(SANTA MONICA, Calif.) JUST IN: Officials shut down all trails on Saturday evening after reporting several heat-related rescue operations, including one that involved a woman hiker who died near Malibu Creek trail at 8 a.m. Saturday, said David Katz, a spokesman for the Malibu Search and Rescue Team #AceNewsDesk report

(CAIRO, Egypt.) #Coronavirus FreeSpeech Report: Its not just journalists that have to fear el-Sisi rule in the country but EFF has been monitoring latest developments and since the #pandemic bloggers and activists trying to get the #truth have been harassed, detained, arrested and jailed without trial as Supreme Council for Media Regulation has banned the publishing of any data that contradicts the Ministry of Health’s official data #AceHealthDesk report

Editor says ……..Are we witnessing the media pulling apart the fabric of society just to get a story ?

(BRUSSELS) EU Agree fund help the people across Europe so they say, but no details are available of HOW it will be measured out and in what proportions will it be shared and at this time in history it is those who will be judged by `God not man for their ‘ charitable works ‘ and all others will be found wanting #AceHealthDesk report

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(BANGKOK, Thailand.) Facebook Denied Sale of Endangered Species: But ‘ Wildlife Trafficking Watchdog ‘ has found more than 1,500 listings in 12 groups during one month in 2016: Two years later It foun d that, while two groups had ceased to exist, total membership had almost doubled – up from 106,111 in 2016 to 203,445 in 2018. The adverts included live and dead animals, as well as animal parts in some cases #AceN ewsDesk reports

(KURASHIKI, Japan.) Intense heat and water shortages raised fears of disease outbreaks in flood-hit west on Thursday as the death toll from the worst weather disaster in 36 years neared 200 and more than 200,000 have no water after torrential rain caused floods and set off landslides but still many government deny its ‘ Global Warming & Climate Change ‘ heres the WMO report for you to decide #AceNewsDesk repo rts

(PHILADELPHIA) At least 30 protestors arrested over blocking ‘ ICE Immigration Centre ‘ on ‘ Independence Day ‘ but without these agents that protect American citizens their country would be overrun with drug-dealers, rapists and killers or do they truly believe that there’s an alternative after previous administrations ignored the hard #Truth #AceNewsDesk reports

(STOCKHOLM, Sweden.) The #truth ‘ will set you free ‘ but not for the Swedish student suspen ded for telling the truth about Muslim migrant sex crimes instead he’s warned he will be ‘ v ilified, demonised and ostracised ‘ after he published a ‘ fact sheet ‘ about the ‘ migrants being the majority who commit ‘ sex crimes ‘ in the country #AceNews Desk reports

(KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia) — Malaysia’s opposition alliance has named 92-year-old former PM Mahathir Mohamad as its prime minister candidate for upcoming general elections to boost its chances of wrestl ing power from a coalition that has ruled since independence under Prime Minister Najib Razak #AceNewsDesk reports

(VELES, Macedonia.) In a small town where pottery was their main source of income CNN reported recently that on a scale that is now industrial they churn out ‘ Fake News ‘ to American media sites that on every click on sites like Googles Adsense earned one man a fortune #AceNewsDesk reports

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