#UN ::”Refugee Agency calls the `International Community’ to make itself available to 10,000 Syrian Refugee’s to help them find a Home”

#AceWorldNews says the United Nations Refugee Agency called on the international community Friday to make itself available to the 100,000 Syrian refugees who are desperate to find a new home outside their war-torn country.

There is an immediate need for 30,000 people but as the civil war surpasses the three year mark, “there will be increasing numbers of vulnerable Syrian refugees who will be in need of resettlement, relocation, and other forms of humanitarian assistance,” the UN said. Germany has offered to take in 11,500 Syrians,

With Canada (1,300), Sweden (1,200), Norway (1,000), and other countries also preparing to accept the refugees.

The United States, already the world’s top landing-place for refugees, has offered to take in an open-ended number of displaced Syrians.

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Israel: “Could be Breaking International Law by Limiting Rights of Asylum Seekers”

#AceWorldNews says the United Nations refugee agency today warned that Israel could be breaking international law by limiting the rights of asylum-seekers with a new amendment to the country’s anti-infiltration law.

Of particular concern to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is a provision in the new Amendment requiring asylum-seekers to reside in a so-called open residence facility.

“Since the facility was housing people who cannot be returned to their countries of origin for reasons of non-refoulement, the organization is concerned that this facility could, in effect, result in indefinite detention, with no release grounds,” UNHCR spokesperson Adrian Edwards said in Geneva.

The facility, located in the Negev desert, also restricts movement by mandating people reside there, and report in three times per day, among other discipline measures.

Mr. Edwards said that UNHCR understands the challenges faced by Israel in managing the reception of migrants and asylum-seekers. However, it was important that the treatment of asylum-seekers “be in line with international refugee and human rights law,” he concluded.

Under the Amendment, new asylum-seekers arriving in an irregular manner will automatically be detained for at least a year, as will people whose conditional release visas have expired.

Difficulties in renewing visas are meanwhile growing, the spokesperson noted, with reports of long queues and limited access to visa services.

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