WASHINGTON: ‘ United States Considers Selling Arms to Vietnam for Maritime Security ‘

#AceWorldNews – UNITED STATES (Washington) – October 03 – The United States is moving toward selling arms to Vietnam for maritime security, further advancing a process that has turned a once-bitter enemy into a strategic partner.

' Lockheed Martin P-3 Orion maritime surveillance planes '

‘ Lockheed Martin P-3 Orion maritime surveillance planes ‘

Secretary of State John Kerry made the announcement in a meeting Thursday with visiting Vietnamese Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

“This policy supports Vietnam’s efforts to improve its maritime domain awareness and maritime security capabilities,” she told reporters.

She did not name the specific types of weapons being considered, but news reports say Vietnam has expressed interest in buying Lockheed Martin P-3 Orion maritime surveillance planes.

Shared concerns about Chinese assertiveness in East Asia, particularly in the South China Sea, has driven Washington and Hanoi closer together in the generation after the Vietnam War.

Some the biggest supporters of that move are U.S. veterans of the eight-year conflict who are now in high positions, such as Kerry and Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., who was a “guest” of Hanoi for five years as a prisoner of war.

John Kerry supports the move to supply arms to Vietnam.   



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VIETNAM: ‘ New Agreement to Allow American’s to Adopt Special Needs Children’

#AceWorldNews – VIETNAM – September 12 – Vietnam will soon allow Americans to adopt certain Vietnamese children, six years after a ban was imposed, AP reported, citing the US Embassy.

Under the new agreement, Americans will be able to adopt children with special needs and those over five.

Before the ban was imposed, there were allegations of widespread baby-selling in Vietnam and babies offered without their parents’ consent.


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‘ Oil Rig Moved Away From Disputed Waters ‘

#AceWorldNews – CHINA (Beijing) – July 16 – According to Reuters the Chinese oil rig has finished drilling near the disputed Paracel islands in the South China Sea after finding signs of oil and gas and is being moved away from the area, more than two months after its deployment damaged relations with Hanoi.

Chinese Oil Rig Removed out of Disputed Waters

The Vietnamese coastguard said the $1-billion (£583.27 million) rig had been towed from contested waters. China’s official Xinhua news agency said the rig would be relocated off the southernmost island province of Hainan. It gave no time-frame.

The rig’s relocation could reduce tensions between the two neighbours after one of the worst breakdowns in ties since they fought a brief war in 1979.

Its movement toward Hainan is also likely to be welcomed by Washington, which had criticised China’s decision to put the rig in waters disputed with Vietnam, calling it a “provocative” act.


Hanoi had said the rig was in its 200-nautical-mile exclusive economic zone and on its continental shelf. Beijing had said it was operating completely within its waters around the Paracel islands, which China occupies.


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` Two Chinese Coastguard Ships Sailed in to Disputed Waters off-Japan's Administered Islands '

#AceNewsServices – TOKYO – May 31 – Two Chinese coastguard ships sailed into disputed waters off Japan-administered islands in the East China Sea Saturday, officials said, as the United States warned Beijing over increasing territorial assertiveness.

The Japanese coastguard said the vessels entered the 12-nautical-mile band of territorial waters around one of the Senkaku islands, which China also claims and calls the Diaoyus, around 10 am (0100 GMT).

Chinese vessels and aircraft have regularly approached the East China Sea archipelago — thought to harbour natural resources — since Tokyo nationalised some of the islands in September 2012, setting off the latest spate of incidents in a long-running territorial dispute.

Saturday’s incursion was the first of official Chinese vessels into the disputed waters since May 2 and the 12th this year.

China is also locked in territorial disputes, in the South China Sea, which Beijing claims almost entirely.

There have been incidences of Vietnam and China ramming each other’s vessels recently while in 2012 the Philippines lost control of rich fishing grounds after a tense stand-off with China.

Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam — claim parts of the sea, with Manila and Hanoi being the most vocal in opposing China’s claims. Taiwan is also a claimant.

At the annual Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore Saturday, US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel accused China of “destabilising actions” in the South China Sea.

Reuters – Japan Today – Straits Times

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` Vietnam Accuses Chinese Warships of Pointing Weapons at Vietnamese Fishing Boats ‘

#AceNewsServices – VIETNAM (Hanoi) – May 29 – Vietnam on Thursday accused Chinese warships of pointing their weapons at Vietnamese vessels, AFP said.

The tense confrontation between the two states came as China moved its deep-sea rig to a new location earlier this week that Hanoi considers is within its territory. “When we approached the Chinese warships guarding the rig they uncovered their guns, turned them and pointed them at the Vietnamese vessels,” said Ha Le, deputy chief of Vietnam’s Fisheries Surveillance Department.

Japanese media said that at least eight Chinese ships trained their machine guns on a Vietnamese coastguard boat, just six kilometres from the rig.

(Map Shows Where China Rammed Vietnamese Fishing Boats)

(VOA) – The two sides traded accusations after the sinking of a Vietnamese fishing boat Tuesday. Hanoi said the wooden vessel went down after being rammed by a Chinese fishing boat. Beijing said the boat “capsized after harassing and colliding with a Chinese fishing boat.”

Oai says Vietnam has proof that China is at fault.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Vietnam’s national legislature announced Monday that Hanoi is taking its final steps toward filing an international lawsuit against China for towing the oil rig into Vietnamese waters and attacking Vietnamese vessels.



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` Rioters Attack Steel Mill in Centre of Vietnam Killing One Chinese Worker and Injuring Ninety ‘

#AceWorldNews – TAIWAN – May 15 – A top Taiwanese diplomat says rioters attacked a Taiwanese-owned steel mill in central Vietnam, killing at least one Chinese worker and injuring 90 others.

According to AP, Ambassador to Vietnam Huang Chih-peng said the violence late Wednesday and early Thursday happened at a steel plant owned by Formosa Plastics Group.

Meanwhile, Reuters reported that five Vietnamese workers and 16 other individuals described as Chinese died Wednesday night during riots in the central Vietnamese province of Ha Tinh, according to a doctor at a hospital in the province.

Early Wednesday, rioters attacked factory buildings in a southern industrial park which were believed to have Chinese owners but were, in fact, mostly owned by Taiwanese or South Koreans. China’s deployment of an oil rig in the South China Sea earlier this month has sparked public anger in Vietnam, as the nation claims the waters as its own.



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` Why Does China Want Land in Disputed Paracel Islands ? ‘

#AceNewsServices – MANILA – May 14 – (Reuters) – The Philippines accused China on Wednesday of reclaiming land on a reef in disputed islands in the South China Sea, apparently to build an airstrip, only a day after Washington described Beijing’s actions in the region as “provocative”.


If confirmed, the airstrip would be the first built by China on any of the eight reefs and islands it occupies in the Spratly Islands and would mark a significant escalation in tensions involving several nations in the area.

China claims almost the entire South China Sea, an area rich in energy deposits and an important passageway traversed each year by $5 trillion worth of ship-borne goods.

Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam also have claims on the area.

Philippine Foreign ministry spokesman Charles Jose told Reuters that China had moved earth and materials to Johnson South Reef, known by the Chinese as Chigua, in recent weeks. He said China was reclaiming land in violation of the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea, an informal code of conduct for the region.

“They’re about to build an airstrip,” Jose said.

Tensions in the South China Sea were already high after China moved a large oil rig into an area also claimed by Vietnam. Beijing and Hanoi each accused the other of ramming its ships near the disputed Paracel Islands. 

The Paracel Islands, known as Xisha Islands in Chinese and as Hoàng Sa Archipelago inVietnamese, is a group of islands in the South China Sea whose sovereignty is claimed by the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

The islands are currently controlled by China, which captured them from South Vietnam in January 1974.

South Vietnam’s claim was inherited by the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, which has ruled all of Vietnam since 1976.

China established the city of Sansha, under Hainan Province in July 2012, to administer the islands.

The islands include over 30 islets, sandbanks and reefs over a maritime area of around 15,000 square kilometres (5,800 sq mi) with less than 8 square kilometres (3.1 sq mi) of land.

The archipelago is approximately equidistant from the coastlines of Vietnam and China: 180 nautical miles (330 km; 210 mi) south-east of Hainan Island, and about one-third of the way between Central Vietnam to the northern Philippines.

Turtles live on the islands, and sea-birds have left nests and guano deposits, but there are no permanent human residents except military personnel and fishermen.

Divided into two main groups, the Paracel Islands comprise the Amphitrite group in the north-east and the Crescent group in the south-west located about 70 km (43 mi) from one another.

Here is the answer to the reason for the dispute in the paragraph below:

Subject to a hot and humid climate with abundant rainfall and frequent typhoons, the archipelago is surrounded by productive fishing grounds along with potential oil and gas reserves.


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` Anti-China-Protesters Set Dozens of Factories on Fire ‘

#AceWorldNews – HANOI – May 14  –  Anti-China protesters set more than a dozen factories on fire in Vietnam, state media said Wednesday, in an escalating backlash against Beijing’s deployment of an oil rig in contested waters.

The South China Seas Trade Route

Workers looted goods and attacked offices in a rare outburst of public unrest Tuesday in the authoritarian communist nation, which allowed mass anti-China rallies around Vietnam at the weekend.

The protesters targeted manufacturing companies that are owned or managed by Chinese as well as Chinese workers in Binh Duong province, the Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park said in a statement.

There were no reports of casualties.

Tens of thousands of workers poured onto the streets Tuesday and a small number of them began looting and attacking security guards and factory management before setting fire to at least 15 factories, the state-run VNExpress website reported.

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#AceWorldNews VIETNAM May 12 A Vietnamese patrol boat…

#AceWorldNews – VIETNAM – May 12 – A Vietnamese patrol boat and several Chinese vessels blasted each other with water cannons Monday, AP reported.

Maritime claims in the South China Sea

Maritime claims in the South China Sea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The incident happened near an oil rig recently positioned by Beijing in disputed waters, according to Vietnamese state media.

It was the first time that Vietnamese vessels have responded to Chinese actions close to the deep-sea rig, which was positioned May 1 in an area of the South China Sea claimed by both Beijing and Hanoi, the Tuoi Tre newspaper said.

On Sunday, thousands of Vietnamese protested in Hanoi chanting anti-China slogans, and the event was covered by Vietnamese state media.



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#AceWorldNews VIETNAM May Vietnamese protest China’s oil rig…

#AceWorldNews – VIETNAM – May Vietnamese protest China’s oil rig in disputed territory

 Over 1,000 people in Hanoi are protesting the deployment of a Chinese drilling platform in contested waters. Protesters sang patriotic songs amid cries of, “China, don’t steal our oil!” and, “Silence is cowardly!”

The two countries are locked in a dispute over the Paracel and Spratly islands in the South China Sea.

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` China’s Foreign Ministry Blames the United States for Tensions in South China Sea ‘

Map of the South China Sea

Map of the South China Sea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



#AceWorldNewsBEIJING – May 09 – China’s foreign ministry blamed the US Friday for stoking tensions in the disputed South China Sea by encouraging countries to engage in dangerous behaviour. China has constructed an oil rig in the disputed waters, which the US called provocative and unhelpful.


China this week accused Vietnamese vessels of colliding with its own ships in the South China Sea and Vietnam said that Chinese vessels used water cannon and rammed eight of it ships. In another part of the South China Sea Philippine police have seized a Chinese boat, which they say was illegally fishing for Sea Turtles, a protected species, Beijing is demanding that the Philippines release the fishing boat.



(PressTV) – February 11 – The war of words continues between the US and its allies, and China.


At the Foreign Ministry in Beijing, spokeswoman Hua Chunying condemned the recent remarks by Japanese leaders aimed at casting a sympathetic light on their country’s wartime history. She also defended China’s new Air Defense Zone over the East China Sea, together with its recent moves to regulate fishing in the South China Sea.


With Western analysts saying China is planning a second Air Defense Zone for the South China Sea, America’s Assistant Secretary of State for Asia-Pacific Danny Russell has suggested that China is aiming at regional hegemony. China’s Foreign Ministry has responded by accusing the US itself of undermining peace.


This year marks the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War. Last month Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that Germany and the UK went to war in 1914 in spite of strong economic ties, and warned that China and Japan must avoid the same fate.


Historians say Germany attacked a century ago because it feared encirclement. So perhaps the World War One comparison is a fair one.


US Secretary of State John Kerry will be visiting China from Thursday. Allaying mutual suspicion should be the greatest of his concerns.


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` Philippines Police Seize a Chinese Fishing Boat in Disputed South China Sea Carrying Disputed Cargo ‘

#AceWorldNews – MANILA/BEIJING – May 07 (Reuters) – Philippines police seized a Chinese fishing boat in the disputed South China Sea on Wednesday, an official told Reuters, the latest flare-up of tensions in the oil and gas-rich waters that are claimed wholly or in part by six Asian nations.

Chief Superintendent Niel Vargas of the Philippine National Police Maritime Group said a maritime police patrol apprehended a Chinese fishing boat around 7 a.m. on Tuesday off Half Moon Shoal.

The boat has 11 crew and police found about 500 turtles in the vessel, some of which were already dead, he said, adding that a Philippine boat with crew was also seized, and found to have 40 turtles on board.
Several species of sea turtles are protected under Philippine law.

Maritime police are now towing the boats to Puerto Princesa town on the island of Palawan where appropriate charges will be filed against them, Vargas said.

The incident is bound to raise the ire of Beijing, which claims almost the entire South China Sea, rejecting rival claims from Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei.

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` Vietnam has Releases Two High Profile Dissidents in a Move to Negotiate a Free Trade Deal with US ‘

#AceWorldNews – HANOI – April 14 – (COC) – Vietnam has released two more high-profile dissidents in an unusual move that comes as the country is negotiating a free trade deal with Washington that may not get congressional approval unless Hanoi shows it is improving its human rights record.

Vi Duc Hoi and Nguyen Tien Trung were released over the weekend with 1 ½ years and nine months left of their sentences to serve.

They were each convicted of crimes relating to their peaceful advocacy for multi-party democracy in Vietnam, which is ruled by an authoritarian government that doesn’t allow freedom of expression or political assembly.

“It was due to international pressure that the government of Vietnam had to release me,” Hoi, a former member of the ruling Communist party, told Radio Free Asia, a U.S. government funded media network. “I lost some weight but I am still OK physically and mentally,” he said http://www.rfa.org/english/news/dissidents-04122014203204.html


Earlier this month, another prominent activist, Cu Huy Ha Vu, was released and went direct from jail to the United States, which had been privately negotiating for his release. A photo widely distributed on Facebook shows him at an American airport flicking a V-for-victory sign.
A U.S. diplomat posted at the embassy in Hanoi was alongside him in the picture.

Phil Robertson, Asia director at Human Rights Watch, noted that the two men should never have been imprisoned in the first place.

“There are still hundreds more political prisoners languishing in Vietnam’s prisons, so there is a very long way to go before we can say that Vietnam is making any sort of appreciable progress on human rights,” he said.

Read More: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2014/04/14/4840864/vietnam-releases-dissidents-amid.html


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` Man that belong to ` Hmong Ethnic Minority of Vietnam ‘ who was ` Wrongly Identified ‘ is to be Repatriated ‘

#AceWorldNews – MUZAFFARABAD – April 03 – (DWN) – A man whose nationality could not be ascertained by law-enforcement agencies in Azad Jammu and Kashmir for months has finally been declared to be a Vietnamese citizen.

Belonging to the Hmong ethnic minority of Vietnam, Vu Gia Po, who had earlier been wrongly referred to as Wu Ta Puma is desperately awaiting completion of procedural formalities for repatriation to his country.

The 37-year old was kept in a police station in Athmuqam, district headquarters of Neelum valley, about 74 kilometres north-east of here, in November last year and his hosts have since been finding it difficult to decide about their inadvertent guest.

“We feel relieved that his birthplace has been traced and hopefully he will soon be reunited with his family,” SHO Athmuqam Mohammad Yasin told Dawn on Wednesday.


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` Russia has no Plans to Create a Naval and Military bases abroad but we will strengthen to fight Piracy '

#AceWorldNews – March 29 – Russia has no plans to create naval and military bases abroad like American facilities, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview on Saturday News with Sergei Brilyov on Russian television.

Commenting on reports that Russia allegedly planned to open bases on the Seashells, in Vietnam, Nicaragua, Cuba and Argentina, Lavrov said “It is not true at all. We have no plans to create naval and military bases abroad in the meaning you understand the term.”

“The Navy has strengthened significantly in Russia, and I think, after the joining of Crimea to Russia, it will have much more potentialities for development,” he noted. Aside from the Black Sea Fleet, we have the Far Eastern, Northern and other fleets,” he said.

“It is very important for the state to have the navy on the highest level of training, especially when the fleet has not only to cross oceans for training, but carry out specific tasks to fight piracy in the Gulf of Aden. Pirates appear in other parts of the world ocean. The fleet makes long trips.”

“We have agreed with some countries for our vessels and naval ships to use their existing infrastructure for calls, service, minor repair, replenishment of food and water reserves and rest of crews,” Lavrov explained. “Construction of bases like American ones is out of the question.

Any agreements like those concluded by Americans to ensure immunity for their servicemen from crimes in the country of their presence are also out of the question,” he noted.

Russian News and Media Services


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` Malaysia Airlines `MH370 ‘ Debris Spotted

#AceWorldNews Chinese satellite images show three floating objects suspected to be debris from the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, according to reports. Coordinates place the fragments in the South China Sea between Malaysia and Vietnam

Malaysia Aircraft MH370 - DebrisThe three objects are sized 13×18, 14×19, and 24×22 (meters), according to CNN.

The images, from China’s State Administration for Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, were taken on Sunday morning but only released Wednesday, the BBC reported.

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` Malaysia Airlines `MH370 ‘ possible fragments spotted off coast of `Vietnam’ but officials waiting until daylight to investigate ‘

#AceWorldNews Search and recovery officials have spotted possible fragments from Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 off the coast of Vietnam, but they’re waiting until daylight to investigate.

If you’re on the East Coast of the U.S., don’t expect many updates before 6 p.m. EST; Kuala Lumpur local time is 12 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. Until then, here are some updates from around the Web about Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.



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Corruption at its Worst: Vietnam cops using thugs for protection?

#AceNewsServices2104 says those that were suppose to be Guardian’s of Truth and Justice have become corrupted by that which they Promised to Serve and Protect #corruption

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` Media: ` Malaysia’s missing ` Boeing ‘ passes repair over `Right Wing ‘ malfunction in 2012 ‘

#AceWorldNews says that missing airliner Boeing 777-200 of the Malaysian Airlines passed repair over right wing malfunction in 2012, aviation expert Bernard Chabbert said on French radio station Europe-1 on Saturday – Paris Tass.

“In 2012 an incident occurred with the airliner at China’s Shanghai airport,” the French expert said. He noted that then the airliner collided at the airfield with another aircraft belonging to the Chinese Southern Airlines.

“Large-scale repair was made on it, particularly some part of the right wing had to be replaced,” he added.
Meanwhile, Chabbert noted that this incident could not be directly linked with current incident.
“However, it is important to know about the service life of the airliner and this incident makes integral part of it,” he noted.

The plane disappeared from radars about two hours after the take-off from the Malaysian capital at 02:40 local time (18:40 GMT on Friday), when the plane was over the South China Sea some 120 nautical miles from the city of Kota Bharu.

Four French citizens were among passengers. French Transport Minister Frederic Cuvillier notified the authorities in Vietnam and Malaysia that France was prepared to assist in the search for the missing airliner.

Specialists from the French Investigation and Analyses Bureau for Civil Aviation Security are prepared to come for help to local rescue service.


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` Vietnamese Army Officer overseeing ` Search and Rescue Operation said `South China Sea’ most likely crash site’

#AceWorldNews says latest March 08 that the oil slick detected by rescuers in the South China Sea is most likely the place where the Boeing-777-200 crashed on Saturday, March 8, a Vietnamese Army senior officer who is overseeing the search and rescue operation said ITAR-TASS

RF embassy in Malaysia confirms one Russian was on board of missing Boeing

Earlier in the day, a Vietnamese rescue plane detected what looked like an oil slick, purportedly caused by a fuel leak from the plane. In the meantime, the search operation has been suspended until morning, Malaysian Airlines, which owns the plane, told ITAR-TASS.

The plane disappeared from radars about two hours after the take off from the Malaysian capital at 02:40 local time, when the plane was over the South China Sea some 120 nautical miles from the city of Kota Bharu.

According to the airline, there were 227 passengers and 12 crew-members aboard the plane. The passengers were citizens of 14 countries. One was from Russia.

Status Update : 15.10 GMT http://wp.me/p165ui-49P

Status Update : 13.37 GMT http://wp.me/p165ui-49F

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