#AceWorldNews US Navy SEALs took control of the…

#AceWorldNews US Navy SEALs took control of the oil tanker ‘Morning Glory’, which had earlier been seized by three gunmen at a Libyan port, the US Department of Defence said.

The vessel was carrying up to 200,000 barrels of oil, which the Libyan militants presumably wanted to sell at the black market.

The tanker was boarded by the SEALs late Sunday night in international waters south-west of Cyprus.

No one is reported hurt in the operation, which was requested by the Libyan and Cypriot governments and approved by US President Barack Obama.

The vessel is now heading back to Libya, where crucial oil facilities and ports have been under control of anti-government forces.

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` US readies for referendum and moves their `Navy Destroyer ‘ USS Truxtun into place in Black Sea ‘

#AceWorldNews says that the US Navy destroyer, the USS Truxtun, has crossed Turkey’s Bosphorus and entered the Black Sea.

With the Crimea Peninsula getting ready to hold a referendum on independence from Ukraine in a week, the US is ramping up its military presence in the region.

USS Truxton is heading to “previously planned” training exercises with the Bulgarian and Romanian navies, AFP reported earlier.

At the same time, Fox News declared that NATO’s bolstering presence in the Black Sea is a “defensive” measure to counter “Russian military aggression” in Ukraine.


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` US Navy plans to add 22 `Boeing Electronic Attack Jets ‘ to its unfunded priorities requested by Congress ‘

#AceWorldNews says that the US Navy plans to add 22 Boeing electronic attack jets to a list of “unfunded” priorities requested by Congress, Reuters said.

The document must still be vetted by senior Pentagon officials, who have underscored their commitment to Lockheed Martin Corporation’s next-generation F-35 fighter jet, according to sources.

Priorities outlined in the 2015 budget plan and the separate $26.4 billion “growth fund” set up by the White House did not include more Boeing Co F/A-18 Super Hornets or EA-18G Growlers.

The Navy did not seek funding for either plane, but it plans to add 22 Growlers to its unfunded priorities list.


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` Navy destroyer USS Truxtun crosses Dardanelles en route to Black Sea ‘

#AceWorldNews says that the US Navy destroyer USS Truxtun has reportedly crossed the Dardanelles on Friday, as it heads into the Black Sea.

The US Navy earlier announced the guided missile destroyer’s “routine” deployment to conduct training with the Romanian and Bulgarian navy, saying it had been decided long before the crisis in Ukraine.

The ship left Greece on Thursday and is expected to cross the Bosphorus later Friday.


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` Us Navy has said Military Pilot has been killed in a crash whilst on a training exercise in western Nevada’

#AceWorldNews says that the US Navy has said that the military pilot had been killed in the crash, a day after a fighter jet went down during a training exercise in western Nevada.

Rescue crews reached the site of Saturday’s crash on a Navy range training complex east of Naval Air Station Fallon amid a snow storm in mountainous, remote terrain. US Pacific Fleet said officials determined the pilot’s status on Sunday.

The F/A-18C, a US Marine jet on loan to the Naval Strike and Air Warfare Centre, went down about 70 miles (113km) east of Naval Air Station Fallon, AP reported.


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