#Fracking : “Police go too Far in Trying to Frame Cameraman During an Anti-Fracking Protest”

#AceNewsServices says according to 21stCenturywire this incident took place at Barton Moss, near Manchester, England, on the site of a peaceful anti-fracking protest.

The UK police officer shown in this video has been caught red-handed on a power-trip gone too far, or so it seemed. What eventually transpired was even worse than that.

First the officer in question (pictured below) clearly shoves the cameraman knocking him to the ground — and appears unbothered by what he has done, but he’s only getting warmed up.

Not content to merely to harass and intimidate (that’s come to be expected by police in the new corporate security state), he then attempts to frame the man filming on a fake DUI charge — only the victim was actually a pedestrian walking on a public footpath.

It’s clear from this footage that the videographer was targeted by this crazed copper because police did not want him filming them as they roughed-up peaceful protesters (since police appear to be able to wipe their conscious while playing the role of corporate thug, they don’t like the idea of being filmed at their worst).

After lying on camera claiming that the innocent man filming “already admitted to having a drink”, this shameful police officer then hands the victim over to two new police officers who threaten arrest if the victim does not consent to giving a roadside breathalyzer test. The victim then refuses and the two brainless police officers proceed to place the victim under arrest.

The second two police officers will probably give a predictable ’pass-the-buck’ excuse like, ‘we were just doing our job – we were told that the man handed over to us had been drinking and driving’. But they did not bother to question the fantastic accusations of first dodgy copper. Worse, the second two officers were so dumb, they did not even consider checking to see if the man actually owned a motor vehicle in the first place.

Still, they still arrested him anyway.

Straight out of Keystone Cops, only these two are real.

Read More: http://21stcenturywire.com/2014/02/03/police-psychopath-caught-on-camera-framing-innocent-fracking-protester-for-dui/

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President Obama’s Kenyan Brother Believes He’s Been a Victim of Possible Voter Fraud and ‘Racist’ Press Coverage

#AceWorldNews says the new constitution divided Kenya into 47 counties including Siaya, which contains more than 800,000 residents and the home town of the president’s father, Barack Obama Sr. Mr. Obama is the first child of the elder Barack Obama. He was born three years prior to his presidential sibling, who has a different mother. Mr. Obama operates a charity called the Barack H. Obama Foundation, which, according to its website, “is entirely the idea of Abon’go Malik Obama, in memory of their father, and is not dependent on the endorsement of his brother, President Barack Obama.” #voterigging


Abong’o Malik Obama wants to have a career in politics like his half-brother, President Barack Obama. However, hours after the polls closed in Kenya’s elections last night, Mr. Obama said he wasn’t sure whether his bid to be governor of Siaya County was a success and he is concerned the election results may have been tampered with. He’s also extremely angry about tabloid coverage of his campaign.

“It’s impossible to tell at this time, the whole system crashed,” Mr. Obama told Politicker when we called him Tuesday morning to inquire about the election. “We have no idea, it’s still hanging out there, and I myself am extremely disappointed and there is a high risk that the results may be manipulated.” 

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