USA Gov.Report: ‘ Female Veteran’s Commit Suicide at 6-times Rate of other Women ‘

#AceNewsReport – USA:June.08: Female veterans commit suicide at nearly six times the rate of other women, new government research shows.

It approaches the rate of male veterans. That’s alarming because, in general, men are far more likely to kill themselves. Also alarming: Nobody is sure why.

It might have more to do with who joins the military than with what they experience while serving.


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#AceNewsServices – Featured Post: SYRIA:Jan.02: US military veteran said joining a Kurdish group fighting Islamic State militants in Syria was as “easy” as buying an airline ticket, highlighting the simplicity with which westerners have joined both Islamic State and its foes.

'US vet says fighting in Syria was as easy as buying air-plane ticket to Miami -Screenshot from 2015-01-02 19:33:42 '

‘US vet says fighting in Syria was as easy as buying air-plane ticket to Miami -Screenshot from 2015-01-02 19:33:42 ‘

The veteran, “John,” told Fox News in an exclusive interview that he found a Kurdish group known as YPG on Facebook, sending them his military credentials during the vetting process.

“What I believe is that they are European go-betweens, they are not in Kurdistan, they operate receiving information of interested Westerners, and then they either relay it or make a decision themselves of whether or not this person is suitable to work with the YPG,” he said.

“They sent (angel) message saying I was approved and someone would be waiting on me.”

Once approved, the rest was fairly simple.

“I just went on-line and bought a ticket. It was that easy. It was like booking a flight to Miami Beach,” he said.

John said upon arrival, he was taken almost immediately to the front lines of fighting in Syria, where Islamic State (also known as ISIS or ISIL) battles both President Bashar Assad’s forces and myriad other groups jockeying for position in the war-torn nation.

“It’s extremely dangerous in that they’re taking anyone with no military experience, no age requirements, no physical restrictions,” he said.

“They are just taking people there, giving them a gun saying, ‘Hey, good luck, buddy’,” John said of the lack of training recruits receive.

He said they day he joined YPG, he was accompanied by another westerner, from Scotland. He added that he also met a Canadian, other Americans, and Britons.

Never paid by the Kurds he worked with, John has since come home, turning himself over to the American consulate in Iraq.

Yet his case underscores concerns in Washington and capitals across the Western world that the ongoing Syrian civil war and fighting in Iraq, where Islamic State has gained considerable sway in western territories and areas along the Syrian border, have become increasingly attractive for westerners, especially those with jihadist motivations.

Before stepping down in August – just as President Barack Obama had ordered US-led air-strikes on Islamic State positions in Iraq – longtime FBI Director Robert Muellerwarned of Americans traveling to Syria and coming back with intentions “to undertake an attack upon the homeland.”

“[When] you have individuals travelling to those venues, you are concerned [first] about the associations they will make, and secondly about the expertise they will develop and whether or not they will utilize those associations, utilize that expertise, to undertake an attack upon the homeland,” Mueller told ABC News.

Three days after Mueller’s remarks, it was reported that Douglas McAuthur McCain, a 33-year-old American, was killed in Syria while battling alongside Islamic State. It was later reported that fellow native Minnesotan Abdirahmaan Muhumed, an employee of a Delta Airlines subsidiary in the Twin Cities, perished in the same battle. At least one American — a Florida man named Moner Mohammad Abusalha — has previously died in Syria after carrying out a suicide bombing mission for Nusra Front, an Al-Qaeda-related affiliate, in May.

“We think that there are approximately 12,000 fighters from at least 50 countries in Syria — foreign fighters, including a small number of Americans — that may have traveled to Syria since the beginning of the conflict,” said deputy State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf upon reports of McCain’s death. “They may all not still be there,” she added.

US intelligence officials, speaking with anonymity, quickly announced after the McCain reports in late August that as many as 300 Americans were fighting along with Islamic State or related militants in Syria and Iraq.

“We know that there are several hundred American passport holders running around with ISIS in Syria or Iraq,” a senior US official said. “It’s hard to tell whether or not they’re in Syria or moved to Iraq.”

Yet in September, Jeh Johnson, secretary of the US Department of Homeland Security, said Islamic State did not pose a direct threat to the US.

“At present, we have no credible information that [Isis] is planning to attack the homeland of the United States,” Johnson said, echoing earlier sentiments expressedby Matthew Olsen, the head of the US National Counterterrorism Center.

Later that month, The Guardian reported, citing a “senior administration official,” that only 20 to 30 Americans had travelled to Syria to join Islamic State, affiliated jihadist groups, or groups opposed to Assad.

Meanwhile, in November, it was reported that several fighters from the US, Canada, the UK, Germany and other western nations had travelled to fight with Kurds against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.



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AceNewsServices – UNITED STATES – October 26 – Formerly homeless Veteran Robbie Myers recently won first place on ‘Chopped,’ a reality-based cooking television series that pits four chefs against each other competing for a chance to win $10,000.

' Formerly homeless Veteran Robbie Myers recently won first place on 'Chopped,' a reality-based cooking television series '

‘ Formerly homeless Veteran Robbie Myers recently won first place on ‘Chopped,’ a reality-based cooking television series ‘

The show airs on Food Network.



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‘ FBI Order Investigation into Escape by Two Asylum Seekers & Car-Jacking of 91 -year-old Navy Veteran’s Car’

#AceNewsServices UNITED STATES (Illinois) – October 11 – Two teenage asylum seekers from Guatemala have escaped a detention centre in Illinois and car-jacked a 91-year-old Navy veteran’s car.   

EXCLUSIVE: Feds order review of security at all facilities holding illegal immigrant children after two Guatemalan teens escape from Illinois detention center and carjack a 91-year-old Navy veteran

EXCLUSIVE: Feds order review of security at all facilities holding illegal immigrant children after two Guatemalan teens escape from Illinois detention center and carjack a 91-year-old Navy veteran

The incident has prompted the federal government to order a security review at all 139 shelters across the country that house illegal immigrant minors, MailOnline can exclusively reveal.

The boys, age 16 and 17, were able to walk away unchallenged from Maryville Academy in Des Plaines, Illinois, outside Chicago, on Wednesday morning and carjack two victims before they were arrested more than 225 miles away outside Iowa City, Iowa, according to authorities.

Police say they targeted an elderly man in Moline, Illinois, who was picking up his prescription at Walmart. 

They threatened him with violence, forced him out of his car and then sped off with his Buick LeSabre.  

A 225-mile escape plan: Police say the escaped teens, age 16 and 17, were headed for California, where one of them has family

Police tell MaiIOnline they were headed for California, where one of the teens has family.

The teens had been transferred to the Illinois facility after crossing the US-Mexico border as unaccompanied minors and requesting asylum in the United States.



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` US Marine and Afghanistan War Veteran Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi Gets New Hearing '

#AceNewsServices – MEXICO – May 30 – A judge has scheduled a new hearing for a U.S. Marine and Afghanistan war veteran who’s been held in a Mexican prison for nearly two months, a judicial source said.

Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi’s next day in court is scheduled for June 4, a Mexican government judicial source told CNN.

The judge started and then quickly suspended a hearing Wednesday after Tahmooressi fired his attorneys, the source said.

But the Marine’s mother, Jill Tahmooressi, said the next hearing is still weeks away as it will take time for the new attorney to be briefed.

Sgt. Tahmooressi is accused of illegally entering Mexico with three weapons. His family maintains that he legally owned the weapons and accidentally crossed the border.

It is illegal to bring guns into Mexico.

Jill Tahmooressi told CNN Wednesday that her son had made an innocent mistake.

“He is relieved that he’ll be able to go before the judge and explain precisely how he made that accidental wrong turn and ended up in the dilemma that he’s in right now,” she said.

The case has draw attention from several U.S. lawmakers and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who told CNN Wednesday that he spoke with Mexican authorities about it last week.

“We are working on determining whether or not certain evidence that has been presented is meeting the standard that’s necessary to be able to hold that young Marine, and we’re trying to find out exactly what the fact pattern is, but we are working on that,” he told Chris Cuomo on CNN’s “New Day.”
911 call: ‘I crossed the border by accident’

“I’m at the border of Mexico right now. And my problem is, I, I crossed the border by accident and I have three guns in my truck and they’re trying to take my guns from me,” the Marine told a 911 dispatcher in March.

In a recording of the call released by U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-California, the Marine appears unsure of whether he crossed the border and exasperated that Mexican authorities are trying to take his weapons.

“There’s nothing I can help you with then, sir,” the 911 dispatcher says after learning he’s in Mexico. “I do apologize.

You’re not on American soil any more.”

Tahmooressi asks if authorities have a right to take his guns.

The dispatcher tells him he should have seen large warning signs on the free-way saying it’s illegal to enter Mexico with guns.

“There are warning signs that do say that as you’re driving down the free-way, before you enter Mexico,” she says.

“Yeah, I was hoping there would be a turnaround point,” he says, “but there never was.”

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