` Crimean’s are not the only ones that want `Independence of State ‘ as `Veneto ‘ vie’s to break from Rome ‘

#AceWorldNews As Crimeans make their way to the polls this Sunday, another region further in the heart of Europe is also deciding its fate in a referendum: the Italian region of Veneto, which is voting on whether to break with Rome.

The independence movement insists the industrial northern region’s wealth is being drain by Rome’s mismanagement of the financial crisis.

Following in the footsteps of Scotland and Catalonia, Venice – the capital of the Italian region of Veneto – will be holding a referendum to form an independent republic.

About 3.8 million people in the region are eligible to vote in the referendum, which runs through Friday.

Leaders of the independence movement say they are not going to wait for Rome’s approval, and if the population votes in favour they will begin the separation process.

The latest polls carried out by the independence movement show that over 60 percent of the population is in favour of becoming independent.

“If there is a majority yes vote, we have scholars drawing up a declaration of independence and there are businesses in the region who say they will begin paying taxes to local authorities instead of to Rome,” Lodovico Pizzati, the spokesman for the independence movement, told the Telegraph newspaper.

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#UK: `Fight for an `Independent Scotland' will come at a price and that price as always is `Business First '

#AceUKNews says according to the report in the Telegraph the well known insurance company `Standard Life’ is making provisions to quit Edinburgh should Scotland become independent and decamp to London England.

The insurance, savings and pensions giant confirms it is drawing up contingency plans to move operations from its Edinburgh headquarters if there is a Yes vote in September, while RBS also warns independence would damage its business.

Although the firm insisted in its new annual report it was not taking a stance on Scottish independence, it said the planning was necessary to protect customers and shareholders.

It is understood this could involve moving its headquarters from Edinburgh to London.

In a double blow to the Nationalists, RBS used its full-year results to warn that uncertainty over the referendum is already damaging its business and a vote for separation would be “likely to significantly impact the Group’s credit ratings”.

Among the “material issues” Standard Life said was behind its decision were uncertainty over a separate Scotland’s currency, membership of the EU, monetary system, arrangements for financial services regulation and approach to individual taxation.


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“Catholic Church labels `Government Social Reform’ a Disgrace and is Leaving People Destitute”

#AceUKNews says according to BBC News the leader of the Catholic Church in England and Wales has labelled the government’s social reform a “disgrace” for leaving people facing “destitution”.

Cardinal-designate Vincent Nichols said the “basic safety net” for the poorest families had been “torn apart”.

The Archbishop of Westminster claimed there was now a “real dramatic crisis”.

The government responded by saying welfare reforms will “transform the lives” of the poorest families.

Speaking to the Telegraph, Archbishop Nichols, the most senior Roman Catholic cleric in England and Wales, said the welfare state was becoming “more punitive”.

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#AceNewsservices says Huffpost and Mehdi’s Morning asked this…

#AceNewsservices says Huffpost and Mehdi’s Morning asked this question today? Well leave a comment and let me know your views and l will create a post and promote your news and views?


From the FT’s splash:

“The Environment Agency has endured ‘massive’ cuts to its budget since the Cameron government came to power despite warning this would affect its ability to defend the country against flooding, the agency’s chairman said yesterday. As flood misery spread from the south-west to more densely populated London commuter towns, Lord Smith said he had told ministers there would be consequences when the agency’s funding was cut soon after the coalition came to power in 2010… ‘Our funding for capital work went down massively and has been creeping back up again but it’s in my view still not enough,’ he said, adding that the agency’s funding for maintenance and other measures has ‘been going down and is still going down’.”

Yesterday, David Cameron refused to rule out sacking Smith once the crisis is over, while Smith himself says he plans to step down in July once his term expires. The Telegraph adds to the pressure on the beleaguered Environment Agency boss, reporting on its front page:

“The chairman of the Environment Agency risked further criticism last night when he suggested that flooded residents were partly to blame for their problems by choosing to live in high–risk regions. Lord Smith said people who bought homes in flood plains needed to think about the ‘risk that that property faces’. The remarks stoked the mounting anger towards Lord Smith’s agency, which has been criticised for its response to the floods… Flood–hit residents and MPs last night demanded that he resign. They described his comments as ‘out of touch arrogance’ and accused him of trying to deflect the blame from his embattled agency.”

The Guardian splashes on “PM: stop flooding blame game.” Yeah, good luck with that…

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