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Dear Friends, Readers & Followers: Its was time to update all of you that visit, like and reblog our posts to say another great big thank you for your kindness and support … Today is #update day 25/07/2016


So here is our full list of news services, social sites and pages just click the link below to follow or leave a comment anytime …

Here is a page of our latest updates on the 25/07/2016 here: 

And thanks again  ..Ian (Editor)

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Ace News Group – Update: Feb.20: Firstly let me thank you for all your reblogs, likes and comments, it is really appreciated.
There is now so much more world news, featured, editors, guest and writers posts, that so many of you are kindly liking and reblogging on Ace News Services. FOR WHICH I TRULY THANK YOU ALL.
It was time for another change, AND this time that you all get involved. Here it is at:
' World News & Views Just Made for Sharing '
‘ World News & Views Just Made for Sharing ‘
The launch of this site has been tried and tested on a trial period on a private site and it works, thanks to a few friends, I invited. Now today it is open to everyone who is a WordPress member.     
Today all site owners can visit and add their news and views, in the box provided.
Just type in the box your news, add a link, or short code from YouTube or even a picture URL and click post. Instantly it will be shared on our Twitter & Facebook & Tumblr social media sites and eventually Ace Publishing Panel.
Now it is open to everyone, so enjoy.
Site can be found here:

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#AceWorldwideNewsGroup: Dec.28 – This the latest update all our news sites and links below:

Ace Worldwide News Group – Sites, Facebook,Groups, Social Media : http://wp.me/p5hsOr-R

Ace Breaking News & Views: As it happens and when it happens here: http://wp.me/5pssu

Ace News Services:All our main and daily news and posts here: http://wp.me/p165ui-8ux

Thanks: Ace News Team  

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