` Israel Spies on United States More Than any other Country Targeting Industrial and Technical Secrets ‘

#AceWorldNews – UNITED STATES – May 06 – Israel spies on the United States more than any other ally does and these activities have reached an alarming level, Newsweek magazine reported Tuesday.

The main targets are U.S. industrial and technical secrets, the weekly said, quoting classified briefings on legislation that would make it easier for Israeli citizens to get visas to enter America.

Newsweek said a congressional staff member familiar with a briefing last January called the testimony “very sobering … alarming … even terrifying”, and quoted another as saying the behaviour was “damaging.”

“No other country close to the United States continues to cross the line on espionage like the Israelis do,” said a former congressional staff member who attended another classified briefing in late 2013, according to Newsweek.

It said that briefing was one of several in recent months given by the US Department of Homeland Security, the State Department, the FBI and the National Counter-Intelligence Directorate.



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` US Department of Homeland Security Advises Users of Microsoft’s Explorer Browser to Use Alternatives ‘

#AceSecurityNews – BOSTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Department of Homeland Security advised computer users to consider using alternatives to Microsoft Corp’s Internet Explorer browser until the company fixes a security flaw that hackers have used to launch attacks.

The bug is the first high-profile security flaw to emerge since Microsoft stopped providing security updates for Windows XP earlier this month.
That means PCs running the 13-year old operating system could remain unprotected against hackers seeking to exploit the newly uncovered flaw, even after Microsoft figures out how to defend against it.

The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team, a part of Homeland Security known as US-CERT, said in an advisory released on Monday morning that the vulnerability in versions 6 to 11 of Internet Explorer could lead to “the complete compromise” of an affected system.

“We are currently unaware of a practical solution to this problem,” Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering Institute warned in a separate advisory, that US-CERT linked to in its warning.

FireEye, whose Mandiant division helps companies respond to cyber attacks, declined to name specific victims or identify the group of hackers, saying that an investigation into the matter is still active.

“It’s a campaign of targeted attacks seemingly against U.S.-based firms, currently tied to defense and financial sectors,” said FireEye spokesman Vitor De Souza on Sunday. “It’s unclear what the motives of this attack group are, at this point.

It appears to be broad-spectrum intel gathering.”

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#Sochi : Warnings have been Issued about `How Toothpaste Tubes ‘ could be used to hide Explosives”

#AceWorldNews says Days ahead of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, the US Department of Homeland Security has warned airlines with direct flights to Russia that explosives hidden in toothpaste tubes could be smuggled on board.

An anonymous law enforcement official told AP the explosives could be assembled in flight or upon arrival in Russia.

The department said in a statement that it “is not aware of a specific threat to the homeland at this time,” and that the department “regularly shares information with domestic and international partners, including those associated with international events such as the Sochi Olympics.”
Delta Airlines is the only US carrier with direct flights to Moscow from the US; Russian airlines Aeroflot and Transaero also have non-stop flights from the US.

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