BRITAIN: ‘ UK Scientists apply for license to play at being God on human embryo’s ‘

#FOIA MOD Documents Reveal Coalition Forces Bombing Syria without Democratic Sanction ‘

Russia and China Crack Snowden Documents

#BREAKING144 ‘ Chancellor Announces Sell-Off/Out of RBS Taxpayers Stake ‘

BRITAIN: Osborne Set to sell-off RBS & the loss to taxpayers this time – around £14-billion – Reports ‘

#BREAKING REPORT: ‘ US plans to deploy missiles in Europe ‘

G7 SUMMIT: ‘ Cameron announces 125 extra military trainers to Iraq to fight Islamic State ‘

GERMANY: ‘ G7Live: ‘ Conference Protesters Peaceful & Police Keep Watching Brief ‘

‘ David Cameron Behind Closed Doors Discusses Political Fall-Out of Scottish Referendum ‘

SCOTLAND: ‘ Debate Surrounding Independency Which Country Agrees YES or NO ‘

BRUSSELS: ‘ Scotland Would Have To Reapply to Join EU and NATO Officials Stress ‘

SCOTLAND: ‘ Calls From Party For Cameron to Resign if Referendum Lost ‘

JORDAN: ' Abu Qatada Says Beheading US Journalists Contradicts Islamic Teaching '

BRITAIN: ‘ UK Government Ramp-Up Pressure on the Independence Issue This Time Targeting Defence of the Realm ‘

‘ Doctors, Teachers, Care Workers and Former Police Officers Among 600 Suspected Paedophiles Arrested But NO MP’s ‘

Radical Islam ‘Trojan Horse plot’ threatens the UK and the West

#AceNewsServices WASHINGTON WHITE HOUSE April 25 2014 G…

` G7 Leaders will Meet in Brussels on the 4th and 5th June in the G7-Format it has been Agreed ‘

` Asif says that `Civil and Military ‘ are both in `Agreement ‘ with ` Internal Security ‘ situation in the Country ‘

` British Police have issued a ` Warning ' to those who search for and post `Radical Islamist Publications ' on the Internet '