‘ Criminal Case Against Yanukovich for Using State Funds ‘

#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – September 30 – Ukrainian Prosecutor General Vitaly Yarema said Tuesday that a new criminal case on charges of abuse of office has been launched against ousted President Viktor Yanukovich, RIA Novosti said.

' Criminal Case Against Yanukovich for Using State Funds '

‘ Criminal Case Against Yanukovich for Using State Funds ‘

Prosecutors suspect Yanukovich of using state funds to create a special-purpose communication network on the basis of Ukrainian telephone monopoly Ukrtelecom.

The company was privatized in 2010-2011.

Under the terms of privatization, the network was to be financed by the owners, not by the state.


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` Petro Poroshenko Sets Out His Stall with Criminal Investigations of Viktor Yanukovych and his Cabinet '

#AceWorldNews – VIENNA – May 30 – Ukraine’s President-elect Petro Poroshenko is set to initiate criminal proceedings against Viktor Yanukovych’s cabinet of ministers, sources close to the former Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said on Friday, citing information from the Ukrainian president’s office.

The sources reported that on May 28 Poroshenko held a special meeting on this issue with his inner circle behind closed doors and set a task to arrange for prosecution of all ministers of the Azarov government and even institute criminal cases against them irrespective of whether they are guilty or not.

Moscow Times – Tass – Ria Novosti


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`Poroshenko Calls on Kiev to Lay Mines at TV Stations to Block Russian Channels’

#AceWorldNews – KIEV – May 13  – Ukrainian presidential nominee Petro Poroshenko on Tuesday called on the authorities in Kiev to go as far as laying mines at television towers to block access to Russian television channels for Ukrainians.



Petro Pyroshenko

“Today, we need to protect TV towers and lay mines there if necessary. Anyway, it is impossible to allow our people to be exposed to the Russian propaganda because that is creating a big problem,” Poroshenko said in a live interview with Ukraine’s ICTV television channel.


Poroshenko thanked all Ukrainian television channels for an initiative to remove all TV series and films about the Russian army from air.


Poroshenko earlier told media he had provided assistance to Euromaidan protesters in Kiev. “Euromaidan” is the unofficial name for anti-government protests in Ukraine that started when President Viktor Yanukovych refused to sign an association agreement with the European Union last year to study the deal more thoroughly.





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#AceWorldNews KIEV April 25 The International Criminal Court…

#AceWorldNews – KIEV – April 25 – The International Criminal Court has opened a preliminary investigation into alleged crimes committed during the deadly protests that led to the ouster of President Viktor Yanukovich on February 22.

Kiev’s coup-appointed government claims Yanukovich’s troops killed more than 100 protesters during the unrest.

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#AceWorldNews MOSCOW April 23 Interfax Moscow will not…

#AceWorldNews – MOSCOW – April 23 (Interfax) – Moscow will not recognize the May 25 election in Ukraine, unless it is held on the basis of a nationwide, inclusive dialogue, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

“We will recognize something that would be based on the all-inclusive process,” he said in an interview with the Russia Today television channel, when asked whether Russia will consider the May 25 elections in Ukraine to be legitimate.

“To call an election without finding some common ground with the east and the south of Ukraine I think is very destructive for the country,” the minister said.

At the same time, initially it was expected that the country will not hold the presidential election before conducting its constitutional reform, and this understanding was reflected in the February 21 agreement between Viktor Yanukovych and the opposition, the minister recalled.

Lavrov drew parallels with the situation around the Syrian settlement process. The United States and its Western allies insist that the Syrians hold presidential election after conducting constitutional reform, and this is stipulated in the Geneva communique on Syria, the minister said.

The same is written in the Ukraine agreement signed on February 21, Lavrov said.

Meanwhile, Western countries will consider the May 25 elections in Ukraine legitimate without the prior constitutional reform, he said.

The same people who are saying that the presidential election in Syria will not be legitimate without a constitutional reform will recognize the legitimacy of the May 25 elections, Lavrov said.

The U.S. is trying to make Russia responsible for settling international crises, and not just the Ukrainian one, he said.

“The Iranian issue depends on Russia alone, Syria depends on Russia alone… Now Ukraine depends entirely on Russia. I would say it is an absolutely unrealistic approach and an attempt to hide your own responsibility,” said the Russian foreign minister.

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#AceWorldNews UKRAINE April 21 Viktor Yanukovych has demanded…

#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 21 – Viktor Yanukovych has demanded to return Ukraine’s military forces to their permanent bases, to withdraw the National Guard units from the country’s east, and to start a dialogue with the people in the eastern regions of Ukraine. Yanukovych proposed to hold a referendum on the country’s federalization and the powers of the regions (Itar-tass)


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` Viktor Yanukovitch was Forced to Flee to Russia Due to Threats on his Life in the Ukraine ‘

#AceWorldNews – MOSCOW, April 18 – Ukraine’s president Viktor Yanukovich was forced to take shelter in Russia because he faces life threat in Ukraine, Russian president’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov told Russia-1 television channel on Friday.

Peskov – “ Yanukovich is free to stay here and he has to stay here because his living in Ukraine is under threat now, so he is under the protection of the Russian state,” Peskov stressed, adding that Yanukovich was forced to leave his country because of threats of physical violence from “those elements who have come to power in an armed coup.


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` Group of Demonstrators have Attempted to Storm the ` Verkhovna Rada ' Demanding Resignation of Avakov '

#AceBreakingNews – April 15 – A group of demonstrators have attempted to storm the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) building in Ukraine’s capital Kiev on Tuesday.

Some 20-30 people demanding the resignation of Interior Minister Arsen Avakov attempted to break into the Parliament building, but were stopped by guards, ITAR-TASS reported.

Some of the demonstrators were from the extremist Right Sector group.

Representatives of the Maidan protests, which toppled the regime of Viktor Yanukovych, are among the guards.


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#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – LATEST April 14.

  1. UNITED NATIONS – April 14 – The United Nations Security Council is meeting to discuss the situation in eastern Ukraine at Russia’s request at 20:00 New York time (04:00 Moscow time on Monday), Russia’s Permanent Mission to the UN says.
  2. ROSTOV-ON-DON – April 14 – Ukraine is “moving towards bankruptcy” but the Ukrainian people “will never submit to yield to dictation especially on the part of nationalists, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich told journalists in Rostov-on-Don late Sunday.

  3. The United States is directly linked to the events in Ukraine. It used its diplomatic channels and security services – Yanukovich. CIA director visited Kiev to meet Interior Minister Avakov and acting President Turchinov – Yanukovich.

  4. KIEV – April 14 – Ukraine’s interim parliament-appointed President, parliamentary Speaker Oleksandr Turchynov has not ruled out the possibility of declaring a national referendum, which, he said, might be held on the same day with the presidential election on May 25.
    “We are not against a referendum,” he said at the opening of a meeting of the Ukrainian parliament’s conciliatory commission, attended by government officials and parliamentary factions’ leaders. “I am certain that in the course of such a referendum, which the parliament might decide to declare, an overwhelming majority of Ukrainians would vote for one, unitary Ukraine.”

  5. MOSCOW – April 14 – Russia ready to use UN targeted sanctions on those hampering peaceful process in Darfur — Lavrov.

  6. MOSCOW- April 14 – Western hypocrisy over Ukraine is blown out of proportion, Russia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov said in a statement on Monday.


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#AceBreakingNews UKRAINE April 13 Reuters Ukraine’s armed forces…

#AceBreakingNews – UKRAINE- April 13 – (Reuters) – Ukraine’s armed forces plan to launch a “full-scale anti-terrorist operation” against pro-Russian separatists, acting president Oleksander Turchinov said on Sunday, raising the risk of a military confrontation with Moscow.

Angered by the death of a state security officer and the wounding of two of his comrades near the flashpoint eastern city of Slaviansk, Turchinov gave rebels occupying state buildings until Monday morning to lay down their weapons.

He blamed Russia, which opposed a pro-Europe uprising that forced Moscow-backed former president Viktor Yanukovich to flee, for being behind the rash of rebellions across Russian-speaking towns in eastern Ukraine.

“The blood of Ukrainian heroes has been shed in a war which the Russian Federation is waging against Ukraine,” he said in an address to the nation. “The aggressor has not stopped and is continuing to sow disorder in the east of the country.”

Read More: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/04/13/us-ukraine-crisis-idUSBREA3A1B520140413


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` Radical Activists from ` Nationalist Right Sector Group ‘ are Attempting to Storm Kiev’s Court Building ‘

#AceWorldNews – KIEV – April 07 – (RT) – Radical activists representing nationalist Right Sector group are attempting to storm Kiev’s Supreme Court building. They have blocked the entrances into the building and surrounded its perimeter.

Around 100 activists prevented Supreme Court employees from entering the building through the back door.

Near the building, a stage has been set up with audio equipment. Car tires have been brought to the building, but haven’t yet been set on fire.

The activists disrupted the convention of judges that was scheduled for Monday.

A few judges, who were in the building before the attack, were led out of the building by the activists shouting “Lustration!”

The protesters are demanding to adopt the lustration legislation, which implies that people connected to a former regime may not get an office with the new authorities. The far right activists urge the judges to insure that almost 150 people who used to be close to the ousted government banned from power.

The 150 include Viktor Yanukovich, ex-head of presidential administration Andrey Klyuyev, ex-premiers Sergey Arbuzov and Nikolay Azarov, interior ministry and judicial officials – as well as their family members.


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` Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine opens another `Criminal Case ‘ against ` Viktor Yanukovitch ‘

#AceWorldNews – KIEV, March 28 – Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine has opened another criminal case against Viktor Yanukovych for calls to hold referendums for defining the status of each region within Ukraine, the press service of the Prosecutor General’s Office reported on Friday.

The report says Yanukovych in another address to the Ukrainian people on Friday described the present authorities in Ukraine as illegal and urged demands for a referendum to define the status of each region within Ukraine.

Russian News Services


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` Bill on Severing Diplomatic Relations with Russia is Registered in Ukrainian Parliament ‘

#AceWorldNews – KIEV – The proposal includes denunciation of the friendship and cooperation deal, as well as the agreement on the stay of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet in Crimea, valid until 2042.

The bill on Ukraine’s course to sever diplomatic relations with Russia, denounce Ukrainian-Russian treaties and apply for entry to the European Union and NATO was on Monday registered in the secretariat of the Ukrainian parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, on an initiative from radical MP Oleh Lyashko.

The draft law contains a demand to Rada-appointed Acting Ukrainian President Oleksandr Turchynov to “declare full combat alert of the armed forces, conduct the nationwide mobilization of Ukrainian nationals liable for military service and create militia units.”

The bill also urges the self-proclaimed Ukrainian authorities to ask the governments of the United States and other NATO member countries “to provide the maximum possible material and technical assistance in the form of modern military hardware and armaments,” “sever diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation” and impose a visa regime.

Western sanctions against Russia are a counter-productive instrument – Russian FM Lavrov

The proposal also includes denunciation of the friendship and cooperation deal, as well as the agreement on the stay of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet in Crimea, which is valid until 2042.

The bill says the cost of Russian natural gas transit via Ukraine should be raised twelve-fold to $500 per 1,000 cubic meters and proposes terminating the transit should Russia refuse to pay the price.

In line with the draft law, the Ukrainian law enforcement should adopt “tough measures to stop any separatist actions” in eastern Ukraine.

The bill also proposes banning Russian TV broadcasts and press distribution.

It proposes stripping Ukrainians taking part in “separatist rallies” of Ukrainian citizenship, bringing them to criminal account and other measures.

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych left Ukraine in February after a coup in his country. He told reporters in southern Russia last Tuesday that he remained the legitimate Ukrainian leader despite “an anti-constitutional seizure of power by armed radicals.” Russia considers Yanukovych the legitimate Ukrainian president.

AP – AFP – TASS – Reuters – News Sources.


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` Tajik Foreign Ministry has asked for an objective assessment of the situation in the Ukraine ‘

#AceWorldNews : MOSCOW – That an objective assessment should be given to the situation in Ukraine, Tajik Foreign Minister Sirodzhiddin Aslov said after talks with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov on Saturday.

“Tajikistan is deeply alarmed by the development of the situation in Ukraine,” Aslov said. “In our view, the events in Ukraine should be thought over and an objective assessment should be given to processes under-way there to prevent confrontation.”

Aslov recalled that in the early 1990’s, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Tajikistan “lived through political differences and confrontation that led the country to very serious social and economic consequences.”

“The undeniable facts of our nation’s bitter history remind us of the fragility of peace and of the necessity to have a strong political will and make great efforts to unite the nation, reach comprehensive accord and calm in the country,” he said.

Ukraine’s legitimate president, Viktor Yanukovich, was ousted in a violent uprising in February.

The parliament then took over and appointed an interim head of state and government, which Russia does not recognize.

March 08, /ITAR-TASS/


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` Trying to obtain `Peace' in the `Ukraine ' means compromise then two choices arise `People or Money '

#AceWorldNews says as tensions increase in the Ukraine with all sides trying to get their point across, the AFP reported today that Russia will come under heightened diplomatic pressure Thursday as the UN Security Council and European leaders hold emergency talks on Ukraine, after the seizure of Crimea created the worst East-West crisis since the Cold War.

The EU summit in Brussels that is due to start at 1030 GMT, when leaders will meet with Ukraine’s prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk who took over after the ouster of president Viktor Yanukovych last month following three months of deadly protests.

As the EU confers on the crisis, 40 unarmed military personnel are expected in Crimea in a mission by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe to try to defuse tensions in the flashpoint region.


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` Putin’s Reasons for `Military Force’ at Media Conference in Moscow’

#AceBreakingNews says that latest news sources Putin: Deploying military force is last resort, but we reserve right,assessment was voiced at a media conference in Moscow.

cropped-header-breaking-news.jpgThere was an unconstitutional coup and an armed takeover of power in Kiev, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated. Russia is puzzled why there was a need for it at a time when Viktor Yanukovich had conceded to all opposition demands.

Putin stressed that the Ukrainian people had a legitimate reason to protest against Yanukovich’s power, considering the overwhelming corruption and other faults of his presidency.

But he objected to the illegitimate way his ouster took place, because it undermined the political stability in the country.

He said that while he personally was not fond of months-long streets protests as a means to pressure the government, he sympathized with the Maidan demonstration members, who were genuinely outraged with the situation in Ukraine.

But at the same time he warned that what happens in Ukraine now may be a replacement of one group of crooks with another, citing the appointments of certain wealthy businessmen with questionable reputations.

Yanukovich is certainly powerless in Ukraine, but legally speaking he is the legitimate president of the country, Putin said. The way the new authorities in Kiev replaced him did not enhance their credibility.

Putin, who was given a mandate by the Russian senate to use military force to protect civilians in Ukraine, said there is no need for such an action yet.

He assured that the surprise military drills in Russia’s west which ended on Tuesday had nothing to do with the Ukrainian situation.

Putin cited the actions of radical activists in Ukraine, including the chaining of an official to a stage as public humiliation and the killing of a technician during an opposition siege of a parliamentary building, as justification for Russia to be concerned for the lives and well-being of people in eastern and southern Ukraine.

Incidents like those are why Russia reserves the option of troop deployment on the table.

The Russian president stressed that Russia wants to see equal participation of all citizens of Ukraine in defining the future of the country. The resistance to the authorities in Kiev, which is evident currently in the eastern and southern Ukraine, shows clearly that currently Kiev does not have a nationwide mandate to govern the country.

Asked about criticism of Russia over its stance on Ukraine, Putin dismissed the accusations that Russia is acting illegitimately. He stated that even if Russia does use force in Ukraine, it would not violate international law.

At the same time he accused the United States and its allies of having no regard to legitimacy, when they use military force in pursuit of their own national interests. He cited the campaigns in Iraq and in Libya as examples of such behavior.

As for the sanctions Russia faces over Ukraine, Putin said those threatening them should think of the consequences to themselves if they follow that path. In an interconnected world a country may hurt another country if it wishes, but it would be damaged too.

Threats are counterproductive in this situation, Putin warned.

He added that if G8 members choose not to go to Sochi for a planned G8 summit, that would be up to them.

Putin dismissed the notion that the uniformed armed people without insignia who are currently present in Crimea are Russian soldiers.

He said they are members of the Crimean self-defense forces and that they are no better equipped and trained than some radical fighters who took part in the ousting of Yanukovich.



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` USAID : Could have assisted in the overthrow of `Viktor Yanukovitch’ having funded Opposition Groups’

#AceNewsServices says that The US on-line whistle-blower magazine Pando has leaked documents that suggest the American government in the form of US Agency for International Development (USAID) could have played the role of force multiplier in the overthrow of Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych, having funded a host of opposition groups prior to the revolution.

USAID LARGEPando published financial documents, showing numerous funding entries for NGO activities across Ukraine, including in Poltava, Vinnytsia, Zhytomyr, Ternopil, Sumy, and elsewhere, mostly in the Ukrainian-speaking west and center. The list also names US-based contributors, such as billionaire George Soros, eBay founder Pierre Omidyar and his Omidyar Network foundation, as well as the National Endowment for Democracy, which is funded largely by the US Congress.

According to the leaked papers, a network of interlocking NGOs– Chesno (Honestly), Center UA and Stop Censorship, to name a few – were growing in influence in Ukraine by “targeting pro-Yanukovych politicians with a well-coordinated anti-corruption campaign that built its strength in Ukraine’s regions, before massing in Kiev last autumn.”

The fundraising papers show that from October 2011 to December 2012 USAID providedChesno with a hefty sum of over $421,000, while also planting nine of Center UA experts on its staff whose duty it was to manage the NGO’s affairs on the regional level, coordinate its efforts, provide photo and video coverage, as well as creative input.

Hence, it may well be that the activities of Chesno, which bills itself as a civil watchdog movement bent on “filtering the power,” received a large percentage of funds from American taxpayers under the watchful eye of the US Agency for International Development.

Chesno was set up on 29 October 2011 as part of the “Let’s Filter the Parliament in 24 hours” campaign, which happened just as the Ukrainian opposition was discussing a unified structure in a bid to consolidate its efforts. Its public face was Oleg Rybachuk, a prominent politician in the country and the right-hand man to Orange Revolution figurehead Viktor Yushchenko.

It was reported earlier that the Maidan unrest in the late 2013 drew large scores of western foreigners in Ukraine’s capital Kiev, including the so-called “mercenaries” from the United States, Germany and Poland.

“There weren’t many Russians there, compared to some 60 people from the United States, around 30 and up to 50 Germans, as well as Poles, Turks and many others,” one of the participants, who identified himself as Vladimir, confessed.

The heavily fortified Maidan camp in Kiev’s Independence Square was the flash point of the anti-Yanukovych uprising. It attracted some of the most prominent, if not exactly controversial, public people from the West. Among them were US Republican Senators John McCain and Ryan Murphy. McCain promised protesters the support of the American nation and quoted the 19th-century Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko in his podium speech.

Another Maidan guest was US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland hand in hand with the US ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey R. Pyatt. The US couple met with top insurgents and gave out cookies to the hungering crowd.

Voice of Russia, Pando, RT


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` Cost of unrest in `Ukraine’ leaves thousands `Homeless ‘ and `Seeking Refuge ‘in another Country’

#AceNewsServices says that an increase in `Ukrainians requesting Asylum in Russia in two weeks, increases to 143,000 – Reports

“Tragic events in Ukraine have caused a sharp spike in requests coming from this country seeking asylum in Russia,” said chief of citizenship desk Valentina Kazakova. “We monitor figures daily and they are far from comforting. Over the last two weeks of February, some 143,000 people applied.”

Ukrainian People seek Asylum in RussiaKazakova said most requests come from the bordering areas and especially from Ukraine’s south.

“People are lost, scared and depressed,” she said. There are many requests from law enforcement services, state officials as they are wary of possible lynching on behalf of radicalized armed groups.”

Relatives residing within Russia have urged officials to process the requests in the shortest possible time. Officials say that though each request will be treated individually, all such addresses will be handled as soon as possible.

The situation in Ukraine, simmering since ousted President Viktor Yanukovich wrapped up the EU integration course in November, escalated dramatically two weeks ago when violent clashes between rioters and police forces in the capital saw opposition leaders proclaim themselves rulers of the country.

Yanukovich, though not properly impeached, fled the capital, while thousands in Ukraine’s south-east came out to protests the new authorities.

The protests were aggravated by the fact that the revamped parliament did away with Yanukovich’s law on minority languages virtually forbidding use of Russian as the second official language.

Out of 45 million people living in Ukraine, according to 2013 census, some 7.6 million are ethnic Russians.


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#AceWorldNews says it is Thursday February 27 `Approval…

#AceWorldNews says it is Thursday, February 27 – `Approval of Ministers in Yatsenyuk’s Cabinet’ as follows:

Ukrainian parliament has approved the list of ministers to be in Yatsenyuk’s Cabinet. According to parliament speaker Aleksandr Turchinov, who is also Ukraine’s acting president, a majority of the newly-elected ministers do not belong to any political party, Interfax reported. Turchinov has already signed a decree appointing Yatsenyuk as the head of the Cabinet.

Arseny Yatsenyuk, leader of the Batkivshchina (Fatherland) party, has been approved as prime minister by the Ukrainian parliament (Verkhovna Rada). A total of 371 out of 417 MPs voted for Yatsenyuk.

The presidential election in Ukraine will require a budget of 1.965 billion hyrvnas ($200 million), said Mikhail Okhendovsky, the head of Ukraine’s Central Electoral Commission. “Considering the current state of the Ukrainian budget, the commission recognizes the task of making the elections as cheap as possible,” he said, adding that organizational and technical proposals have already been made.

The leader of the Batkivshina (Fatherland) party, Arseny Yatsenyuk, has announced he is not going to run as a presidential candidate. With the new presidential election set for May, the presidential race in the country has already started.

Arseny Yatsenyuk.(Reuters / David Mdzinarishvili)Arseny Yatsenyuk.(Reuters / David Mdzinarishvili)
The EU regards Aleksandr Turchinov as the president of Ukraine. The organization’s representative Olivier Bailly said that after the Ukrainian parliament, as the guarantor of democratic legitimacy, made a decision about resignation of President Viktor Yanukovich and appointed Turchinov as interim head of state, Brussels regards Turchinov as the only legitimate president of Ukraine.

A new coalition called European Choice has been formed in the Ukrainian parliament with 250 MPs from the leading former opposition parties and factions, including Fatherland, Freedom, UDAR, Sovereign European Ukraine and Economic Development. The coalition would have more than a simple majority in the Ukrainian parliament (226 seats), but less than the 300 seats needed for an absolute Constitutional majority. The former ruling party, the Party of Regions, has announced that it will form the opposition. According to the 2004 Constitution, reinstituted by the new authorities, the majority in parliament can form the government of the country.

Arseny Yatsenyuk, who was nominated as Ukraine’s prime minister on Thursday, said the government would have to take unpopular decisions to guide the country through an economic crisis.

In a speech to parliament after his nomination, Yatsenyuk charted a course towards the European Union and urged Russia to cooperate with Ukraine following the ouster of President Viktor Yanukovich.

“There is no other way out for us than to take extremely unpopular decisions,”he said. His speech received loud applause. (Reuters)

Masked men are attempting to seize the archives of the Justice Ministry in Kiev. The ministry’s press service has confirmed that the situation within the ministry’s headquarters remains normal.

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry has demanded urgent consultations with Russia on the situation in the Crimean autonomous region. Due to the absence of the Russian ambassador in Ukraine, who has been recalled to Moscow for consultations, Russia’s temporary charge d’affaires was handed a note demanding that the military contingent of the Russian military bases in Crimea refrain from leaving the bases.

People hold flags during a pro-Russian rally outside the Crimean parliament building in Simferopol February 27, 2014.(Reuters / David Mdzinarishvili)People hold flags during a pro-Russian rally outside the Crimean parliament building in Simferopol February 27, 2014.(Reuters / David Mdzinarishvili)
The European Parliament has called on Ukrainian’s interim government to protect the country’s Russian-speaking minority’s right to use the language.

“All Ukrainian and international, political forces must work together to ensure a united Ukraine, taking into account linguistic, cultural and historical factors,”said the parliamentary statement.

#ANS2014 – RT News – Reuters – InterFax –

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” Viktor Yanukovitch in a `Statement’ still considers himself as leader of the Ukraine’ warning against Military Action”

#AceWorldNews says Viktor Yanukovich still considers himself the legitimate leader of Ukraine and warns against an internal military conflict, according to a statement.

He also asks Russia to ensure his safety against the actions of “extremists” that took power in Ukraine.

Ousted President Viktor Yanukovich, whose whereabouts remain unknown, earlier decried the decisions of the interim government as “illegal” and said the unrest in the Ukrainian capital bears all the hallmarks of a coup d’état.


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