7, 2014, we call upon our brothers and sisters to hack, deface, hijack, database leak, admin takeover, and DNS terminate the Israeli Cyberspace by any means necessary.”

Addressing the Israeli regime, Anonymous also said that “further assault on the people of Gaza, who have been flooded by your sewage, terrorized by your military apparatus, and left to die at the border while waiting for medical attention will NOT be tolerated any more.”

The group, that was referring to the Israeli siege on Gaza in place since 2007, pledged not to stop until “Palestine is free.”

The group’s first cyber attack against Israel was launched during Tel Aviv’s assault on Gaza in November 2012. Some 700 websites, including Foreign Ministry and the Israeli president’s official websites, were hacked at the time and the personal data of some 5,000 Israeli officials were posted online.

Anonymous also carried out similar attacks on April 7, 2013, when the websites of the Israeli parliament, ministries and other government organizations stopped functioning for some time.



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` Israeli Air Forces Strikes at Islamist Targets in Gaza overnight at Two Checkpoints of Hamas – Reports ‘

#AceWorldNews – TEL AVIV – April 04 – Israel Air Force planes have struck several sites of Islamists in Gaza overnight to Friday, radio station “Voice of Israel” reported. According to the media, five targets were hit in the operation.

The Palestinian media reported that two checkpoints of Hamas were among the targeted objects in the central and northern parts of the region. There is yet no information about any casualties.

The Israel Defence Forces have later confirmed that a military plane had struck five targets of the terrorist infrastructure in Gaza.

(JPost) On Thursday night, Palestinian terrorists in the coastal enclave fired four rockets toward southern Israel, activating the Code Red alert in Sderot and surrounding communities.

Israeli media reported that the projectiles had failed to reach their targets, landing in open territory near the border with Gaza.

No injuries or damage were reported on the Israeli side.


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` Israeli – Palestinian talks will be Extended beyond `April 29 ‘ to try to Resolve Release of Palestinian Detainees ‘

#AceWorldNews – TEL AVIV – March 31 – It will be clear within “days” whether the Israeli-Palestinian talks will be extended beyond April 29 deadline, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday.

“It could be a matter of just days,” Netanyahu told ministers from his Likud Party.

“Either the matter will be resolved or it will blow up. And in any case, there won’t be any deal without Israel knowing clearly what it will get in exchange,” he said as diplomatic efforts continue to prevent a collapse of the negotiations over a dispute about Palestinian prisoners.

Earlier, Tel Aviv informed the Palestinians that they would not free the detainees.

The Palestinians said they will not consider extending the talks without the prisoners being freed.


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` Israeli Court sentences the `Tel Aviv’ bomber to `Twenty Five Years ‘ in Prison ‘

#AceWorldNews an Israeli court has sentenced 19-year-old Mohammed Mafarja to 25 years in prison for planting a bomb that hit a bus in Tel Aviv in 2012, according to the Israeli Justice Ministry.

Mafarja was accused of working on behalf of the Palestinian Islamist group, Hamas. In December, he pleaded guilty to charges including attempted murder.

Twenty-eight people were injured as the bomb exploded on the bus near the Defence Ministry building in central Tel Aviv on November 21, 2012, the last day of an eight-day Israeli war against Gaza.


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“Middle East `Israel Advance’s Plans for `Construction of Settler Units in Occupied East Al-Quds Jerusalem’ after Permit’s Granted”

#AceNewsServices says `Israel Advances Plans for the Construction’ of 558 settler units in the `Occupied East al-Quds (Jerusalem)’ says a statement.

The city council said Tel Aviv had pushed forward with plans to build the homes in settlement neighbourhoods.

Mideast-Israel-Palest_Horo-28In a statement listing “building permits that were approved” during a session of the local planning committee, it said permits had been granted to private contractors to build 386 units in Har Homa, 136 units in Neve Yaakov and 36 units in Pisgat Zeev.

Israeli forces also razed down an entire Palestinian village in the Jordan Valley region of the occupied West Bank on Thursday.

Israel occupied the Palestinian territories of East al-Quds, the Gaza Strip, and the West Bank during the Six-Day War of 1967. Israel conducted a self-proclaimed withdrawal from Gaza in 2005, but Israeli forces have carried out regular deadly forays into the sliver ever since the so-called pull-out.

The United Nations regards the Israeli settlements as illegal because the territories were captured in the war and are hence subject to the Geneva Conventions, which forbid construction on occupied lands.



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