Constitutional Court has ordered the authorities to unblock `Twitter ' as it Violates the Rights of Users'

#AceWorldNews – ISTANBUL – April 03 – (HDN) – The Constitutional Court has ordered authorities to unblock Twitter, saying the decision violated the rights of users who had appealed the decision.

Regarding individual complaints, the court has unanimously ruled the ban is a violation of free speech guaranteed by Article 26 of the Constitution. “Everyone has the right to express and disseminate his thoughts and opinion by speech, in writing or in pictures or through other media, individually or collectively,” the article states.

The decision was immediately delivered to the Telecommunications Directorate (TİB) and Turkey’s Transport, Maritime and Communication Ministry with the demand that they follow the order. The court also ruled that legal fees be paid to the applicants.

With the ruling, authorities must immediately unblock Twitter in Turkey, according to Metin Feyzioğlu, the president of Turkey’s Bar Associations (TBB), who spoke to daily Hürriyet. “If they don’t abide by the ruling, we will file a criminal complaint against the TİB by attaching the ruling of the Constitutional Court” Feyzioğlu added.

The ruling will also be used as a precedent for similar cases in the future, experts have said. If the court ruling is respected, authorities will not be able to impose blanket bans of this kind.

The individual complaints were separately filed by Ass. Prof. Dr. Kerem Altıparmak, Prof. Dr. Yaman Akdeniz and Sezgin Tanrıkulu, deputy chair of the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP).

The Constitution of The Republic Of Turkey

Article 26:

VIII. Freedom of Expression and Dissemination of Thought

Everyone has the right to express and disseminate his thoughts and opinion by speech, in writing or in pictures or through other media, individually or collectively.

This right includes the freedom to receive and impart information and ideas without interference from official authorities.

This provision shall not preclude subjecting transmission by radio, television, cinema, and similar means to a system of licencing. The exercise of these freedoms may be restricted for the purposes of preventing crime, punishing offenders, withholding information duly classified as a State secret, protecting the reputation and rights and the private and family life of others, or protecting professional secrets as prescribed by law, or ensuring the proper functioning of the judiciary.

No language prohibited by law shall be used in the expression and dissemination of thought. Any written or printed documents, phonograph records, magnetic or video tapes, and other means of expression used in contravention of this provision shall be seized by a duly issued decision of a judge or, in cases where delay is deemed prejudicial, by the competent authority designated by law. The authority issuing the seizure order shall notify the competent judge of its decision within twenty-four hours. The judge shall decide on the matter within three days.

Provisions regulating the use of means of disseminating information and ideas shall hot be interpreted as a restriction of freedom of expression and dissemination unless they prevent the dissemination of information and thought.


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` United States Secretly Funded the Establishment of `Cuban Twitter ' in 2009 in an Attempt to Undermine Government '

#AceWorldNews – NEW YORK – April 03 – The US government secretly funded the establishment of Cuban Twitter in 2009. The social network designed to undermine the government in Cuba. Associated Press conducted its own investigation into the circumstances of the operation and reported about it.

The project ZunZuneo by Agency for International Development ( USAID) was carried out for three years and has attracted tens of thousands of subscribers.

The main aim was to create a short message service which could circumvent existing in Cuba restrictions on access to the Internet.

The role of the US government carefully concealed. The target audience of Twitter has become mostly young people.

The Project stopped in 2012 because of insufficient funding. USAID officials refused to provide information about who had approved the program or whether the White House was aware of it.

According to (USAID) spokesman Matt Herrick said only the United States Congress was aware of the project and found it consistent with US law.


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` Bill on Children as Organ Donors Drafted in Russia ‘



Bill on children as organ donors drafted in Russia

10:58 02/04/2014 A bill on organ donation, which the Healthcare Ministry has submitted to the government, stipulates that children above one year of age can become organ donors, but only with the approval of their parents, a ministry official told RIA Novosti.


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` NATO have chosen ` Norweigian Jens Stoltenberg ‘ as the Next ` Secretary-General ‘

#AceWorldNews – Ambassadors to NATO have chosen former Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg as its next secretary-general, the military alliance said Friday.

He will take over from October 1, succeeding Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Reuters reported.

Rasmussen described Stoltenberg on Twitter as “the right man to build on NATO’s record of strength and success.

” The Ukraine crisis showed the need for NATO “to have continued strong and determined leadership,” Rasmussen added.

BIO – About this sound Jens Stoltenberg (help·info) (born 16 March 1959) is a Norwegian politician who was Prime Minister of Norway from 2000 to 2001 and again from 2005 to 2013. He has been leader of the Norwegian Labour Party since 2002. He is leader and parliamentary leader of the Labour Party, and a UN special envoy on climate change. Stoltenberg has had a number of international assignments.

These include chairing the UN High-Level Panel on System Wide Coherence and the High-Level Advisory Group on Climate Change Financing.

First elected to Parliament in 1993 for the Oslo constituency, Stoltenberg served as State Secretary in the Ministry of the Environment from 1990 to 1991 and as Minister of Industry from 1993 to 1996 in the Third Brundtland Cabinet, respectively. Following the resignation of Brundtland in 1996, Thorbjørn Jagland was elected leader of the Labour Party and became Prime Minister, while Stoltenberg was appointed Minister of Finance, an office he held until 17 October 1997 when Jagland and the entire government resigned as a consequence of its 36.9 ultimatum.

While in parliamentary opposition, Stoltenberg served in the standing committee on energy affairs. He became the parliamentarian leader and prime minister candidate for the Labour Party in February 2000. Following a motion of no confidence against the First Bondevik Cabinet, Stoltenberg was appointed Prime Minister on 3 March 2000.


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` Right Sector have `Circled ' the `Ukrainian Parliament ' in ` Kiev ' Demanding the Resignation of Arsen Avakov '

#AceBreakingNews – Nationalists from the Right Sector have circled the Ukrainian parliament in Kiev and demand the resignation of the interior minister after their leader Muzychko was killed in a police operation.

Some 250 members of the Right Sector, which recently was revamped into a political party, have flooded the square in front of Verkhovna Rada in the Ukrainian capital on Thursday night. Wearing masks and brandishing bats, they are shouting “Avakov, get out!” “You have lost Crimea!”

More people are reportedly streaming in. RIA Novosti says the parliament building is empty except for guards. Local outlets cite concerns the rally might attempt to break into the parliament.

Принесли залізяки. Гупають у них
— Oksana Kovalenko (@superumka) March 27, 2014
Interior Minister Arsen Avakov is held personally responsible for the death of Aleksandr Muzychko, also known as Sashko Bilyi, one of the Right Sector leaders. Muzychko was declared killed in a police raid against his gang in Rovno, western Ukraine, on Tuesday.

One of Right Sector coordinators, ultranationalist Alexander Muzychko (Sashko Bily), wanted by Russia for torture and killings of Russian soldiers in the Russian North Caucasus republic of Chechnya in 1994-200, was killed in a special operation by Ukrainian law enforcers in western Ukraine on March 25.

On March 5, Russia’s Investigative Committee charged Right Sector leader Dmitry Yarosh with using media to make public calls for terrorist and extremist activity. Moscow’s Basmanny Court sanctioned his arrest in absentia- Tass.

Ace Related News – March 25 – 12.15 GMT – Extract – #AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – March 25 – Today in Rivne “Right Sector” made an official statement about the murder of Alexander Muzychko. We will take revenge for the death our brother on Arsen Avakov ,said the coordinator of the “right sector” in Rivne Roman Koval.


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` Turkish court orders `Turkish Telecommunications Ministry ‘ to life ban on Twitter ‘ as it contradicts Constitutional State ‘

#AceSocialNews – ANKARA – March 26 – A court in Ankara has ordered the Turkish Telecommunications Ministry to lift ban on the social network Twitter. The court stressed that blocking access to Twitter “contradicts the principles of a constitutional state.”

Turkish telecommunications authority is expected to order all Internet providers to restore access to Twitter in compliance with the court order.

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1. March 22 – 17.48 GMT –
2. March 22 – 10.18 GMT –
3. March 21 – 09.02 GMT –


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` France’s Consumer Rights Group `Files Lawsuit ‘ in ` Paris Court ‘ against Social Media for Violation of Privacy ‘

#AceSocialNews – FRANCE – March 25 – France’s top consumer rights group has filed a lawsuit in a Paris court against Google+, Facebook and Twitter, accusing the social networks of violating the country’s privacy laws.

UFC-Que Choisir – a group which advises consumers on products, services and their rights – said it was filing a suit in the High Court over “abusive” and “illegal” practices in the conditions of use on the three social networks, AFP reported Tuesday.

The consumers’ group said that last summer they warned the companies that they would bring legal action in case they did not address concerns over terms of use and data-collection practices.

However, “they are stubbornly maintaining clauses that the association considers abusive or illegal,” the group was reported as saying.

UFC-Que Choisir asked the court to order Google+, Facebook and Twitter to get rid of or change the fine print on their terms of use since, they believe, it is far too complicated.

According to the organization, the instructions were “inaccessible, unreadable and full of hypertext links” – some of which are available only in English.

The watchdog claimed that the social networks “persist in authorizing the widespread collection, modification, preservation and use of the data of users and even of those around them.”

Social and Media News –


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#AceWorldNews NEW YORK March 24 A train derailed…

#AceWorldNews – NEW YORK – March 24 – A train derailed in the Chicago subway, NBC reported on Twitter Monday.

At least 32 people were injured as a result of a train derailment that occurred Monday in Chicago.


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` The White House said the ban on the social media site undermined democracy and free speech in Turkey ‘

#AceWorldNews – TURKEY – 22 March – Turkey said Saturday that social media website Twitter is “biased” and was being used for “systematic character assassinations” of members of Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan’s government.

Turkey said Friday that it was going to ban the site, although a Turkish official told Reuters that talks with Twitter on resolving the problems that led to it being blocked were going positively.

The White House said the ban on the social media site undermined democracy and free speech in Turkey.

People trying to access Twitter found an internet page with court rulings telling them it had been blocked as a “protection measure.

Many Turks also reported problems accessing the internet in general.

Ace Related News – 22 March – 10.18 GMT – Extract – Related News: Extract – March – 09.02 GMT – #AceWorldNews – Turkey has blocked Twitter hours after embattled Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan threatened to close it down ahead of a key election. It comes after audio recordings purportedly demonstrating corruption among his associates were posted on the site.

Also ban on YouTube at:


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Turkey : ` Google declines to remove `YouTube ‘ videos that allege Corruption ‘

#AceWorldNews – Google has declined Turkey’s requests to remove YouTube videos that allege government corruption, sources told The Wall Street Journal.

Amid a corruption scandal, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government has asked Google in recent weeks to block certain videos from its site in Turkey.

However, Google has reportedly refused to comply given it believes the requests are legally invalid. Turkey blocked the social media site Twitter on Thursday, and the government has threatened to do the same with YouTube and Facebook, as the sites have been prime conduits for corruption allegations.

Related News: Extract – March – 09.02 GMT – #AceWorldNews – Turkey has blocked Twitter hours after embattled Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan threatened to close it down ahead of a key election. It comes after audio recordings purportedly demonstrating corruption among his associates were posted on the site.


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` Turkey blocks ` Twitter ‘ we now have a court order – we will wipe out Twitter according to Islamist Leader ‘

#AceWorldNews – Turkey has blocked Twitter hours after embattled Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan threatened to close it down ahead of a key election. It comes after audio recordings purportedly demonstrating corruption among his associates were posted on the site.

Just before midnight, access to Twitter was blocked, Hurriyet Daily reports.

“We now have a court order. We will wipe out Twitter,” the Islamist-leaning leader told a crowd of adulating supporters during a campaign rally in the north-western city of Bursa on Thursday, AFP reported.


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The arrest of Neo-Nazi gunmen in Kharkov is expected to mark the beginning of large-scale actions to neutralize and bring extremists to justice, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s envoy for human rights, democracy and the rule of law, Konstantin Dolgov, said in his blog on Twitter on Saturday.

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` Syrian Hackers say they have Compromised US Central Command '

#AceSecurityNews – Syrian hackers say they’ve compromised US Central Command

Published time: March 14, 2014 18:40
image from from
A group of computer hackers who are loyal to Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad say they’ve accessed hundreds of documents after allegedly penetrating the network of the United States Central Command and other systems.

The Syrian Electronic Army hacktivist group said from their Twitter account on Friday that they were engaged in an operation targeting CENTCOM due to US President Barack Obama’sdecision to attack Syria with electronic warfare.”

Soon after the group claimed to have “already successfully penetrated many central repositories,” and tweeted a screenshot of what is purported to show that hackers have indeed somehow wound up inside of a military computer system of some sorts.

The image suggests that someone from the SEA may have in fact gained access to a military directory called “AKO Home” that contains a number of folders with names relating to the US Air Force specifics command units under that branch.

This is part of an ongoing operation and we have already successfully penetrated many central

— SyrianElectronicArmy (@Official_SEA16) March 14, 2014

In the coming days we will update you with specific details and hundreds of documents that the #SEA has obtained,” the group tweeted.

“AKO,” or “Army Knowledge Online,” is the name of a web-based enterprise information system used by the Pentagon to let military personnel access files from any internet-connected computer, and was called “the world’s largest intranet” in a 2001 Wired article.

“It’s a total aggregation of all the information the Army has, all the documents, manuals and files,” Ryan Samuel, the director of public relations at a company that helped develop the AKO, told Wired’s Louise Knapp for that article.

At the time, Louise said the AKO had room for around 70 terabytes of storage for those files, though that number has almost certainly grown exponentially over the last 13 years.

The AKO website was slow to respond following the hackers’ claim, which could be the result of a surge in visitors prompted by the SEA’s tweets, an attempted denial-of-service attack to momentarily cripple the military’s servers or, also likely, a total coincidence.

Requests for comment made by RT to the Army’s press office were not immediately returned Friday afternoon.

The SEA has engaged in a number of operations in recent months against the websites of western media outlets, and is perhaps best known for claiming to have compromised the Twitter account of the Associated Press last year. Once that account was commandeered, the SEA erroneously reported that an explosion had occurred at the White House.

In January, the SEA gained unauthorized access to the social media accounts affiliated with Skype and posted messages critical of the Microsoft-owned product and the US government’s relationship with Silicon Valley. Last month, the group reportedly accessed the email accounts of Forbes employees and then took control of associated blogs.

The US has not publically admitted to waging any cyberattacks against the Syrian government, although the White House has been linked to waging a digital attack on Iran’s nuclear enrichment program, and leaked National Security Agency documents have shown that the US intelligence community has an arsenal of offensive cyberweapons at its disposal.



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` Russian One Channel was hit by a DDoS attack that was supposed to be `Anonymous Caucasus ‘ Twitter Reported ‘

#AceNewsServices – Moscow – The site of the Russian Channel One was unavailable due to a DDoS attack, the channel’s press office confirmed to Itar-Tass. No details as to the power of the attack are available. The channel’s official website is now working normally.

The channel’s site was made unavailable between midday and 1pm Moscow time (GMT+4) from Kiev, reported the press office.

The channel earlier supposed the resource might have been attacked by the hacker group Anonymous Caucasus as report of the attack came out on its account on Twitter.

The same group released data about attacks on the Syrian Government’s sites and media which was put out on February 20, 2014.

In DDoS (Distributed denial-of-service attack) multiple systems, mainly contaminated with viruses, flood the attacked resource with requests and thus make it unavailable.


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` Turkish Activists hacked into ` Twitter ‘ account of ` Erdogan ‘ posting messages Berkin Elvana ‘

#AceWorldNews A group of Turkish activists hacked into the Twitter account of a top adviser to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, posting messages of solidarity with a teenage boy who recently died as a result of injuries sustained during mass protests last summer.

The Twitter account of Mustafa Varank, one of Erdogan’s top political advisers, was hacked Wednesday, Hurriyet Daily reports.

Many messages posted on the hijacked account memorialized Berkin Elvana, a 15-year-old teenager who died Tuesday after being in a coma for 269 days. Berkin was struck in the head by a tear-gas canister during the now infamous Gezi park protests that gripped Istanbul in June. Berkin was not taking part in the protest, but was rather a passerby.

Varank’s Twitter cover was changed to Elvan’s portrait, and several posts accused Erdogan of being responsible for the boy’s death.

“We know who Elvan’s killer is,” read one of the messages, which also included a photograph of Erdoğan with the inscription: “I gave the instructions to the police.”

Previous Post 11 March at
Extract “To our people: We lost our son Berkin Elvan at 7am this morning. Condolences to us all,” Berkin’s parents wrote.

Hashtag #BerkinElvanÖlümsüzdür (“Berkin Elvan is eternal”) trended globally on Twitter, as news of his death spread.

Hurriyet Daily – RT News – News Sources


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` Turkish Police and Protesters clash over death of a 15 Year-Old who was hit by a ` Tear-Gas ‘ cannister fired by Police ‘

#AceWorldNews Police and protesters have clashed in several cities in Turkey as the country is gripped by unrest following the death of 15-year old Berkin Elvan. He was hit by tear-gas canister shot by police and died in hospital after 269 days in a coma.

Thousands of people took to the streets of Turkey’s biggest cities in Ankara and Istanbul after the family of Berkin Elvan confirmed his death and made the announcement on Twitter.

“To our people: We lost our son Berkin Elvan at 7am this morning. Condolences to us all,” Berkin’s parents wrote.

Hashtag #BerkinElvanÖlümsüzdür (“Berkin Elvan is eternal”) trended globally on Twitter, as news of his death spread.


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` Florida jury convicts `Michael Dunn ‘ of attempted murder and not actual murder’

#AceWorldNews says that a Florida jury convicts Michael Dunn of attempted murder, but not actual murder, in the shooting death of black teenager Jordan Davis, the hashtag (hash)dangerousblackchildren popped up on Twitter.

A Florida jury found Michael Dunn guilty on four of the five charges in a case in which he was accused of shooting a teenager to death over loud music, but they could not come to a decision on the murder charge and a mistrial was declared on that count.

Dunn, 47, had faced a first degree murder charge for the shooting death of Jordan Davis, 17, in a Jacksonville convenience store parking lot on Nov. 23, 2012.

The judge had instructed the jury that they could consider lesser charges, including second degree murder, manslaughter, justifiable homicide or excusable homicide, but they said the could not come to an agreement on any of those charges.

More plus video at:


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` Anti-Fracking Rallies take place across `UK ' across with largest in Manchester '

#AceUKNews says hundreds of protesters marched through Manchester, England on Sunday in what is believed to be one of the largest anti-fracking rallies to take place in the UK.

A recent survey carried out by the Manchester Evening News found that 73 percent of Greater Manchester residents are opposed to the controversial gas extraction technique – so on Sunday at noon, up to 1,000 demonstrators gathered in down-town to march from Piccadilly Gardens to Cathedral Gardens.

Many of the speakers and demonstrators included members of the long-standing Barton Moss protest camp in neighbouring Irlam, just south of Manchester.

There, energy firm IGas is carrying out test drilling to explore potential shale gas reserves beneath the green belt site at Barton Moss.

Football related placard at the anti-fracking rally in Piccadilly
— Chris Slater (@chrisslaterMEN) March 9, 2014

The purpose of the march in Manchester was to send a clear message to the government and energy companies that the vast majority of Britons oppose fracking,

Martin Porter, a spokesman for the Barton Moss camp and a member of Frack Free Greater Manchester, told the Manchester Evening News.
“The purpose of the day is to send a message out that we don’t want fracking in Manchester or anywhere else. At the moment, Barton Moss is at the centre of attention across the country but before long two thirds of people in England and Wales might find a #Fracking rig on their doorstep,” Porter said.



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` Maidan militants guilty of murders must stand trial, Konstantin Dolgov wrote on his Twitter page’

#AceWorldNews reports that western powers must close the road to presidency for Ukraine’s leading neo-Nazi Dmytro Yarosh, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s special envoy for democracy and supremacy of law, Konstantin Dolgov has written in Twitter.

“The de facto authorities in Kiev and their Western patrons should block the road to state power for the neo-Nazi Yarosh and his adepts,” he says.

Yarosh stands at head of the radical far-right Pravy Sektor (Right Sector) paramilitary movement, which according to the Time Magazine “has amassed a lethal arsenal of weapons.”

Dmytgro Ysarosh and his assistants have more than once stated in public their willingness to engage in combat operations against ‘the Russian Empire’.

Ukrainian militants must stand trial for the murders they are guilty of committing at that Kiev’s central Independence Square notorious for protest actions, Konstantin Dolgov, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Envoy for Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law, wrote on his Twitter page.

“Outrages of far right nationalists enjoying impunity have absolutely discredited the Maidan protest,” he said. “The militants guilty of murders must be put on trial.

Tass – Twitter ` Konstantin Dolgov ‘


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` Rwanda has expressed concern over `South Africa ‘ of harbouring dissents responsible for terrorist attacks’

#AceWorldNews says that Rwanda has expressed “concern at South Africa harbouring dissidents responsible for terrorist attacks in Rwanda” – the foreign ministry said on its Twitter account.

Relations between the two countries have been strained since Patrick Karegeya – a fierce critic of Rwandan President Paul Kagame – was found dead in a Johannesburg hotel room on New Year’s Day.

Karegeya had been living in exile in Johannesburg for several years. Karegeya’s supporters accused the Rwandan government of being behind the killing and South African police opened a murder probe.

RT News


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