` UN Human Rights Chief Confirms over 9,000 Children Recruited as Child Soldiers in South Sudan’s War ‘

#AceWorldNews – SOUTH SUDAN – April 30 – Over 9,000 children have been recruited as soldiers in South Sudan’s four-month long civil war by both government and rebel forces, the UN’s human rights chief said on Wednesday.

“Children have also been killed during indiscriminate attacks on civilians by both sides,” AFP quoted UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay as saying.

The list of alarming statistics is long. Here are a few more: UNMISS unquestionably saved thousands of lives, when it opened the gates of several of its compounds to people fleeing deadly attacks.

Some 80,000 people are now sheltering in these compounds. UNICEF reports that more than 9,000 children have been recruited into armed forces by both sides. 32 schools have been taken over by military forces, and there have been more than 20 attacks on clinics and health centres.

Many women and girls have been raped, often brutally and sometimes by several fighters. Others have been abducted.

Children have also been killed during indiscriminate attacks on civilians by both sides.

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#AceWorldNews KARACHI April 21 DWN Two Pakistani employees…

#AceWorldNews – KARACHI – April 21 – (DWN) – Two Pakistani employees of the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) who were abducted in Karachi four days ago were recovered on Monday, officials said.

Officers raided a house in the east of the city in the early hours of the morning after tracing mobile phone signals, senior police official Sultan Khawaja, told AFP, and found the UNICEF staff.

But there was no sign of the people suspected of kidnapping the pair, who went missing in the city on Thursday evening, said Khawaja.

“UNICEF is pleased to confirm that two of its national staff who were abducted on Thursday evening in Karachi are now safe and well,” the UN agency said in a statement.


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` Human Cost of Syria's Violence is 11 Children Dead in One Week with 10,000 Killed since Conflict Began '

#AceNewsServices – DAMASCUS – April 06 – Report from UNICEF on April 04 2014 stated that 11 children had been killed in two separate attacks this week in Rural Damascus and in Al Qalamoun Mountains in Syria is a horrific and tragic reminder of the human cost of the conflict inflicted by all sides in the fighting.

Too many children have suffered from the violence and terror of a conflict over which they have no influence. This suffering has to end and all parties to the conflict must uphold their responsibilities to protect children.

UNICEF repeats its call for those involved in the fighting, and those with influence over them, to bring an immediate end to this crisis which has not only devastated the lives of millions of children, but is creating terrifying long-term consequences for the future stability of Syria and the region.

GENEVA, Switzerland, March 11 (UPI) — With 5.5 million children suffering in Syria, UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake says it’s time to bring the hostilities to an end.

The civil war in Syria entered its fourth year in March. UNICEF said in a report on the conflict the number of children affected by ongoing violence has doubled since March 2013.

“For Syria’s children, the past three years have been the longest of their lives,” Lake said in a statement Monday. “Must they endure another year of suffering?”

UNICEF said there may be as many as 1 million children trapped by the fighting inside Syria. Of the 1.2 million children living as refugees outside the country, Lake said about 10 percent of them have entered the labour pool and 20 percent of Syrian girls are forced into early marriage.



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` Syrian Conflicts take their toll on ` Innocent Victims ‘ as the `Crisis enters its Fourth Year ‘

#AceWorldNews United Nations and international aid groups have urged for all borders to be open to Syrian refugees as the crisis, worsening each day, entered its fourth year on Saturday.

The Syrian civil war which began amid the Arab spring in the region, initially started as anti-government protests.

Over time it has grown into what has been dubbed the worst humanitarian crisis witnessed for decades.

The number of those killed topped the 100,000 mark when the UN stopped counting months ago.

Activists in Syria say the number could be as high as 146,000 people.

More than 2.5 million Syrians sought refuge in neighbouring countries, while 6.5 million have been displaced inside.

Civilians have been hit the hardest – three quarters of the refugees are said to be women and children.

An estimated 2.3 million children were in need of shelter, food, health care, education or psychological help only last year, said the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Executive Director Anthony Lake.

Since March 2013, the number of children affected by the crisis has more than doubled to 5.5 million, according to the organization.


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